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74% of RWU Law 1L students come from outside of Rhode Island.  There are 22 states represented in the Class of 2017 alone.

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I Married a Monster: The Horrors of Domestic Violence (Speaking Out Column), Jan./Feb. 03:29(51)

Ianelli, Linda and Pat Kane. The Emotional, Political and Financial Reasons for Technological Mistakes in a Law Firm, Feb. 86:14(34)

Iannacone, William and David B. Casten. Caution is Advised in Investing in Tax Shelters, Apr. 84:10(32)

----------. Caution Advised in Investing in Tax Shelters, Part II, May 84:6(32)

Iannelli, Linda. The Legal Secretary: An Anachronism of the 21st Century?, Mar. 87:29(35)

Indeglia, Vincent A. and David A. Ursillo. Attorney Practice Guide: Rhode Island Superior Court, May/Jun. 08:7(56)

Instilling the Ethic of Pro Bono Service: The Feinstein Institute for Legal Service at Roger Williams University School of Law, Sept./Oct. 04:25(53)

Insurers Fix ‘Crisis’ with Law, Rates, Feb. 87:13(35)

Interviews of the Hon. Carmine R. DiPetrillo and the Hon. Howard I. Lipsey, Apr. 94:13(42)

Interviews of the Hon. Pamela M. Macktaz and the Hon. Kathleen A. Voccola , Apr. 94:5(42)

IOLTA Implementation Committee. Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts: A Short History of Its Implementation in Rhode Island, Mar. 85:20(33)

Ippolito, Marcia McGair. Overview of the Administrative and Judicial Review Procedures for Contesting State Tax Matters, Nov. 97:23(46)

Jackvony, Bernard A. Estate and Gift Tax Provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1976, Jan. 77:2(25)

----------. Representing the Concerns of Your Florida-Bound Clients, Oct. 81:3(30)

Jacquard, Lillian M. Preserving and Planning for the Principal Residence, Jan./Feb. 03:11(51)

Jacquard, Lillian M. and David E. Joseph. Effective Collaboration: Geriatric Care Managers and Elder Law Attorneys, Jan./Feb. 06:5(54)

Janken, Janice K. and Howard M. Cohen. Patient Falls-Hospital and Nursing Malpractice?, Dec. 85:5(34)

Jarret, Aram P., III, Paul V. Mancini, and Honorable Robert M. Ferrieri. Attorney Practice Guide: Workers’ Compensation, Jan/Feb 09:5(57)

Jeremiah, Honorable Jeremiah S. Truancy Court: A Child of the Juvenile Justice System, Dec. 00:5(49)

Johnson, James A., Jr. Facts About State Police Polygraph Exams of Criminal Defendants, Mar. 92:31(40)

Johnson, T. J. Stress Law Practice, Feb. 99:19(47)

Jones, Lauren E. Asked and Answered: The Developing Law of Evidence in Rhode Island, Jan. 84:10(32)

----------. Asked and Answered: The Developing Law of Evidence in Rhode Island, "Spontaneous Utterances": State v. St. Jean, Apr. 84:6(32)

----------. Asked and Answered: Rhode Island Evidence "Competence and the Opinion Rule" , Mar. 85:16(33)

----------. Chief Justice Joseph R. Weisberger: A Remembrance, Mar./Apr. 13:13(61)

----------. The New Landlord-Tenant Act - Legislative Reform, Dec. 86:4(35)

----------. Raul Lovett-The Lawyer (A Personal Reminiscence), Mar. 90:13(38)

Jordan, Rosemarie Namotka. Computers Are Only as Good as the Trained Operators , Feb. 90:21(38)

A Judge’s Views on Alimony, Nov. 57:3(6)

Justice Murray Re-Elected as Chairperson of National Judicial College, Jan. 83:16(31)

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