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Habermann, Philip S. Charisma, Si! Public Relations Gimmicks, No!, May 74:10(22)

Hagopian, Jacob. Due Process of Law and Military Justice Today, Jan. 69:3(17)

----------. State Courts as Guardians of Constitutional Liberties, Dec. 79:5(28)

Handy, Seth. The Rhode Island Constitution on Economic Stewardship, Nov./Dec. 13:25(62)

Handy, Seth and Bret Jedele. Environmental Enforcement in the Ocean State, May/Jun 09:15(57)

Handy, Seth H. Riggs Case: Clarity on Net Metering Energy, May/Jun. 12:15(60)

Hanewich, Mark C. and John A. Tarantino. Where Have All the Learned Treatises Gone?, Oct. 84:6(33)

Hanson, Kent E. and Adam Babich. Local Governments and Hazardous Substances: Cleanup, Cost Recovery and Damages Under CERCLA, Feb. 89:9 (37)

Harrigan, Brenda C. and Noelle K. Clapman. Sexual Harassment Update - A View from Both Sides, Mar. 98:7(46)

Harrington, Matthew P. "A Body Corporate and Politique:" The Locus of Sovereignty in the Rhode Island Charter, Nov. 99:5(48)

Harris, Barbara. Attorney’s Fees for Bankruptcy Counsel: Entering the Twilight Zone, Feb. 94:5(42)

----------. Sexual Harassment At Work: "Just a Pat on the Butt!" Oct. 99:5(48)

Harrison, Casby, III. Thurgood Marshall: Legacy of a Civil Rights Advocate., Mar. 93:35(41)

Harrison, Casby, III and Seth K. Gifford. Reassessing Your Claim for Over-Assessment, Jun./Jul. 86:10(34)

Hashway, Jenna Wims. Cold War Cancer: Texas Instruments and the Energy Employees Compensation Program, Sept./Oct. 13:23(62)

Haslam, Charles R. ‘Two Score Years and Ten’ (in Retrospect), Jan. 57:1(5)

Hassenfeld, Merrill I. A Lawyer’s Role in a Jewish Divorce, Apr. 77:6(25)

Hastings, Edwin H. The Bar Association on Judicial Selection, Dec. 76:2(25)

Hatch, John P. What’s Expected of an Expert Witness, Dec. 68:3(17)

Heald, Thomas W. In Re Gault and Beyond in Rhode Island, Oct.. 74:6(23)

----------. In Re Gault and Beyond in Rhode Island-Part II, Nov. 74:8(23)

----------. The Rhode Island Mechanics’ Lien Law in a Nutshell, Jun./Jul. 88:14(36)

Health Care Power of Attorney (R.I. General Laws Title 23 Chapter 4.10 Section 1) Passed in Rhode Island, Feb. 87:15(35)

Hemmendinger, Thomas S. Perfecting Security Interests in Intellectual Property, Nov. 86:8(35)

Herring, William H. and James A. Cummings. Disappearing Abstract and Lawyers’ Title Guaranty, Feb. 62:1(10)

----------. Disappearing Abstract and Title Guarantee Part II, Mar. 62:6(10)

Hiatt, Cynthia M. Notes on Discrimination Law "The Civil Rights of AIDS Victims", May 87:20(35)

Hickox, Charles and John B. Etchingham. Legal Research at the University of Rhode Island Kingston: An Update, Jun./Jul. 88:16(36)

Highlights of Professor Cox’s Address, Feb. 79:1(27)

Hillman, William C. International Business: A Return Trip, Jan. 78:1(26)

----------. International Business: Selecting Foreign Counsel and Related Problems, Nov. 76:2(25)

----------. International Business: Selecting Foreign Counsel and Related Problems, Jan. 87:10(35)

----------. An Introductory Lecture on Letters of Credit, Dec. 88:5(37)

----------. No-Fault: Yes, Jan. 72:6(20)

Hines, John H., Jr. and Stephen A. Miller. The Motion in Limine, Substance and Form, Nov. 83:5(32)

Hirsch, Steven J. Mediating Residential Real Estate Sales Disputes, Jan. 01:23(49)

Hoban, Albert J. Charitable Trusts in Rhode Island, Jan. 56:7(4)

----------. Labor Arbitration in Rhode Island, Jan. 57:8(5)

----------. Periodic Accounting by Trustees, Jan. 58:8(6)

Hoffman, Barry J. and DeWitte T. Kersh. Tax Aspects of Dividing Jointly-Owned Property Incident to a Divorce, Mar. 83:17(31)

Hoffman, Judith G. Assisting Attorneys with Personal Concerns, Jan./Feb. 04:27(52)

Hohns, H. Murray. How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Selecting the Expert Construction Witness, Apr. 78:4(26)

Holden, Justin S. Beware Tax Reform, Dec. 86:16(35)

----------. The Domestic Relations Tax Act of 1984, Mar. 86:11(34)

----------. Governor Garrahy Proposes a Judicial Forum for Tax Matters, Feb. 84:8(32)

----------. Internal Revenue Service Targets Rhode Island Lawyers, Nov. 93:17(42)

----------. IRS Attack on Tax Shelters Mounts, Dec. 83:8(32)

----------. The IRS Targets Lawyers, Part II - The Audit Guidelines, Nov. 94:17(43)

----------. A Note on Admissions and Waivers by Counsel in Tax Investigations (Tax Notes Column), Feb. 83:12(31)

----------. The Pizza Connection II, The Internal Revenue Service Goes for the Dough., Oct. 96:11(45)

----------. Representing the Potential Defendant in a Criminal Tax Investigation, May 82:10(30)

----------. Representing the Potential Defendant in a Criminal Tax Investigation, Feb. 89:5(37)

----------. Tax Reform 1985 (1986?); The Ronnie and Rosty Show, Dec. 85:17(34)

----------. Tax Reform 1987: The Annual Reagan Rewrite, Feb. 88:18(36)

----------. Tax Sheltering Personal Injury Settlements through "Structure", Nov. 83:8(32)

Holden, Justin S. and David B. Casten. The Tax Reform Act of 1984, Part III The Empire Strikes Back, Dec. 84:8(33)

----------. What You Always Wanted to Know About the Tax Reform Act of 1984, Before You Find Out the Hard Way, Oct. 84:18(33)

Holland, Veronica. Ed Smith’s 25 Years With the Bar Association, May 83:8(31)

Holmes, Roger W. and Charles A. Lovell. Dangers of E-Mail: The Need for Electronic Data Retention Policies., Dec. 95:7(44)

Hon. Paul A. Suttell 51st Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Supreme Court, Sept/Oct 09:23(58)

Horwitz, Andrew and John R. Grasso. Police Prosecution in Rhode Island: The Unauthorized Practice of Law, May/Jun. 06:5(54)

Hubbard, Leonard F. Doctors, Lawyers, and Patients: The Physician’s Perspective, Apr. 86:19(34)

Hudson, Bryan W. Compensatory Education: Temporal & Residential IDEAs, Nov/Dec 08:19(57)

----------. Just a Wingman? Rhode Island's Special Purpose Local Education Agency, May/Jun. 11:15(59)

----------. Ocean State Libertas: Temporary Guardianship as Unconstitutional, Nov./Dec. 09:5(58)

Humphrey, Richard S. Checklist for the Prosecution: How to Prove a DWI, Mar. 95:17(43)

----------. Choices Facing Clients Accused of Drunk Driving, Mar/Apr 08:27(56)

----------. Defending Dual Prosecutions - The Driver Who has Refused the Chemical Test, Apr. 92:11(40)

----------. The Midnight Call - Advising the Client to Submit to a Chemical Test, Mar. 91:13(39)

----------. Punishment Before Conviction – The Effect of Automatic Post Arrest Incarceration For Drunk Driving., May 93:13(41)

----------. What to Do If You Get Sued for Legal Malpractice., Oct. 95:15(44)

Humphrey, Richard S. and Debra A. Saunders. The Thickening Briar Patch of Legal Malpractice, Apr. 98:9(46)

Humphrey, Richard S. and Robert H. Humphrey. Drunk Driving Law Update, Oct. 94:29(43)

Humphrey, Richard S., Robert H. Humphrey, and Stefanie A. Murphy. How to Prove a DWI Observation Case, Sept./Oct. 06:15(55)

----------. The Potential Impact of "State v. Delbonis" On Prior Drunk Driving Convictions From 2000 to 2003, May/Jun. 05:15(53)

Humphrey, Richard S., Stefanie A. Murphy, and Katherine M. McGinn. How to Handle Your First DWI/Refusal Case, May/Jun 09:19(57)

Humphrey, Richard S., Stefanie A. Murphy, and Erin B. McKenna. Seven Cases Every Rhode Island DUI Practitiioner Should Know, Nov./Dec. 10:31(59)

Humphrey, Robert H. Domestic Violence: Detection, Prosecution and Defense, Jan./Feb. 03:5(51)

----------. Drunk Driving: Beyond the Basics, May/Jun. 10:19(58)

----------. Effects of Revised Regulations on Drunk Driving and Refusal Cases, Jul/Aug 08:9(57)

----------. Law of Domestic Violence in Rhode Island, Dec. 95:13(44)

----------. A Primer on Probate Appeals, Mar. 98:15(46)

----------. Social Host Liability, Nov./Dec. 09:25(58)

----------. Surveying Sex Crimes Law in Rhode Island, Mar./Apr. 05:5(53)

Humphrey, Robert H. and Richard S. Humphrey. Defending the Rhode Island Licensee Charged with Drunk Driving in Massachusetts, Nov./Dec. 01:17(50)

----------. Drunk Driving Law Update, Oct. 94:29(43)

----------. Drunk Driving: Recent Developments in the Law, May 99:13(47)

Humphrey, Robert H., Richard S. Humphrey, and Amy E. Stratton. The Prosecution and Defense of Chemical Test Refusal Cases, Nov./Dec. 04:5(53)

Humphrey, Robert H. and Kimberly A. Petta, Cyber Crimes: Bullying, Stalking, Sexting & Texting, Mar./Apr. 11:29(59)

----------. Refusal Cases: Beyond the Basics, Nov./Dec. 11:31(60)

----------. 6th Amendment’s Confrontation Clause Evolution, Mar./Apr. 13:5(61)

Hurst, Patricia A. Zoning: The New Presumptions in Favor of Abandonment: It's Time to Burst the Bubble., Nov. 96:5(45)

Hvass, Charles. Pro and Con On Insure Yourself Auto Legislation: The Fault of No Fault, Nov. 70:3(19)

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