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RWU Law offers a joint JD and master’s degree in marine affairs with the University of Rhode Island. Only 3 law schools in the U.S. offer such a joint degree.

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Labe, Jacob, III. Visual and Demonstrative Evidence - When Words Are Inadequate, Dec. 79:13(28)

Lacouture, Peter V. Discovery and the Use of Computer-based Information in Litigation., Dec. 96:9(45)

LaFazia, R. A. Strict Liability and Comparative Negligence in Rhode Island, Feb. 79:6(27)

Lagueux, Ronald R. The Continuous Calendar Revisited, Dec. 71:4(20)

Laing, Lynda. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Apr. 87:18(35)

----------. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Revised, Dec. 89:7(38)

Laing, Lynda L. An Overview of Rhode Island’s Article Six of the Uniform Commercial Code, Jun./Jul. 88:5(36)

Lakomski, Marcia. Managing Your Law Practice: A Bibliography of Materials at the State Law Library, Oct. 87:14(36)

Lallo, Jon D. Qualified Personal Residence Trusts: An Estate Planning Fad Gone Bad?, Jan. 98:17(46)

Langlois, John A. "J’Adoube": Private Rights of Action Under the Rhode Island Hazardous Waste Management Act, Jun./Jul. 91:9(39)

LaPann, J. Robert. Twelve Surefire Ways to Get in Trouble, Dec. 83:4(32)

Larisa, Joseph S. and Lauren Sandler Zurier. Practitioners Beware: A Review and Analysis of Recent Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Feb. 92:7(40)

Larisa, Joseph S., Jr., and Erika Leigh Kruse. Counterpoint: The Big Winners - Presidential Voters in the 2000 Election, Mar. 01:15(49)

Larisa, Joseph S., Jr. and Lauren Sandler Zurier. The Federal Courts Study Committee Implementation Act of 1990: Important New Provisions for the Federal Court Practitioner, Feb. 91:5(39)

LaRocca, Ronald M. Interpreting Attorney-Client Privilege Under the Open Meetings Act, Mar./Apr. 10:9(58)

----------. A Tale of Litigation Past, Present, and Future: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Jan./Feb. 14: 23(62)

Larson, Timothy W. “West v. Barnes”: The First Supreme Court Decision, Jul./Aug. 10:13(59)

LaSalle, Faith A. A Tribute to Justice Joslin, Dec. 79:3(28)

Lauritsen, Marc. Oh Say, Can You C? - Preparing for a New Era of Legal Practice, Sept./Oct. 02:13(51)

Laviano, Andrew C. Lawyer Advertising in Rhode Island: An Update, Dec. 81:7(30)

Laviano, Andrew and John K. Dunn. "Ransoming the Files a Prohibiting Act"., Apr. 82:9(30)

Laviano, Andrew C. and John A. Thompson. The Alcoholic Lawyer, Apr. 81:6(29)

----------. Complaints Against Lawyers - The Disciplinary Procedure, Nov. 80:18(29)

----------. Lawyer Advertising in Rhode Island: A Current View, Mar. 81:10(29)

----------. Minimizing Fee Disputes, Jan. 81:10(29)

----------. Pitfalls of Presenting Your Firm as a Partnership When It’s Not – DR 2-102, Feb. 81:11(29)

----------. Trust Fund Accountability, May 81:8(29)

----------. Why Clients Complain About Their Rhode Island Lawyers - and What We Can Do About It, Dec. 80:7(29)

Law Related Non-Profit Profile: Justice Assistance, Sept/Oct 08:13(57)

Law Related Non-Profit Profile: Rhode Island Bar Association Law Related Education Program, Mar/Apr 09:9(57)

Law Related Non-Profit Profile: Rhode Island Bar Association Volunteer Lawyer Program, Jan/Feb 09:17(57)

Law Related Non-Profit Profile: Rhode Island Disability Law Center, Nov/Dec 08:15(57)

Lawyer Advertising, Apr. 81: 11(29)

Lawyers and Rhode Island Industry What Can Be Done?, Mar. 59:1(7)

Layberger, Betty Coyle. Career Options - Consider Them in Your Long-Range Plan, Jan. 87:14(35)

Leary, William. Gambling: The Hidden Illness of the 1990s, Apr. 99:19(47)

Leboeuf, Roger N. The Rhode Island Public Works Arbitration Act, Jun./Jul. 99:7(47)

Leboeuf, Roger Nathaniel. The Public Duty Doctrine and the Rhode Island Tort Claims Act, Feb. 95:11(43)

Lederberg, Tobias M. An Overview of Rhode Island Receiverships: Theory and Practice., Feb. 97:9(45)

Lee, Gordon D. The Apple MacIntosh as a Legal Tool, Dec. 87:15(36)

----------. Legal Research and the Internet., Dec. 96:17(45)

Lennon, Joseph L. "There Oughta be a Law", Feb. 74:4(22)

A Lesson From Russia, Feb. 60:1(8)

Levy, Arthur J. Public Laws of 1798, Feb. 62:3(10)

Lewis, Chantee, et al. Problems in Apportionment of Military Pensions in State Divorce Actions, Jan. 92:5(40)

Lewis, Robert. Unionization of Law Firms - And How To Avoid It-, Mar. 79:7(27)

Lieberman, George E. Experts and the Discovery/Disclosure of Protected Communication, Feb. 95:7(43)

----------. Experts and the Discovery/Disclosure of Protected Communication, Sept./Oct. 12:5(61)

Lietar, Paul A. The Continuous Jury Trial Calendar, Oct. 71:5(20)

Lincoln, Abraham. Notes on the Practice of Law (Speaking Out Column)., Nov. 92:27(41)

Lind, Henry C. Pawtucket, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Supreme Court, May 53:5(1)

Lipsey, Howard I. Introduction to Comparative Negligence Apportionment of Damages, Oct. 71:7(20)

Little, Francis E., Jr. Rhode Island Prepaid Legal Services: Where It Is, How It Got There and Where It’s Going, Jun. 81:9(29)

Lloyd, W. Bart. The Campaign Carpetbaggers, Jul./Aug. 13:11(62)

Long, Beverly Glenn. Between Here . . . And There, Jun. 73:4(21)

Long, Nicholas Trott. Privacy in the World of Education: What Hath James Buckley Wrought?, Feb. 98:9(46)

Lovell, Charles A. and Roger W. Holmes. Dangers of E-Mail: The Need for Electronic Data Retention Policies., Dec. 95:7(44)

Lynch, James M. U.S. Bankruptcy Court: A Leader in Federal Court Automation, Jun./Jul. 90:13(38)

Lynch, Michael D. The Shield and the Sword of Workers Rehabilitation, Dec. 99:17(48)

Lyons, Thomas. Frye, Daubert and Where Do We Go From Here?, Jan. 97:5(45)

Lyons, Thomas W. Building Public Trust and Confidence in the Rhode Island Judicial System, Feb. 01:17(49)

----------. Counterpoint: Who Makes the Laws? Nov. 00:15(49)

----------. Receivers, Ethics, Conflicts and Confidentiality, Mar/Apr 09:5(57)

----------. Rule 56 Reborn: Recent Developments in Summary Judgment and Their Ramifications, Oct. 88:4(37)

----------. The Supreme Court Decides the Balance of Power, Nov. 98:3(47)

Lyons, Thomas W. and Michael R. Deluca. The Bar Association in the Twentieth Century, Feb. 00:9(48)

----------. Past Presidents on the Practice of Law, Jan. 00:11(48)

Lyons, Thomas W., III. High Tech Trials in Historic Federal Courthouse, May/Jun. 02:31(50)


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