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RWU Law offers a joint JD and master’s degree in marine affairs with the University of Rhode Island. Only 3 law schools in the U.S. offer such a joint degree.

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Kadans, Joseph M. The Definition of a Substantial Federal Question, Jan. 84:4(32)

Kane, David A. Section 504 and Schools: Ramp Law and a Whole Lot More, Jul./Aug. 03:17(52)

Kane, Pat and Linda Ianelli. The Emotional, Political and Financial Reasons for Technological Mistakes in a Law Firm, Feb. 86:14(34)

Kaplan, Susan B. and Adrienne G. Southgate. Brownfields Law Takes Center Stage, May/Jun. 03:13(51)

Kasle, Jeffrey W. Drug Testing Issues in the Workplace, May 88:5(36)

Kasle, Jeffrey W. and Robert P. Brooks. Handicapped Discrimination and the Employer’s Duty to Accommodate, Oct. 91:11(40)

Katz, Bruce. Mediation (Speaking Out Column), Nov. 00:23(49)

Kaye, George. International Airflights, Dec. 65:7(14)

Keating, J. Michael. Alternative Dispute Resolution: An Evolving Legal Specialty, Feb. 86:9(34)

----------. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the Changing Practice of Law, May 88:35(36)

Keegan, Ashley W. From Successes to Stresses: A History of Recent Female Attorneys in Rhode Island, Nov./Dec. 01:11(50)

Keeva, Steven. The Parent of All Virtues, May/Jun. 05:23(53)

Kelleher, Thomas F. The Anatomy of the Judicial Process, Mar. 76:4(24)

Kelley, Jacqueline G. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Department of Human Services’ Medicaid Lien and Probate Cases, But Were Afraid to Ask, Mar./Apr. 03:17(51)

Kelley, Jacqueline G. and Stephen P. Sheehan. Collateral Source Rule Applies to Medicaid Without Exception for Medical Malpractice Cases, Nov./Dec. 06:17(55)

Kelly, Michael A. and John A. Tarantino. Radio Frequency Interference and the Breathalyzer: A Case Analysis, Jun. 83:6(31)

Kelly, Thomas W. The Tenancy by the Entirety - No Longer a "Super Exemption" for Married Debtors in Bankruptcy Court, Feb. 86:5(34)

Kelly, Thomas W., et al. Problems in Apportionment of Military Pensions in State Divorce Actions, Jan. 92:5(40)

Kenny, John V. One Lawyer’s Perspective, Dec. 87:4(36)

Kersh, DeWitte T. and Barry J. Hoffman. Tax Aspects of Dividing Jointly-Owned Property Incident to a Divorce, Mar. 83:17(31)

Kirshenbaum, Sanford M. A Visit to the First District Court, Kashmir, India, Oct. 90:27(39)

Klemens, Jon. Law Firm Technology Terror, or "The Worst High-Tech Mistakes", Feb. 88:20(36)

Klemens, Jon and Frank Arentowicz, Jr. Physical Planning for Law Office Word Processing and Computer Installations, Apr. 81:12(29)

Knickle, H. Norman. Terminating a Rhode Island Corporation and Avoiding Personal Liability, Oct. 98:7(47)

Kramer, Sidney. Lower Cost Housing, Feb. 70:3(18)

----------. Report on the Housing Act of 1968, May 69:1(17)

Krohn, Laura M. Commentary: The Holistic Lawyer, Nov./Dec. 12:31(61)

----------. Drafting a Durable Power of Attorney for Elder Law Clients, Jan./Feb. 08:5(56)

Krueger, Carl. Congress Controls the Melting Pot, Dec. 97:9(46)

Kuckes, Niki. Prosecutors’ New Ethical Duty Relating to Wrongful Convictions, Sept/Oct 08:37(57)

Kusinitz, Barry J. Adverse Possession and Easements, Feb. 99:5(47)

----------. Damages in Construction Litigation, May 90:13(38)

----------. Damages in Personal Injury Litigation., Nov. 92:5(41)

----------. Damages in Personal Injury Litigation., Dec. 92:5(41)

----------. Damages Under Rhode Island Law, Apr. 87:4(35)

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