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74% of RWU Law 1L students come from outside of Rhode Island.  There are 22 states represented in the Class of 2017 alone.

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Feder, Robin. History of the Government Lawyers Committee, Nov. 97:13(46)

Fee Schedules Have a Long History, May 72:5(20)

Feldman, Allan M. Weighing the Values of Pensions as Marital Assets: Some Potential Pitfalls, Mar. 89:23(37)

Feldman, Stephen R. Trial Work and Living a Good Life: Recognizing Stress Symptoms and Resolving Them, Oct. 89:19(38)

Field, Michael W. Roger Williams University School of Law: Twenty Years of Enhancing Rhode Island’s Culture, Jan./Feb. 14: 11(62)

Fine, Robert D. and Richard D. Zimmerman. Buried in a Gravel-Filled Grave, the Per Se Antitrust Rule Bites the Dust, Apr. 92:5(40)

Fines, Michael B. Small Business Capitalization: Will New Measures Stimulate Local Business Growth?, Oct. 92:19(41)

Finizio, Daryl J. Funeral Planning Agent Designation: An Unused, But Useful, Tool for Same-Sex Couples, Mar./Apr. 07:31(55)

Finkle, Diane, et al. Attorney Practice Guide: Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights, Mar/Apr 08:9(56)

Finn, Thomas and Laureen D’Ambra. Lawyering For Children In the Care Of the State, Mar. 94:7(42)

Flackett, John M. and John A. Murphy. Prison Legal Services: The Rhode Island Experience, Jan. 73:4(21)

Flax, Anita E. Beginner’s Guide to the Superior Court Civil Motion Calendar., Oct. 92:7(41)

Flax, Anita E. and Ray Goldschmidt. Collecting Judgments Against Individual Debtors in District Court, Oct. 94:25(43)

Flink, Alan S. Legal Advertising Facts, Myths and Recommendations - Report of the ABA Commission on Advertising, Jun./Jul. 95:13(43)

----------. Roger Williams Law School (President’s Message), Feb. 92:3(40)

Folcarelli, John W. and John B. Rosenquest, III. The Man Under the Bed: The Issue of Grievant Representation by Private Counsel in Arbitration, May 89:5(37)

Foonberg, Jay G. Bar Association Lawyer Referral Services Are a Profitable Source of Clients and Fees, Dec. 88:27(37)

Foppert, Deborah A. Merger Ordinances: An Unconstitutional Taking of Property?, Jan. 93:11(41)

Foster, Henry H., Jr. Society’s Most Important Problem? Family Problem Cases Total Largest Court Litigation Divorce Spotlights Reaction and Reform in Family Law, Apr. 66:4(14)

Fox, Lawrence J. The Argument Against Change, Apr. 00:17(48)

Fracassa, Kelly M. Constitutional Prospects for Same-Sex Marriages in Rhode Island, Dec. 00:9(49)

----------. Some or Any Evidence v. Substantial Evidence: Supreme Court Review of Administrative Appeals in Strafach v. Durfee, May 94:13(42)

Franck, Michael. Percentage Fees: Available and Ethical , Feb. 95:19(43)

Freedman, Linn F. and Jodi N. Bourque. Requests for Medical Records: A Practical Guideline, Jan./Feb. 07:5(55)

Freel, Mark W. and Matthew T. Oliverio. When Commercial Freedoms Collide: Trade Secrets, Covenants Not to Compete and Free Enterprise, May 99:9(47)

Frost, Frederick. The Supremacy of Law in a Free Society, Jun. 58:1(6)

Furtado, George E. Habeas Corpus: Inviolable or Not?, Jun./Jul. 86:5(34)

----------. Juvenile Hearing Boards: Communities Respond to Juvenile Crime, May 96:17(44)

Fuyat, John E. Income Protection Insurance - An Analysis, Jan. 72:13(20)

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