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Each year, the Marine Affairs Institute takes RWU Law students on an educational cruise on Narragansett Bay. This trip helps first year students  better understand many of the marine and maritime issues affecting Rhode Island and New England.

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I Married a Monster: The Horrors of Domestic Violence (Speaking Out Column), Jan./Feb. 03:29(51)

Ianelli, Linda and Pat Kane. The Emotional, Political and Financial Reasons for Technological Mistakes in a Law Firm, Feb. 86:14(34)

Iannacone, William and David B. Casten. Caution is Advised in Investing in Tax Shelters, Apr. 84:10(32)

----------. Caution Advised in Investing in Tax Shelters, Part II, May 84:6(32)

Iannelli, Linda. The Legal Secretary: An Anachronism of the 21st Century?, Mar. 87:29(35)

Indeglia, Vincent A. and David A. Ursillo. Attorney Practice Guide: Rhode Island Superior Court, May/Jun. 08:7(56)

Instilling the Ethic of Pro Bono Service: The Feinstein Institute for Legal Service at Roger Williams University School of Law, Sept./Oct. 04:25(53)

Insurers Fix ‘Crisis’ with Law, Rates, Feb. 87:13(35)

Interviews of the Hon. Carmine R. DiPetrillo and the Hon. Howard I. Lipsey, Apr. 94:13(42)

Interviews of the Hon. Pamela M. Macktaz and the Hon. Kathleen A. Voccola , Apr. 94:5(42)

IOLTA Implementation Committee. Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts: A Short History of Its Implementation in Rhode Island, Mar. 85:20(33)

Ippolito, Marcia McGair. Overview of the Administrative and Judicial Review Procedures for Contesting State Tax Matters, Nov. 97:23(46)

Jackvony, Bernard A. Estate and Gift Tax Provisions of the Tax Reform Act of 1976, Jan. 77:2(25)

----------. Representing the Concerns of Your Florida-Bound Clients, Oct. 81:3(30)

Jacquard, Lillian M. Preserving and Planning for the Principal Residence, Jan./Feb. 03:11(51)

Jacquard, Lillian M. and David E. Joseph. Effective Collaboration: Geriatric Care Managers and Elder Law Attorneys, Jan./Feb. 06:5(54)

Janken, Janice K. and Howard M. Cohen. Patient Falls-Hospital and Nursing Malpractice?, Dec. 85:5(34)

Jarret, Aram P., III, Paul V. Mancini, and Honorable Robert M. Ferrieri. Attorney Practice Guide: Workers’ Compensation, Jan/Feb 09:5(57)

Jeremiah, Honorable Jeremiah S. Truancy Court: A Child of the Juvenile Justice System, Dec. 00:5(49)

Johnson, James A., Jr. Facts About State Police Polygraph Exams of Criminal Defendants, Mar. 92:31(40)

Johnson, T. J. Stress Law Practice, Feb. 99:19(47)

Jones, Lauren E. Asked and Answered: The Developing Law of Evidence in Rhode Island, Jan. 84:10(32)

----------. Asked and Answered: The Developing Law of Evidence in Rhode Island, "Spontaneous Utterances": State v. St. Jean, Apr. 84:6(32)

----------. Asked and Answered: Rhode Island Evidence "Competence and the Opinion Rule" , Mar. 85:16(33)

----------. Chief Justice Joseph R. Weisberger: A Remembrance, Mar./Apr. 13:13(61)

----------. The New Landlord-Tenant Act - Legislative Reform, Dec. 86:4(35)

----------. Raul Lovett-The Lawyer (A Personal Reminiscence), Mar. 90:13(38)

Jordan, Rosemarie Namotka. Computers Are Only as Good as the Trained Operators , Feb. 90:21(38)

A Judge’s Views on Alimony, Nov. 57:3(6)

Justice Murray Re-Elected as Chairperson of National Judicial College, Jan. 83:16(31)

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