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Each year the Rhode Island Supreme Court presides over the final round of our Esther Clark Moot Court Competition giving the finalists a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Mission & History

The primary mission of the Roger Williams University School of Law Archives is to document the history of the School of Law by collecting records and papers of enduring value. The records and papers pertain to and are generated by faculty, staff, students, and alumni. Records and papers collected document the activities, events, programs, and publications of the various administrative departments of the law school. Some of these departments by their current designations are: Office of the Dean, Office of Admissions; Office of Alumni Relations; Office of Programs & Events; Academic Success Program; Office of Career Development; Feinstein Center for Pro Bono & Experiential Education; Law Library; Marine Affairs Institute; and Office of Student Finance and Records. Records and papers collected of other entities within the law school include: Law Alumni Association; Law Review; Moot Court; Student Bar Association and, other student organizations.

Excluded from these materials are financial records, student records, personnel records, and other records of a confidential nature. Also excluded are materials pertaining to and generated by the Roger Williams University.

The secondary mission of the Roger Williams University School of Law Archives is to preserve and provide access to other materials acquired by the School of Law Archives reflecting significant events, decisions, and careers in the Rhode Island legal community.

The organization of the Roger Williams University School of Law Archives was begun in August, 2001. At that time, the Instruction & Outreach/Research Librarian was responsible for beginning the process of identifying, collecting, preserving, and making available for reference and research the records and papers of the Roger Williams University School of Law Archives. After her retirement in 2014, the archives moved under the auspices of the Catalog Librarian.