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Each year, the Marine Affairs Institute takes RWU Law students on an educational cruise on Narragansett Bay. This trip helps first year students  better understand many of the marine and maritime issues affecting Rhode Island and New England.

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D’Agostino, Edwin D. The Study of Law in Italy and Proposed Reforms, Jun. 69:3(17)

D’Ambra, Honorable Laureen. A Tribute: Hon. Gilbert T. Rocha, Jul/Aug 09:15(58)

D’Ambra, Honorable Laureen and Christine D’Ambra. Is Mediation a Solution To the Family Court’s Burgeoning Domestic Caseload? Jan./Feb. 08:15(56)

D’Ambra, Laureen and Thomas Finn. Lawyering For Children In the Care Of the State, Mar. 94:7(42)

D'Ambra, Laureen Q. A Legal Response to Juvenile Crime: Waiver and Certification Statutes in Rhode Island., Feb. 97:5(45)

----------. Terminating the Parental Rights of the Mentally Disabled, Mar. 01:5(49)

----------. Tribute: Hon. Edward V. Healey, Jr., Sept./Oct. 11:25(60)

D’Ambrosio, Patricia. Is Alcoholism Sometimes a Hidden Factor in a Legal Problem?, Jun. 83:16(31)

Darrow, Clarence. On the Practice of Law in 1935, Feb. 72:10(20)

Davies, Jack. Pro and Con On Insure Yourself Auto Legislation: Insure Yourself Not Others, Nov. 70:3(19)

Davis, Aaron. Alexandria in Your Pocket: The Machines Making the Difference for Today’s Lawyers, Dec. 87:7(36)

----------. Till Death Do Us Part: The Lawyer and the Computer . . . Today, Tomorrow, Dec. 87:18(36)

DeKuiper, Kristin A. At the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party - In Czechoslovakia., Jun./Jul. 93:7(41)

----------. The Limited Liability Partnership in Rhode Island, Apr. 99:5(47)

DeKuiper, Kristin A. and Gordon A. Carpenter. Limited Liability Company: A New Business Entity for Rhode Island, Jun./Jul. 92:17(40)

Delaney, William. Rhode Island Young Lawyers Committee Created, Dec. 88:25(37)

Delaney, William J. Reverse Mortgages: Rainbow or Mirage for One’s Golden Years? Jun. 00:11(48)

----------. Talking With Patrick Conley, Jan. 01:9(49)

Del Sesto, Ronald W. Software Copying and the Law - A Beginner’s Guide, Dec. 87:12(36)

----------. Value Billing-Third Approach, Nov. 89:15(38)

Deluca, Carl P. Legal Bytes: Resistance is Futile, Mar. 98:23(46)

De Marco, Anthony. Changes in Federal Rules 26 and 34, Jan. 71:1(19)

DeMarco, Chris. The "Young" Lawyer v. the "Old" Secretary, Jan. 72:10(20)

Depression and Rhode Island Lawyers: Treatment Works, Jul/Aug 08:39(57)

DeSimone, D. Peter. Welcome to the Treadmill: A Law Clerk Looks at Practice in the Supreme Court of Rhode Island, Dec. 98:5(47)

De Simone, Herbert F. Department of Justice: A Concept of a Single Statewide Prosecution Agency, Dec. 69:1(18)

DiBiase, Michael. R. I. Affiliate of ACLU: Volunteer Lawyers Make the Difference, Dec. 91:11(40)

----------. Reviving Rhode Island State Constitutional Rights: The Need or a New Approach to Constitutional Questions, May 87:5(35)

Dickinson, Thomas M. Interview with Chief Justice Thomas F. Fay, Oct. 86:7(35)

DiLauro, Michael A. All That Jazz and Trial Law Too, Mar./Apr. 10:25(58)

----------. Rhode Islanders at Gettysburg: Lessons for Criminal Defense Lawyers, Jul./Aug. 11:9(60)

Dimaio, Joseph-Anthony. Why Keep Your Computer Files Organized? Apr. 01:19(49)

DiMeglio, John F. Who Is Entitled to Make a Claim Upon a Prime Contractor's Bond Under Rhode Island Law., Dec. 95:17(44)

Dimonte, Vincent A. The Chile Clubs (Speaking Out Column), May/Jun. 02:18(50)

----------. 30 Years of Practice (Speaking Out Column), Nov./Dec. 06:31(55)

Dinerman, Lisa. Open Sesame? Access to Public Records Act, Nov. 97:19(46)

----------. Mock Trial Participation Provides Valuable Learning Experiences, Sept./Oct. 05:17(54)

----------. The Real Medical Malpractice Problem: Too Much Malpractice, Apr. 86:5(34)

DiPalma, David. Current Developments Affecting the 1040 Filer for 1991, Feb. 92:19(40)

----------. A Plaintiff’s Attorney Guide to the Taxation of Personal Injury Awards and Structured Settlements., Apr. 93:5(41)

Di Prete, James, Jr. and Marvin A. Brill. Should the Clerkship Requirement Be Abolished?, Mar. 59:3(7)

DiSandro, Edmond. Some Questions and Answers About Specialization in Rhode Island, Mar. 79:5(27)

Dolan, Lynne Barry and Michael F. Sweeney. New SEC Executive Compensation Rules Affect Disclosure., May 93:7(41)

Dolbashian, David M. Who Represents You in a Rhode Island Real Estate Closing? Real Estate Attorneys' Liabilities after Groff, May/Jun. 11:21(59)

Dolbashian, David M. and Edward Stravato. Civil Unions and Real Estate: How One Little Word Can Cause So Many Problems, Sept./Oct. 12:15(61)

Donovan, Daniel J. Highlights of the New R.I. Rules of Evidence, Jan. 88:19(36)

----------. Improved Client Relations Techniques Can Increase Awareness of Need for Estate Planning, Oct. 80:5(29)

----------. On Being a Rhode Island Notary, Mar. 87:28(35)

----------. An Overview of Continuing Legal Education Administration, Feb. 83:15(31)

Donovan, Martin K. John O. Pastore Remembered (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 00:5(49)

D’Ovidio, Christopher A. Clean Water Act: A Citizen’s Right to Litigate, Mar./Apr. 07:5(55)

Drafting Partnership Agreements: Payments to a Retiring Partner or to a Deceased Partner’s Successor in Interest, Mar. 55:4(3)

Drinan, Robert F. "A New Look at the Professional Responsibilities of the Bar", Apr. 60:3(8)

Drummey, Charles H. The Investigating Committee, May 53:6(1)

DuBoff, Leonard D. Trademark Protection - "Where's the Beef?", Dec. 84:4(33)

Duffy, John T. Applying the Power of On-Line Technology To Improve Law Firm Marketing., Dec. 96:13(45)

Dugan, Joseph F. Hearsay and the Federal Rules of Evidence, Feb. 77:4(25)

----------. Hearsay and the Federal Rules of Evidence, Jun. 78:4(26)

----------. Legal Services for the Poor: In Defense of Staff Legal Services, Feb. 71:1(19)

Dunn, John K. An Examination of the Business Judgement Rule, Apr. 88:9(36)

Dunn, John K. and Andrew Laviano. "Ransoming the Files a Prohibiting Act", Apr. 82:9(30)

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