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Commencement 2015

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RWU Law has 27 active student groups, including Maritime Law Society, Association for Public Interest Law and Multicultural Law Students Association, which allow students to get involved in a variety of extracurricular activities and hear from speakers on a multitude of topics.

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Babich, Adam and Kent E. Hanson. Local Governments and Hazardous Substances: Cleanup, Cost Recovery and Damages Under CERCLA, Feb. 89:9 (37)

Bagley, Richard W. and Kent A. Willever. Federal Tort Claims Act: The Sovereign Bows to Your Client, Nov. 97:15(46)

Bailey, Mead. Have You Called Yourself Up Lately?, Feb. 80:6(28)

Bamberger, E. Clinton and Howard C. Westwood. The Nature and Purposes of Legal Services Programs, Jan. 66:5(14)

Bar Association Discusses Minimum Fee Schedule, May 57:1(5)

Bar Association Prevails - Werle Suit Dismissed, May 85:14(33)

Bar, Law School and Family Court Partner on Unique, New Divorce Mediation Clinic,  May/Jun. 10:14(58)

Barbetta, Vincent F. Life Insurance Problems Solved, Dec. 72:4(21)

Barone, Ernest. Should the Power of the Federal Government be Diminished? A Constitutional Proposal - A Question for Debate, Feb. 74:6(22)

Barrett, John E., Jr. Valuing the Small Business in Litigation, Oct. 9:9(48)

Barrington, Christine H. and Neville J. Bedford. Special Education in Rhode Island: Seclusion and Restraint, May/Jun. 10:13(58)

Barrow, Barbara A. Parental Alienation Syndrome in Divorce, Mar./Apr. 12:31(60)

----------. Pension Benefits Considerations in Divorce Cases, Sept./Oct. 03:13(52)

Barry, Patrick C. Why "Take a Lawyer to Lunch" Is So Important, Mar. 01:23(49)

Barry, Susan A. and Paul A. Silver. The Law and Practice of Charitable Giving: A Primer for Advisors, Oct. 00:11(49)

Barylick, John P. The Mythology of Crisis, Apr. 86:24(34)

----------. The Unsettling Effects of Wilson v. Krasnoff , Jun./Jul. 90:7(38)

Barylick, John P. and Jenna Wims Hashway, Litigation Financing: Preying on Plaintiffs, Mar./Apr. 11:5(59)

Bass, Madeleine Butterfield. Let Mediation Put You in the Driver’s Seat, May/Jun. 08:25(56)

Battista, Paul J. and John F. Corrigan. Private Rights of Action for Securities Law Violations in Rhode Island , Nov. 89:5(38)

Baynes, Robert. Electronic Filing: Current Efforts and Future Benefits, Jan./Feb. 08:37(56)

Beddoe, Harold L. The Autopsy and its Role in Determining Cause and Manner of Death, Apr. 65:3(13)

Bedrosian, Honorable Haiganush R. and Sharon O’Keefe. New Guideposts for Guardians ad litem in Domestic Cases, Mar./Apr. 07:21(55)

Beede, Patricia M. Homeless Children and School Attendance, Mar. 94:15(42)

Beerworth, Andrew A. Emerging Trends in Construction Indemnity and Insurance Law, Mar./Apr. 10:17(58)

----------. Work Product and Witness Statements: Revisiting the Categorical Approach, Nov./Dec.07:25(56)

Bender, Thomas R. Dusting Off Article I, Section 3: The Possibility of Constitutionally Required Exemptions from Rhode Island General Laws, Sept./Oct. 04:13(53)

----------. “Irons v. Ethics Commission”: Missing Pieces, May/Jun. 10:7(58)

----------. Rhode Island’s “Farce and Mockery” Standard for Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claims: A Misleading, Incorrect, and Unconstitutional Anachronism, Jan./Feb. 14: 5(62)

----------. “Substantial Justice”: A Cautionary Tale, Nov./Dec. 06:5(55)

----------. The Taricani Drama: A Play in Two Acts, Not One (Speaking Out Column), Mar./Apr. 05:11(53)

Benik, Gregory L. The Environmental Crisis of Hazardous Waste: Superfund, A Congressional Response, Jan. 83:5(31)

Benik, Gregory L. and Ian C. Ridlon. Death Penalty Defying Acts, Nov. 97:5(46)

Bergeron, Thomas M. Refusal Cases: Sworn Report Required, May/Jun. 14:29(62)

Bergersen, Leonard L. How to Draft Billings that Clients are Happy to Pay, May 86:25(34)

Bernardo, Eugene G., II. Confidentiality of Health Care Records and Subpoenas, Jul./Aug. 02:9(51)

Bernstein, William L. Media Coverage of Courtroom Proceedings, Nov. 81:5(30)

----------. Update: Cameras in the Courtroom, Mar. 83:15(31)

Bernstein, William L. and Bruce E. Vealey. Cameras in the Courtroom: An Interview with Presiding Justice Giannini, Feb. 82:5(30)

----------. Justice Mackenzie Retires, Jun. 83:9(31)

----------. Rhode Island Superior Court Adopts New Sentencing Guidelines, Mar. 82:6(30)

Bertness, Honorable Janette A. Problem Gambling: Legal and Medical Issues, Sept/Oct 09:13(58)

Bigelow, Robert P. How Lawyers Can Use Computers to Practice Law - Now!, Dec. 71:8(20)

Biolchini, Jeffrey M. Enforcing a Mechanic’s Lien Under the New Rhode Island Statute, Sept./Oct. 07:9(56)

Bissonnette, Guy R. The Current Status of Gambling in Rhode Island: The Abridged Version, May/Jun. 06:11(54)

----------. Interjurisdiction Arrests - Revisited, Mar./Apr. 04:19(52)

----------. Prosecution of a DUI Observations Case in Rhode Island, Sept./Oct. 02:21(51)

Blanding, Sandra and Joseph A. Rotella. School Prayer (Speaking Out Column)., Apr. 93:17(41)

Bleiberg, Robert M. "There’s a Powerful Case Against No-Fault Auto Insurance" Financial Weekly BARRON’s Takes "Con" Stand, Jan. 72:11(20)

Boehnert, John M. CERCLA’s Secured Creditor Exemption: Could It Be Hazardous to a Lender’s Wealth?, May 91:13(39)

----------. Rhode Island’s Coastal Resources Management Program and the Coastal Zone Management Act’s Federal Consistency Program, Sept./Oct. 11:5(60)

----------. Salvaging the Historic Tax Credit Program, Nov/Dec 08:35(57)

Bogus, Carl T. A Radical Decision by the R.I. Supreme Court, Nov. 99:13(48)

Bohl, Joan C. Ethics Panel Perjury Opinion Revisited, Nov. 89:13(38)

Bottaro, Michael R. Seeing Through the Eye of the Storm: Hurricanes and Insurance Claim Denials, Sept./Oct. 06:5(55)

Bourgault, Charles J. Rhode Island’s First Intestacy Law, Mar. 60:3(8)

----------. The Uncertainty Resulting From the Lien of Local Personal Property Taxes on Real Estate, Mar. 60:1(8)

Bower, Ward. Can Paralegals be Profitable?, Jan. 80:8(28)

Boyle, Francis J. A Suggestion for Change in the Introduction of Exhibits and the Use of Depositions at Trial, Apr. 91:5(39)

Braucher, Robert. The Adoption of the Uniform Commercial Code in Massachusetts, Dec. 57:1(6)

Brenner, Jeffrey S. The Effect of Traynor v. Turnage on Alcoholism: The Willful Misconduct Standard Withers, Jun./Jul. 89:7(37)

Brill, Kevin M. Class Action Certification: Fighting the Securities Defendant, Apr. 87:14(35)

----------. Interpretation and Intent-The Judge’s Task, Dec. 85:9(34)

----------. A Tribute (Speaking Out Column), Mar. 99:15(47)

Brill, Marvin A. and James Di Prete, Jr. Should the Clerkship Requirement Be Abolished?, Mar. 59:3(7)

Briody, Thomas G. Defending a Stranger in a Strange Land: Use of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, Nov./Dec. 01:7(50)

----------. The Government Made Me Do It--The Changing Landscape on the Law of Entrapment., Mar. 97:15(45)

Brockman, Peter J. and Susan M. Thurston. Wrestling with the Rules: The Amendments to the Federal and Local Bankruptcy Rules, Dec. 97:11(46)

Broder, Aaron J. The Crisis of the Jury System - Real or Imaginary, Mar. 66:5(14)

Brooks, Richard O. A Former Rhode Island Professor Heads the New Environmental Law Center at the Vermont Law School, Jun. 79:5(27)

----------. Protecting Rhode Island’s Environment Part I, Dec. 75:3(24)

----------. Protecting Rhode Island’s Environment Part II, Jan. 76:6(24)

Brooks, Robert P. and Jeffrey W. Kasle. Handicapped Discrimination and the Employer’s Duty to Accommodate, Oct. 91:11(40)

Brown, Peter Megargee. "Misguided Lawyers", May 84:4(32)

Brown, Toby. An E-Signature Primer, May/Jun. 04:31(52)

----------. Electronic Discovery Basics, Jul./Aug. 03:7(52)

----------. Information Security for Lawyers: Protecting the Client’s Goods, Nov./Dec. 03:25(52)

----------. Securing Your Clients’ E-Information, Nov./Dec. 02:21(51)

----------. Tune In and Blog On: New Marketing Technology for Lawyers, May/Jun. 05:19(53)

Brule, Paul A. Avoiding Tax Adjustment Dilemmas Upon the Sale of Real Estate, Feb. 99:11(47)

----------. A Cost Approach to Charitable Gifting, Jan./Feb. 04:29(52)

----------. Reviewing the Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act, Jan./Feb. 05:17(53)

Bruns, Robert C. Antitrust: New Medicine for the Health-Care Industry, May 81:5(29)

Brusini, Stephen and Stephen D. Zubiago. Crossing the Border - The Use of Limited Liability Partnerships in Interstate Commerce, Apr. 99:9(47)

Bucci, Anthony J., Jr. What’s in a (Domain) Name? Nov. 98:9(47)

Buckley, F. William. Highlights of the New Bankruptcy Rules, Mar. 74:4(22)

Buckley, William. Counseling Prospective Franchisees, Oct. 78:1(27)

Buckley, Williams F. The Jones Act - Its Applicability Clarified., Oct. 95:13(44)

Buffardi, Linda E. Testamentary Capacity in Rhode Island: What is "Sanity"?, May 95:9(43)

Bulman, John E. and Anastasia A. Dubrovsky. Harnessing Your Client's Wind Power Rights, Nov./Dec. 10:5(59)

Burke, Christopher. Two Lives, Nov. 91:6(40)

Burke, Christopher J. Lawyers - The Non Practitioners, Dec. 84:18(33)

Burke, Louis H. Problems of Court Administration in a Metropolitan Court, Jan. 60:1(8)

----------. Problems of Court Administration in a Metropolitan Court Part II, Feb. 60:3(8)

----------. Problems of Court Administration Part III, Mar. 60:6(8)

Burlingame, W. Keith. Navigating the Turbulent Waters of the Rhode Island Fire Safety Code, May/Jun. 13:23(61)

Bush, Julian. Who Needs a Revocable Trust? , Mar. 67:4(15)

----------. Who Needs a Revocable Trust? Part II, Apr. 67:10(15)

Byrnes, Patricia. Department of Environmental Management Administrative Adjudication Division: Procedures, Practices and Current Caselaw Development., Dec. 92:21(41)

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