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RWU Law partners with the Alpert Medical School of Brown Medical School and the Rhode Island Center for Law and Public Policy in the Rhode Island Medical-Legal Partnership for Children.  This unique collaboration offers legal services to low-income families at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.

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Abbate, Joseph A. The Red Light Camera: Automated Traffic Violation Monitoring System, Jan./Feb. 07:27(55)

About Those "Legal Checkups", Mar. 61:1(9)

Adelman, Mark S. Defining the Attorney-Client Relationship, Sept/Oct 08:29(57)

----------. Rule of Court and the Motion Calendar, Sept/Oct 09:29(58)

----------. Socializing vs. Billable Hours: Tips for the First Year by a First Year, May/Jun. 08:27(56)

----------. Top Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Began My Practice as a Litigator, Sept./Oct. 10:29(59)

Aiken, Denise C. Ada L. Sawyer: The Providence Portia, Sept./Oct. 10:31(59)

Ajootian, Charles J. Handling the Tax Deferred § 1031 Exchange, Dec. 99:21(48)

Albert, Suzanne D. The Perils of Premarital Provisions, Mar. 00:5(48)

Alderman, Morris D. and Francis J. Maguire. The What, Why and How of The Paralegal Phenomenon: The Economics and the Profession, Jun. 75:3(23)

Allen, F. Monroe. The Lawyer - Legislator Some Observations, Mar. 75:3(23)

Allen, W. Slater, Jr. Rule 23 - An Introduction, Mar. 75:5(23)

Allott, Charles B. The Ebb and Flow of the Public Trust Doctrine, Jun. 00:5(48)

----------.  The Lucas Case - Did the Missile Kill the Mouse?, Jan. 93:5(41)

----------. New Marketable Title Act - Will It Chase the Clouds Away in Rhode Island?, Nov. 95:7(44)

Almeida, Victoria M. Remembering Ray LaFazia: A Measure of the Golden Rule, Mar./Apr. 13:31(61)

----------. Take the Time (Speaking Out Column), Mar. 01:21(49)

Alston, Jametta O. Dorothy Lohmann: A Remembrance, Mar. 92:6(40)

----------. An Enduring Commitment to Civil Rights, Jan. 98:15(46)

Altman, Mary Ann. Ingredients of a Successful Law Firm Merger, Nov. 84:16(33)

Altman, Mary Ann and Mary Lynne Nelson. Office Relocation - Planning Today for Tomorrow, Jan. 86:17(34)

American Civil Liberties Union Report. Civil Rights Attorney’s Fees Awards in Rhode Island, Dec. 82:14(31)

Andrews, H. A. Is the Bar Overcrowded?, May 55:1(3)

Anthes, John A., Jr. Myths About Computers, Mar. 84:4(32)

Archetto, John D. The Duality of ERISA, Jan. 95:17(43)

Are Women Attorneys Affected?, Nov. 91:7(40)

Arentowicz, Frank, Jr. and Jon Klemens. Physical Planning for Law Office Word Processing and Computer Installations, Apr. 81:12(29)

Arnold, Earle B. Random Recollections of an Assistant Clerk Forty-Seven Years Later, May 62:3(10)

----------. Reminiscences of the Old Courthouse, Dec. 56:1(5)

----------. Reminiscences of the Old Court House, Jan. 57:10(5)

----------. Reminiscences of the Old Court House, Feb. 57:1(5)

----------. Reminiscences of the Old Courthouse, Mar. 57:7(5)

Arrigan, Robert F. and George E. Healy, Jr. The Gate and the Chart, Dec. 99:5(48)

Atstupenas, Eric. Using Family Limited Partnerships in Estate Tax Planning, May/Jun. 12:21(60)

Attorney Practice Guide: Business Law, Sept/Oct 08:15(57)

Attorneys and Alcoholism, Jan. 77:5(25)

Auger, Emile. An Adventure with SBA and SCORE in Alaska, Jan. 68:4(16)

Avanzato, Joseph and David A. Wollin. Health Care Fraud: Potential Pitfalls for Health Care Providers., Jan. 96:9(44)

Azevedo, Jennifer. Rhode Island ACLU Celebrates 50 Years, Nov./Dec. 09:33(58)


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