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RWU Law offers a joint JD and master’s degree in marine affairs with the University of Rhode Island. Only 3 law schools in the U.S. offer such a joint degree.

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D’Agostino, Edwin D. The Study of Law in Italy and Proposed Reforms, Jun. 69:3(17)

D’Ambra, Honorable Laureen. A Tribute: Hon. Gilbert T. Rocha, Jul/Aug 09:15(58)

D’Ambra, Honorable Laureen and Christine D’Ambra. Is Mediation a Solution To the Family Court’s Burgeoning Domestic Caseload? Jan./Feb. 08:15(56)

D’Ambra, Laureen and Thomas Finn. Lawyering For Children In the Care Of the State, Mar. 94:7(42)

D'Ambra, Laureen Q. A Legal Response to Juvenile Crime: Waiver and Certification Statutes in Rhode Island., Feb. 97:5(45)

----------. Terminating the Parental Rights of the Mentally Disabled, Mar. 01:5(49)

----------. Tribute: Hon. Edward V. Healey, Jr., Sept./Oct. 11:25(60)

D’Ambrosio, Patricia. Is Alcoholism Sometimes a Hidden Factor in a Legal Problem?, Jun. 83:16(31)

Darrow, Clarence. On the Practice of Law in 1935, Feb. 72:10(20)

Davies, Jack. Pro and Con On Insure Yourself Auto Legislation: Insure Yourself Not Others, Nov. 70:3(19)

Davis, Aaron. Alexandria in Your Pocket: The Machines Making the Difference for Today’s Lawyers, Dec. 87:7(36)

----------. Till Death Do Us Part: The Lawyer and the Computer . . . Today, Tomorrow, Dec. 87:18(36)

DeKuiper, Kristin A. At the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - In Czechoslovakia., Jun./Jul. 93:7(41)

----------. The Limited Liability Partnership in Rhode Island, Apr. 99:5(47)

DeKuiper, Kristin A. and Gordon A. Carpenter. Limited Liability Company: A New Business Entity for Rhode Island, Jun./Jul. 92:17(40)

Delaney, William. Rhode Island Young Lawyers Committee Created, Dec. 88:25(37)

Delaney, William J. Reverse Mortgages: Rainbow or Mirage for One’s Golden Years? Jun. 00:11(48)

----------. Talking With Patrick Conley, Jan. 01:9(49)

Del Sesto, Ronald W. Software Copying and the Law - A Beginner’s Guide, Dec. 87:12(36)

----------. Value Billing-Third Approach, Nov. 89:15(38)

Deluca, Carl P. Legal Bytes: Resistance is Futile, Mar. 98:23(46)

De Marco, Anthony. Changes in Federal Rules 26 and 34, Jan. 71:1(19)

DeMarco, Chris. The "Young" Lawyer v. the "Old" Secretary, Jan. 72:10(20)

Depression and Rhode Island Lawyers: Treatment Works, Jul/Aug 08:39(57)

DeSimone, D. Peter. Welcome to the Treadmill: A Law Clerk Looks at Practice in the Supreme Court of Rhode Island, Dec. 98:5(47)

De Simone, Herbert F. Department of Justice: A Concept of a Single Statewide Prosecution Agency, Dec. 69:1(18)

DiBiase, Michael. R. I. Affiliate of ACLU: Volunteer Lawyers Make the Difference, Dec. 91:11(40)

----------. Reviving Rhode Island State Constitutional Rights: The Need or a New Approach to Constitutional Questions, May 87:5(35)

Dickinson, Thomas M. Interview with Chief Justice Thomas F. Fay, Oct. 86:7(35)

DiLauro, Michael A. All That Jazz and Trial Law Too, Mar./Apr. 10:25(58)

----------. Rhode Islanders at Gettysburg: Lessons for Criminal Defense Lawyers, Jul./Aug. 11:9(60)

Dimaio, Joseph-Anthony. Why Keep Your Computer Files Organized? Apr. 01:19(49)

DiMeglio, John F. Who Is Entitled to Make a Claim Upon a Prime Contractor's Bond Under Rhode Island Law., Dec. 95:17(44)

Dimonte, Vincent A. The Chile Clubs (Speaking Out Column), May/Jun. 02:18(50)

----------. 30 Years of Practice (Speaking Out Column), Nov./Dec. 06:31(55)

Dinerman, Lisa. Open Sesame? Access to Public Records Act, Nov. 97:19(46)

----------. Mock Trial Participation Provides Valuable Learning Experiences, Sept./Oct. 05:17(54)

----------. The Real Medical Malpractice Problem: Too Much Malpractice, Apr. 86:5(34)

DiPalma, David. Current Developments Affecting the 1040 Filer for 1991, Feb. 92:19(40)

----------. A Plaintiff’s Attorney Guide to the Taxation of Personal Injury Awards and Structured Settlements., Apr. 93:5(41)

Di Prete, James, Jr. and Marvin A. Brill. Should the Clerkship Requirement Be Abolished?, Mar. 59:3(7)

DiSandro, Edmond. Some Questions and Answers About Specialization in Rhode Island, Mar. 79:5(27)

Dolan, Lynne Barry and Michael F. Sweeney. New SEC Executive Compensation Rules Affect Disclosure., May 93:7(41)

Dolbashian, David M. Who Represents You in a Rhode Island Real Estate Closing? Real Estate Attorneys' Liabilities after Groff, May/Jun. 11:21(59)

Dolbashian, David M. and Edward Stravato. Civil Unions and Real Estate: How One Little Word Can Cause So Many Problems, Sept./Oct. 12:15(61)

Donovan, Daniel J. Highlights of the New R.I. Rules of Evidence, Jan. 88:19(36)

----------. Improved Client Relations Techniques Can Increase Awareness of Need for Estate Planning, Oct. 80:5(29)

----------. On Being a Rhode Island Notary, Mar. 87:28(35)

----------. An Overview of Continuing Legal Education Administration, Feb. 83:15(31)

Donovan, Martin K. John O. Pastore Remembered (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 00:5(49)

D’Ovidio, Christopher A. Clean Water Act: A Citizen’s Right to Litigate, Mar./Apr. 07:5(55)

Drafting Partnership Agreements: Payments to a Retiring Partner or to a Deceased Partner’s Successor in Interest, Mar. 55:4(3)

Drinan, Robert F. "A New Look at the Professional Responsibilities of the Bar", Apr. 60:3(8)

Drummey, Charles H. The Investigating Committee, May 53:6(1)

DuBoff, Leonard D. Trademark Protection - "Where's the Beef?", Dec. 84:4(33)

Duffy, John T. Applying the Power of On-Line Technology To Improve Law Firm Marketing., Dec. 96:13(45)

Dugan, Joseph F. Hearsay and the Federal Rules of Evidence, Feb. 77:4(25)

----------. Hearsay and the Federal Rules of Evidence, Jun. 78:4(26)

----------. Legal Services for the Poor: In Defense of Staff Legal Services, Feb. 71:1(19)

Dunn, John K. An Examination of the Business Judgement Rule, Apr. 88:9(36)

Dunn, John K. and Andrew Laviano. "Ransoming the Files a Prohibiting Act", Apr. 82:9(30)

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