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74% of RWU Law 1L students come from outside of Rhode Island.  There are 22 states represented in the Class of 2017 alone.

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Galli, Richard. Homegrown Aphorisms: Life Lessons In the Law, Jan./Feb. 08:9(56)

Gallo, Ronald V. and Catherine Boisvert Walsh. For the Children, Mar. 94:25(42)

Gamboli, Michael A. Negligent Hiring - Caveat Employer., Nov. 95:13(44)

Garry, John B. The Rhyme and Reason of the Modern Mariner: Determining Who is a Jones Act Seaman, Jan. 00:7(48)

Gates, Lawrence S. The Proposed Constitution Should Not Be Adopted, Mar. 68:1(16)

Gemma, Robert L. The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994, Jan. 95:7(43)

----------. Rhode Island Superior Court Receiverships - Opportunities & Recent Developments, Mar./Apr. 03:25(51)

Generations of Justice-Law Day U.S.A. 1990 News from the Ocean State Center for Law and Citizen Education, Apr. 90:7(38)

George, Deborah A. Labor Certification: The Key to Staying Competitive in a Global Economy, Dec. 97:5(46)

Gertner, Marc. Divorce Law, May 60:1(8)

Geruso, Robert M. Real Estate Closings Under the New Nonresident Withholding Law, Feb. 92:25(40)

Gianfrancesco, Anthony J. An Alternative Approach to the Drug Problem (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 88:24(37)

Giannini, Anthony A. An Address on Civil Case Calendars, May 83:3(31)

Gibbons, Walter F. Internal Revenue Code of 1954, Jun. 54:1(2)

----------. The Proposed Internal Revenue Code of 1954, May 54:1(2)

----------. Tax Notes, Jan. 61:4(9)

----------. Tax Notes Closely Held Corporations and Life Insurance, Feb. 58:1(6)

Gibbons, Walter F., et al. Significant Changes to the Internal Revenue Code Made By the 1964 Act, Jan. 65:3(13)

Gibney, Honorable Alice B. Past, Present and Future: Women in the Law and the Superior Court, Jan./Feb. 10:37(58)

Gifford, Sean K. It’s Got To Be More Than Ouch! (Speaking Out Column), Apr. 99:13(47)

Gifford, Seth. Damages - Including a Reasonable Attorney’s Fee (Speaking Out Column), Nov. 88:13(37)

----------. Lawyer Malpractice Insurance: The California Plan, Apr. 77:inside front cover(25)

Gifford Seth K. Expanding District Court Jurisdiction-Equity Creeps In, Nov. 89:9(38)

----------. Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Hall of Fame Revisited: Or Deep in the Heart of Nexus, Jun./Jul. 87:10(35)

----------. The Constitutional Right to Assistance of Counsel and Attorney Conflicts of Interest, Oct. 74:4(23)

Gifford, Seth K. and Casby Harrison, III. Reassessing Your Claim for Over-Assessment, Jun./Jul. 86:10(34)

Gillies, Douglas. Shopping for Microcomputers, Apr. 85:12(33)

Giorgi, Nancy E. Instructions for Review of "Comprehensive Permits" Under the Rhode Island Low and Moderate Income Housing Act, Jan./Feb. 04:7(52)

Gladstone, Julia Alpert. Designing Legislation to Facilitate Electronic Commerce on the Internet., Feb. 97:13(45)

----------. The Dilemma Of the Drug-Exposed Newborn: An Analysis Of the Trend Away From Punitive Action Toward Treatment Intervention, Jun. 94:15(42)

Godin, Katherine. Pot or Not: State or Federal Government Regulation and (De)Criminalization of Marijuana? Sept./Oct. 13:5(62)

Goldberg, Michael R. and Barbara L. Margolis. Legal Aid: Helping the Bar Meet Its Obligations to the Indigent, Apr. 90:15(38)

Goldberg, Robert D. and Cristine L. McBurney. Point: The Asermely Rule Arms David Against Goliath, Nov. 00:9(49)

Goldberg, William R. Marijuana - Judge Goldberg’s Point of View, Mar. 73:inside front cover(21)

Goldschmidt, Ray and Anita E. Flax. Collecting Judgments Against Individual Debtors in District Court, Oct. 94:25(43)

Goldstein, Jared. Habeas Is About Power, Not Rights, Jan./Feb. 08:33(56)

Goldstein, Tom. Legal Insurance Plans Pushed by Insurers, Lawyers; I.N.A. Announces a Pilot Program, Dec. 72:6(21)

Gontarz, Christopher S. The Rewards of Stewardship, Nov./Dec. 09:13(58)

Gonzalez, Deborah S. Immigration Consequences to a Charge of Simple Assault or Battery, Jan./Feb. 13:21(61)

Gonzalez, Roberto. Preparing Your Business for Federal Immigration Audits, Sept/Oct 09:9(58)

----------. Understanding Immigrant Pro Bono Clients, Jul./Aug. 07:13(56)

Goodale, Paul W. Law of Insurer Bad Faith in Rhode Island, Dec. 94:7(43)

Goodman, Jay S. Major Changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Are on the Way (Again), Part 1., Feb. 93:5(41)

----------. Major Changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Are on the Way (Again), Part 2., Mar. 93:9(41)

----------. The New Discovery Rules: Sanctions Mandated for Pleading and Discovery Abuse, Apr. 83:3(31)

----------. Richard Nixon and the Jury of History: A Review Essay, Nov. 90:9(39)

----------. Two, New, U.S. Supreme Court Cases Raise the Question: Is Notice Pleading Dead?, Jan./Feb. 10:5(58)

----------. U.S. Supreme Court Narrows Theft of Honest Services Crimes, Nov./Dec. 12:5(61)

----------. U.S. Supreme Court on Constructive Discharge: A Little Bad News and a Lot of Good News for Employers, Jan./Feb. 05:11(53)

----------. Working Women Take a Hit: U.S. Supreme Court Rules Against Them in New Title VII Wage Discrimination Case, May/Jun. 08:17(56)

Gorham, Sayles. Economics of Law Practice, Apr. 60:6(8)

Gorodetsky, Sanford. Our Public Image "The First Step on the Road to Better Publications. For the Legal Profession is the Lawyer’s Office.", Dec. 64:3(13)

Graham, William A. Estates of Decendents, Mar. 55:1(3)

----------. Estates of Decendents, Apr. 55:3(3)

----------. Estates of Decendents: The Sale of Real and Personal Property, May 55:6(3)

Grande, Corinne P. Women and Liberation, Feb. 73:5(21)

----------. Women Attorneys in Rhode Island, May 57:7(5)

Grande, Corrine P. and Carol Zangari. Will "Forced" Inspections Under R.I. Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code Survive a Fourth Amendment Challenge?, Dec. 77:2(26)

Grasso, John R. Admissibility of Illegally Seized Evidence After Herring, May/Jun 09:29(57)

----------. Local Traffic Control Ordinances vs. State Traffic Control Statutes, Sept/Oct 08:19(57)

Grasso, John R. and Amy Broderick. Family Court Rehabilitative Support Awards: When and How Much? May/Jun. 12:31(60)

Grasso, John R. and Brandon Fontaine. Criminal Consequences of Sending False Information on Social Media, Nov./Dec. 11:5(60)

Grasso, John R. and John E. MacDonald. Collateral Estoppel Between the Traffic Tribunal and District Court, Mar/Apr 08:31(56)

Griffiths, Martha W. How to Find Your Way Around Washington, Feb. 63:7(11)

Grossbaum, David A. Buying Umbrella Insurance: An Important Asset Protection Tool, May/Jun. 05:21(53)

Groton, Calvert C. R. I. Estate Tax Repeal Set for January 1, 1992, Dec. 91:7(40)

----------. Rhode Island Postpones Estate Tax Repeal Date: Restores "Phaseout" Rate to 1989 Level, Oct. 90:9(39)

----------. Rhode Island Repeals its Estate and Gift Taxes!, Jun./Jul. 85:20(33)

Guilmette, Thomas J. Cognitive and Behavioral Symptoms in Mild Head Injury: Considerations for Brain Damage Litigation, Jan. 91:7(39)

Guilmette, Thomas J. and M. Eileen McNamara. When "Normal" People Do "Crazy" Things: Insanity and Antisocial Personality in Criminal Cases, Oct. 93:5(42)

Gursky, Marc B. and Christine L. Nickerson. Have You Been Becked? A User’s Guide To Communications Workers v. Beck, Nov. 93:13(42)

Guzzardo, Christine. A Case of Judicial Legislation, May 00:5(48)

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