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RWU Law provides students a broad range of marine resource and maritime courses taught by full professors as well as expert practitioners.  The curriculum includes courses in admiralty, fisheries, piracy, ocean and coastal law, ocean policy, and climate change.

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Galli, Richard. Homegrown Aphorisms: Life Lessons In the Law, Jan./Feb. 08:9(56)

Gallo, Ronald V. and Catherine Boisvert Walsh. For the Children, Mar. 94:25(42)

Gamboli, Michael A. Negligent Hiring - Caveat Employer., Nov. 95:13(44)

Garry, John B. The Rhyme and Reason of the Modern Mariner: Determining Who is a Jones Act Seaman, Jan. 00:7(48)

Gates, Lawrence S. The Proposed Constitution Should Not Be Adopted, Mar. 68:1(16)

Gemma, Robert L. The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994, Jan. 95:7(43)

----------. Rhode Island Superior Court Receiverships - Opportunities & Recent Developments, Mar./Apr. 03:25(51)

Generations of Justice-Law Day U.S.A. 1990 News from the Ocean State Center for Law and Citizen Education, Apr. 90:7(38)

George, Deborah A. Labor Certification: The Key to Staying Competitive in a Global Economy, Dec. 97:5(46)

Gertner, Marc. Divorce Law, May 60:1(8)

Geruso, Robert M. Real Estate Closings Under the New Nonresident Withholding Law, Feb. 92:25(40)

Gianfrancesco, Anthony J. An Alternative Approach to the Drug Problem (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 88:24(37)

Giannini, Anthony A. An Address on Civil Case Calendars, May 83:3(31)

Gibbons, Walter F. Internal Revenue Code of 1954, Jun. 54:1(2)

----------. The Proposed Internal Revenue Code of 1954, May 54:1(2)

----------. Tax Notes, Jan. 61:4(9)

----------. Tax Notes Closely Held Corporations and Life Insurance, Feb. 58:1(6)

Gibbons, Walter F., et al. Significant Changes to the Internal Revenue Code Made By the 1964 Act, Jan. 65:3(13)

Gibney, Honorable Alice B. Past, Present and Future: Women in the Law and the Superior Court, Jan./Feb. 10:37(58)

Gifford, Sean K. It’s Got To Be More Than Ouch! (Speaking Out Column), Apr. 99:13(47)

Gifford, Seth. Damages - Including a Reasonable Attorney’s Fee (Speaking Out Column), Nov. 88:13(37)

----------. Lawyer Malpractice Insurance: The California Plan, Apr. 77:inside front cover(25)

Gifford Seth K. Expanding District Court Jurisdiction-Equity Creeps In, Nov. 89:9(38)

----------. Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Hall of Fame Revisited: Or Deep in the Heart of Nexus, Jun./Jul. 87:10(35)

----------. The Constitutional Right to Assistance of Counsel and Attorney Conflicts of Interest, Oct. 74:4(23)

Gifford, Seth K. and Casby Harrison, III. Reassessing Your Claim for Over-Assessment, Jun./Jul. 86:10(34)

Gillies, Douglas. Shopping for Microcomputers, Apr. 85:12(33)

Giorgi, Nancy E. Instructions for Review of "Comprehensive Permits" Under the Rhode Island Low and Moderate Income Housing Act, Jan./Feb. 04:7(52)

Gladstone, Julia Alpert. Designing Legislation to Facilitate Electronic Commerce on the Internet., Feb. 97:13(45)

----------. The Dilemma Of the Drug-Exposed Newborn: An Analysis Of the Trend Away From Punitive Action Toward Treatment Intervention, Jun. 94:15(42)

Godin, Katherine. Pot or Not: State or Federal Government Regulation and (De)Criminalization of Marijuana? Sept./Oct. 13:5(62)

Goldberg, Michael R. and Barbara L. Margolis. Legal Aid: Helping the Bar Meet Its Obligations to the Indigent, Apr. 90:15(38)

Goldberg, Robert D. and Cristine L. McBurney. Point: The Asermely Rule Arms David Against Goliath, Nov. 00:9(49)

Goldberg, William R. Marijuana - Judge Goldberg’s Point of View, Mar. 73:inside front cover(21)

Goldschmidt, Ray and Anita E. Flax. Collecting Judgments Against Individual Debtors in District Court, Oct. 94:25(43)

Goldstein, Jared. Habeas Is About Power, Not Rights, Jan./Feb. 08:33(56)

Goldstein, Tom. Legal Insurance Plans Pushed by Insurers, Lawyers; I.N.A. Announces a Pilot Program, Dec. 72:6(21)

Gontarz, Christopher S. The Rewards of Stewardship, Nov./Dec. 09:13(58)

Gonzalez, Deborah S. Immigration Consequences to a Charge of Simple Assault or Battery, Jan./Feb. 13:21(61)

Gonzalez, Roberto. Preparing Your Business for Federal Immigration Audits, Sept/Oct 09:9(58)

----------. Understanding Immigrant Pro Bono Clients, Jul./Aug. 07:13(56)

Goodale, Paul W. Law of Insurer Bad Faith in Rhode Island, Dec. 94:7(43)

Goodman, Jay S. Major Changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Are on the Way (Again), Part 1., Feb. 93:5(41)

----------. Major Changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Are on the Way (Again), Part 2., Mar. 93:9(41)

----------. The New Discovery Rules: Sanctions Mandated for Pleading and Discovery Abuse, Apr. 83:3(31)

----------. Richard Nixon and the Jury of History: A Review Essay, Nov. 90:9(39)

----------. Two, New, U.S. Supreme Court Cases Raise the Question: Is Notice Pleading Dead?, Jan./Feb. 10:5(58)

----------. U.S. Supreme Court Narrows Theft of Honest Services Crimes, Nov./Dec. 12:5(61)

----------. U.S. Supreme Court on Constructive Discharge: A Little Bad News and a Lot of Good News for Employers, Jan./Feb. 05:11(53)

----------. Working Women Take a Hit: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Them in New Title VII Wage Discrimination Case, May/Jun. 08:17(56)

Gorham, Sayles. Economics of Law Practice, Apr. 60:6(8)

Gorodetsky, Sanford. Our Public Image "The First Step on the Road to Better Publications. For the Legal Profession is the Lawyer’s Office.", Dec. 64:3(13)

Graham, William A. Estates of Decendents, Mar. 55:1(3)

----------. Estates of Decendents, Apr. 55:3(3)

----------. Estates of Decendents: The Sale of Real and Personal Property, May 55:6(3)

Grande, Corinne P. Women and Liberation, Feb. 73:5(21)

----------. Women Attorneys in Rhode Island, May 57:7(5)

Grande, Corrine P. and Carol Zangari. Will "Forced" Inspections Under R.I. Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code Survive a Fourth Amendment Challenge?, Dec. 77:2(26)

Grasso, John R. Admissibility of Illegally Seized Evidence After Herring, May/Jun 09:29(57)

----------. Local Traffic Control Ordinances vs. State Traffic Control Statutes, Sept/Oct 08:19(57)

Grasso, John R. and Amy Broderick. Family Court Rehabilitative Support Awards: When and How Much? May/Jun. 12:31(60)

Grasso, John R. and Brandon Fontaine. Criminal Consequences of Sending False Information on Social Media, Nov./Dec. 11:5(60)

Grasso, John R. and John E. MacDonald. Collateral Estoppel Between the Traffic Tribunal and District Court, Mar/Apr 08:31(56)

Griffiths, Martha W. How to Find Your Way Around Washington, Feb. 63:7(11)

Grossbaum, David A. Buying Umbrella Insurance: An Important Asset Protection Tool, May/Jun. 05:21(53)

Groton, Calvert C. R. I. Estate Tax Repeal Set for January 1, 1992, Dec. 91:7(40)

----------. Rhode Island Postpones Estate Tax Repeal Date: Restores "Phaseout" Rate to 1989 Level, Oct. 90:9(39)

----------. Rhode Island Repeals its Estate and Gift Taxes!, Jun./Jul. 85:20(33)

Guilmette, Thomas J. Cognitive and Behavioral Symptoms in Mild Head Injury: Considerations for Brain Damage Litigation, Jan. 91:7(39)

Guilmette, Thomas J. and M. Eileen McNamara. When "Normal" People Do "Crazy" Things: Insanity and Antisocial Personality in Criminal Cases, Oct. 93:5(42)

Gursky, Marc B. and Christine L. Nickerson. Have You Been Becked? A User’s Guide To Communications Workers v. Beck, Nov. 93:13(42)

Guzzardo, Christine. A Case of Judicial Legislation, May 00:5(48)

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