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Our students have contributed more than 120,211 hours of unpaid, law-related public service since 2000.

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Send/Receive a Fax

The library does not have any fax machines for public use.

There are web-based services available for use to send or receive faxes for free.

To send a short fax, consider:

Faxzero is a free web-based service that is advertiser supported; the site puts an advertisement on a coversheet that the recipient sees. It permits users to send up to two free faxes per day to machines in the United States, Puerto Rico, or Canada. The maximum file size for the fax is 20MB. For longer or advertisement free faxes, there is a charge of $1.99 a page via Paypal. International rates may also be higher, typically around $4 per fax. Faxzero supports .doc or .pdf files, image files such as .gif, or a text based message.

To receive a fax, consider:

The eFaxFree plan allows you to get a fax number (not always a local number) that sends faxes as an attachment in your email. The free plan provides the ability to receive up to 10 faxes per month. It does not provide the ability to send faxes for free using the eFaxFree plan, but the eFax Plus account provides the option of paying for a monthly plan with many other features.