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Cahill, Megan. Same-Sex Marriage: The Relationship That Dare Not speak Its Name? May/Jun. 08:35(56)

Calcagni, John L., III. Contesting the Constitutionality of Restricting Criminal Defendant Opening Statements, Jan./Feb. 05:5(53)

Cannon, David A. The Pre-Arraignment Conference Calendar: An Overview., Mar. 97:19(45)

Cantor, Daniel J. Dividing Law Firm Income: The Smith System and Its Mutations, Oct. 77:10(26)

----------. Law Firm Budgeting for Financial Success, Apr. 77:2(25)

Capalbo, Alexander A. Social Security Primer, Dec. 75:23(24)

Caraccia, Anthony L. Manning Revisited, Mar. 74:9(22)

Cardono, James. Public Defender’s Clerkship Program for State of Rhode Island, May 70:1(18)

Carpenter, Gordon A. and Kristin A. DeKuiper. Limited Liability Company: A New Business Entity for Rhode Island, Jun./Jul. 92:17(40)

Carpenter, Richard B. James Mitchell Varnum, ESQ., Mar. 76:2(24)

Cascione, Steve and George L. Santopietro. Weather Witnesses: Meteorologists as Experts, Nov. 96:9(45)

Casten, David B. Highlights of the Bankruptcy Tax Act of 1980, Apr. 81:8(29)

----------. Highlights of the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981 (Tax Notes Column), Oct. 81:13(30)

----------. Highlights of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982, Oct. 82:7(31)

----------. Subchapter S Opportunities in Three Acts: ERTA, TEFRA and P.L. 91-354 (Subchapter S Revision Act of 1982) (Tax Notes Column), Jan. 83:13(31)

----------. Tax Reform Act of 1986 Will have Direct Impact on Attorneys, Nov. 86:12(35)

Casten, David B. and Justin S. Holden. The Tax Reform Act of 1984, Part III The Empire Strikes Back, Dec. 84:8(33)

----------. What You Always Wanted to Know About the Tax Reform Act of 1984, Before You Find Out the Hard Way, Oct. 84:18(33)

Casten, David B. and William Iannacone. Caution is Advised in Investing in Tax Shelters, Apr. 84:10(32)

----------. Caution Advised in Investing in Tax Shelters, Part II, May 84:6(32)

Castricone, Dena M. Custody and the Legal Progeny of Same-Sex Parenting, May 01:17(49)

Chase, Roland F. Going for the Deep Pockets in Consumer Credit Disputes, Mar. 95:7(43)

----------. Highlights of the New Zoning Enabling Act, Mar. 92:7(40)

----------. Limitation or Exclusion of Remedies in Consumer Warranty Cases, Nov. 82:3(31)

----------. Nonconforming Uses: Who Can Tell Whether They Even Exist? Jan./Feb. 03:15(51)

----------. Public Schools and Freedom of Religion Under the Equal Access Act, Jun./Jul. 98:5(46)

----------. Rhode Island Sign Ordinances: Shades of George Orwell, Jan./Feb. 10:11(58)

----------. Rhode Island’s Other Lemon Law, May 98:13(46)

----------. The Third, and Best, Way to Settle a Boundary Dispute, Jan./Feb. 11:19(59)

----------. Why Your Firm Needs an Intranet and How to Create One, May/Jun. 04:17(52)

----------. Zoning Boards: Balancing Expert Testimony with Personal Knowledge, Mar/Apr 08:17(56)

----------. Zoning Regulation of Religious Activities: The Impact of Federal Law, Sept./Oct. 05:5(54)

----------. Zoning Relief: Why Not Both a Variance and a Special-Use Permit, Oct. 00:15(49)

Chase, Roland F. and Thomas E. Wright. Glasnost Opens Up the Soviet Legal System, Jan. 90:17(38)

Chernick, Melvin A. So Your Client Wants to Buy a Condominium, Apr. 74:4(22)

Cioci, Louis and Dennis Morgan. Court-Annexed Arbitration, The Practicing Attorney Asks: "What Is It, How Does It Work and How Do I Use It?", Jun./Jul. 89:27(37)

Cioci, Louis M. Court-Annexed Arbitration Off to Flying Start, Oct. 89:17(38)

Ciullo, Albert R. Breaking Language Barriers, Dec. 97:15(46)

Clapman, Noelle K. and Brenda C. Harrigan. Sexual Harassment Update - A View from Both Sides, Mar. 98:7(46)

Clay, Thomas S. Buy or Lease? The Office Space Problem, Jan. 80:6(28)

Clients’ Security Fund, Jan. 68:6(16)

Clifford, Sidney. The New Commercial Code, May 53:3(1)

Clingham, Leonard F. Public Relations - and the Law, Jan. 66:3(14)

Cobliegh, Gerald P. and Andrew J. Moran. Union Security vs. Right to Work Clauses, State of Rhode Island, Apr. 74:6(22)

Cohen, Avram N. Is there Litigation between Spouses where the Choice of Forum is not Clear and Distinct: a Lawyer’s Dilemma, May 85:8(33)

----------. Unauthorized Practice of Law: What Can Lawyers Do About It?, Jan. 82:7(30)

Cohen, Howard M. Barriers to Hazardous Waste Tort Litigation in Rhode Island, Feb. 83:5(31)

Cohen, Howard M. and Janice K. Janken. Patient Falls-Hospital and Nursing Malpractice?, Dec. 85:5(34)

Cohen, Jerry. The Ws of Intellectual Property Practice - Who, What, When, Where, Why and Web, May/Jun. 02:17(50)

Collette, Will. Hill-Burton Free Care Provisions: A First Step, May 77:2(25)

Comerford, Peter J. Medical Affidavit Update, Nov./Dec. 12:25(61)

----------. Medical Affidavits in Rhode Island., Feb. 93:13(41)

----------. None of Your Damn Business: Informational Privacy after Nelson, May/Jun. 11:5(59)

----------. Stoddard v. Martin: A Rhode Island Tale, Mar./Apr. 14:13(62)

Compulsory Basic Protection Auto Insurance, Mar. 68:3(16)

Conflicting Interests and Business Ventures, Jun. 53:1(1)

Conley, Patrick T. Article VI, Section 4: A Case Study in Constitutional Obsolescence, Sept./Oct. 04:7(53)

----------. Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs in Rhode Island: Church, State, and the Constitution, 1636-1986, Jun./Jul. 87:14(35)

----------. The Constitutional Significance of Trevett v. Weeden (1786), May 76:2(24)

----------. Death Knell for the Death Penalty: The Gordon Murder Trial and Rhode Island’s Abolition of Capital Punishment, May 86:11(34)

----------. The Dorr Rebellion and American Constitutional Theory: Popular Constituent Sovereignty, Political Questions, and Luther v. Borden., Nov. 92:19(41)

----------. First in War; Last in Peace: Rhode Island and the Constitution, 1786-1790, May 87:11(35)

----------. The First Judicial Review of State Legislation: An Analysis of the Rhode Island Case of Champion and Dickason v. Casey (1792), Oct. 87:5(36)

----------. Founding Lawyers: Doing Justice to the Legal Architects of Rhode Island Statehood, Mar./Apr. 02:15(50)

----------. Joseph R. Weisberger: A Life in Law, Feb. 01:5(49)

----------. Judge David Howell: An Early Rhode Island Legal Luminary, Jan./Feb. 13:29(61)

----------. The 1985 State Constitutional Convention: The Salient Issues (Speaking Out Column), May 85:10(33)

----------. One Town, Two Votes; One Man One Vote: A History of Legislative Apportionment in Rhode Island, May 86:18(34)

----------. The Origins of the Governor's Pardoning Power, May/Jun 11:31(59)

----------. Remembering an Unforgettable Woman, Mar./Apr. 03:7(51)

----------. Remembering Florence Murray: Rhode Island’s Woman of the Century, May/Jun. 05:5(53)

----------. Revising the Revisionists: A Review Essay, Nov. 99:17(48)

----------. Rhode Island and the Emasculation of the Fifteenth Amendment, Sept./Oct. 07:25(56)

----------. Rhode Island’s Crisis in Constitutionalism: The Dorr Rebellion and the Origins of the Present State Constitution, Oct. 86:13(35)

----------. Rhode Island’s Legal Luminaries, 1830-1860, May/Jun. 03:9(51)

----------. Separation in Rhode Island: Church from State and Fact from Fiction, Mar./Apr. 14:21(62)

----------. Separation of Powers in Rhode Island., Oct. 95:9(44)

----------. State of Rhode Island v. Reverend Ephraim K. Avery (1833): The Legal and Geographical Setting, May 99:5(47)

----------. A Statement in Defense of the Proposed Constitution, Jan. 68:3(16)

----------. Were We Really Rogues’ Island?: A Bicentennial Reflection, May 90:7(38)

Conlon, Tim. Acquiring and Utilizing Computer Systems in the Law Office, May 89:27(37)

Connell, William J. Legislative Update: Highlights for Attorneys Practicing Education Law, May/Jun. 08:29(56)

Connolly, Thomas. Federal Courthouse: A Century of Law, Mar/Apr 08:5(56)

Connors, Leo T. Basic Protection? Why Not Full Protection?, Apr. 68:3(16)

----------. The Case AGAINST "No-Fault", Jan. 72:5(20)

----------. Constitutional Change in the Balance, Nov. 73:7(22)

----------. Editorial Concerning Flag Burning/ U. S. Supreme Court Ruling (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 89:13(38)

----------. Family Law in Transition: Who Is Watching the Children?, Apr. 80:4(28)

----------. Members Discuss Modified Missouri Plan: Argument Against Modified Missouri Plan, Mar. 59:1(7)

Coogan, Robert A. A. B. A. Meets at Narragansett Pier, Jun. 62:1(10)

----------. Administrative Office of the Judicial Department, Jan. 53:1(1)

----------. The Administrator for State Courts, Apr. 61:3(9)

----------. The Administrator for State Courts Part II, May 61:4(9)

----------. The New Continuous Calendar and How it Will Work, Oct. 54:9(3)

----------. Pre-Trial in Rhode Island, Dec. 55:5(4)

----------. Representation of Indigent Defendants, Feb. 65:1(13)

----------. Time Intervals to Trial in Civil Cases, May 56:1(4)

Cook, Nancy. Hurricane Katrina: The Storm Still Rages, Mar/Apr 08:43(56)

Coon, David G. Saving Income Taxes After Death, Jun. 82:14(30)

Correira, David J. Come and Take Care of Me and I Will Provide for You, Apr. 93:13(41)

Correira, David J. and Eric D. Correira. Estate Planning for Florida Snowbirds, Nov./Dec. 13:11(62)

Correira, David J. and Mark Iacono. Estate Planning for Second and Third Marriages in Rhode Island, Jan./Feb. 10:27(58)

Correira, Eric D. Establishing and Protecting the Attorney-Client Relationship in Trust Matters, Nov./Dec. 12:9(61)

----------. Why Rhode Island Needs Default Surrogate Consent Statutes, Mar./Apr. 12:11(60)

Corrigan, John F. The SEC’s Proposed Rule 146, Jan. 74:4(22)

Corrigan, John F. and Paul J. Battista. Private Rights of Action for Securities Law Violations in Rhode Island , Nov. 89:5(38)

Corwin, Leslie D. and Simon Miller. What Baggage Can Withdrawing Law Partners Carry Out the "Revolving Door?" Jan. 01:5(49)

Cotter, William H., III. Congress Changes Rules on Below Market Cash Loans, Nov. 84:10(33)

Cottone, Anthony F. Basic Issues Surrounding Court Annexed Arbitrations, Nov. 91:13(40)

----------. Clarifying Individual Capacity Liability and Other Doctrinal Confusion Concerning Government Tort Claims in Rhode Island: Basic Questions Attorneys Should Ask, Mar./Apr. 06:5(54)

----------. Identifying the Municipal Client: Some Shelter from the Storm, Jan./Feb. 11:11(59)

----------. A New York State of Mind, Nov./Dec. 01:5(50)

----------. Questions and Answers About Divorce Mediation, Jun./Jul. 95:7(43)

Court Unification Bills Compared, Feb. 69:1(17)

Crandall, Oliver P. Fee, Fie, Foe, Fumble, May 64:3(12)

Crowe, Henry E. The Courts v. The Constitution, Mar. 71:4(19)

Crowell, Richard E., Jr. "Trust Busting or Union Busting: Future Application of the RI Antitrust Act to Intrastate Labor Activity", Dec. 82:4(31)

Cuculo, Paula M. After Death: The Five W’s of Probate, May 95:13(43)

Cummings, James A. and William H. Herring. Disappearing Abstract and Title Guarantee Part II, Mar. 62:6(10)

----------. Disappearing Abstract and Lawyers’ Title Guaranty, Feb. 62:1(10)

Curran, Daniel A. The Legal Framework for Aquaculture in Rhode Island., May 96:13(44)

----------. Property Tax Assessment in the New Era, Jan/Feb. 07:13(55)

Curran, Patrick P. Pre-Trial, Jun. 54:5(2)

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