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Commencement 2015

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For the Class of 2017 the average entering age was 25.  Students ages ranged from 20 to 65.

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MacDonald, Linda S. Good News/Bad News: The Supreme Court in Cruzan, Jun./Jul. 91:5(39)

MacGillivray, Stephen J. and Raymond M. Ripple. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Amendments on the Horizon, May/Jun. 14:15(62)

----------. The Importance of a Carefully Drafted Forum Selection Clause, Nov./Dec. 09:17(58)

Mackenzie, William M. Case Heard; Decision Reserved, Mar. 86:19(34)

----------. Handcuffs and Governors., Jan. 93:23(41)

----------. Who Killed Dennis Grundy? , Mar. 85:4(33)

Madden, Thomas M. Fair Value and the Closely Held Corporation, Sept./Oct. 02:25(51)

----------. Identity Confusion and the Close Corporation: Do Corporate Formalities Matter? Nov./Dec. 05:5(54)

----------. Oppression of Minority Shareholder Rights in Closely Held Corporations, Mar./Apr. 02:19(50)

Madonna, Thomas and Brenda Archambault. Utilizing Reverse Mortgages In Wealth Management Strategies, May/Jun. 08:33(56)

Maggiacomo, Edward L. What Price Silence? The Costs Associated With Exercising the Privilege Against Self-Incrimination, May 94:5(42)

Maggiacomo, Edward L. and R. Bart Totten. DEPCO Defenses - There Are Some!, Feb. 96:7(44)

Magratten, Brooks. Knowing ERISA When You See It, Sept./Oct. 01:5(50)

----------. Lienholder Rights Under ERISA Or Why You Might Not Pay Blue Cross, Mar./Apr. 07:15(55)

Maguire, Francis J. Tax Reduction Act of 1975, Apr. 75:7(23)

Maguire, Francis J. and Morris D. Alderman. The What, Why and How of The Paralegal Phenomenon: The Economics and the Profession, Jun. 75:3(23)

Major, Winfield W. Take the Money and Run, How Campaign Finance Law Affects Candidates for Federal and State Office, Feb. 81:13(29)

Makepeace, Colin MacR. The Keogh-Reed Tax Bills, Jan. 53:4(1)

----------. Pre-Trial on Trial, Mar. 56:7(4)

Mancuso, Eva and Marion McGrath. I Found Quality Child Care: You Can Too, Jun. 94:43(42)

Mandell, Mark S. Interview with Justice Giannini, May 91:5(39)

Marcaccio, Raymond A. Decisions from the First Circuit: A Crisis for Victims of Age Discrimination, May 92:7(40)

Margolis, Barbara L. Enriching the Institution of Marriage (Speaking Out Column), May/Jun. 04:13(52)

Margolis, Barbara L. and Michael R. Goldberg. Legal Aid: Helping the Bar Meet Its Obligations to the Indigent, Apr. 90:15(38)

Marshall, Thurgood. The U.S. Constitution - "People Are People" : A Guidepost for "Peace Though Law", Dec. 73:8(22)

Martin, Joanne and Duke Nordlinger Stern. Legal Malpractice: Mitigating the Risk of Becoming a Defendant in a Malpractice Action by Your Former Client, Feb. 78:2(26)

Martland, Tricia P. Falling Into the Gap, Nov/Dec 08:39(57)

----------. How Domestic Violence Advocates Help Aid Attorneys and Their Clients, Mar./Apr. 07:29(55)

Marusak, James. "Decaying Remnants of the Present Fabric" Rhode Island’s Inflated Legislature, Nov. 99:9(48)

Marusak, James P. Article VI, Section 4: Still Alive and Well, Nov./Dec. 04:11(53)

Massie, Frederick D. The Long Arm of the Law, Nov./Dec. 03:23(52)

----------. Rhode Island Adult Drug Court Offers Alternative Sentencing and Hope, Nov./Dec. 04:17(53)

May, Miriam S. Children At Risk - And How We Can Lessen That Risk, Mar. 94:23(42)

Mayo, Ernest G. Hollow Legal Ethics Education (Speaking Out Column), Feb. 01:11(49)

----------. The Model Penal Code and Rhode Island: A Primer, Jan./Feb. 04:19(52)

McCabe, Francis J. The New Adoption Law, Jan. 56:1(4)

McCabe, Marcia Jean. Rights of the Mentally Ill and the Mentally Retarded, Apr. 73:4(21)

McCall, Janet C. and Paul Plourde. Like-Kind Exchanges, Jan. 89:9(37)

McConnell, John J. and Ronald L. Motley. The Insurance Industry’s Crisis in Profitability (Speaking Out Column), Jun./Jul. 87:40(35)

McElroy, Michael R. Chief Justice Joseph R. Weisberger: Tribute, Jul./Aug. 13:9(62)

McGair, William. A "Nuptial" - The Federal Estate Tax and the U. S. Supreme Court, Jun. 60:3(8)

McGair, William J. Revenue Act of 1962, Jan. 63:1(11)

----------. Revenue Bill of 1962, May 62:5(10)

McGowan, James R. Multiple Corporations, Jan. 65:8(13)

----------. Need for Study of R.I. Tax Law and Tax Procedures, Nov. 63:3(12)

----------. The RAB of 1975, Feb. 76:4(24)

----------. Small Business Corporations, Jan. 59:3(7)

----------. Small Business Corporations, Mar. 59:5(7)

McGowan, James R. and Lester H. Salter. Tax Notes, Jan. 60:4(8)

McGowan, James R., et al. Significant Changes to the Internal Revenue Code Made by the 1964 Act, Jan. 65:3(13)

McGowan, John M. Taxation of the Multinational: Some Background, Nov. 73:4(22)

McGowan, Leo P. Criminal Procedures Other Than Trial, May 63:3(11)

McGowan, Leo Patrick. The Decriminalization of Certain Traffic Violations, Mar. 76:6(24)

McGowan, Matthew J. Enjoining Enforcement of the 100% Tax Penalty in Corporate Chapter 11 Proceedings, Jan. 86:5(34)

----------. The Peculiar Incidents of Tenancies by the Entirety, Jan. 99:5(47)

McGrath, Marion and Eva Mancuso. I Found Quality Child Care: You Can Too, Jun. 94:43(42)

McGuirl, Susan E. Providence Housing Court First Annual Report, Jan. 89:15(37)

McKenna, Keven A. Are State Magistrates Unconstitutional Judges? May/Jun. 07:5(55)

MCLE, Open Disciplinary System Ordered by Court., Mar. 93:39(41)

McLoughlin, William G. The Checkered Path of Religious Freedom, Dec. 78:1(27)

McNamara, M. Eileen and Thomas J. Guilmette. When "Normal" People Do "Crazy" Things: Insanity and Antisocial Personality in Criminal Cases, Oct. 93:5(42)

Mecca, Stephen. Law Office Automation: A View into the Future.., Dec. 96:5(45)

Mendes, Andrea J. Our "Superparent": The Rhode Island Family Court., Mar. 97:7(45)

Menzies, Laurie L. Recovering from Alcoholism: One Attorney’s Journey, Jul./Aug. 04:23(53)

Merlino, Thomas R. Products Liability - Revolution in the Law, Oct. 73:9(22)

Metcalf, Earl E. and Linda Enos. Ergonomics: The Future is Here, Dec. 99:13(48)

Miele, David T. and Elizabeth Murdock Myers. Personal Property Leasing Under Article 2A of the UCC, Jun./Jul. 92:9(40)

Mignanelli, Anthony R. How Rhode Island Dealt With the Change in the State Death Tax Credit, Sept./Oct. 01:23(50)

----------. Trust Can Extinguish a Spouse’s Expectancy, Jan. 99:11(47)

Millard, Charles E. and Wendy J. Smith. The Medical Malpractice Crisis, Apr. 86:9(34)

Miller, S. Lee. An Introduction to the Corporate Fiduciary, Apr. 76:8(24)

Miller, Stephen A. and John H. Hines, Jr. The Motion in Limine, Substance and Form, Nov. 83:5(32)

Mitchell, Suzanna J. Abortion, Jun./Jul. 90:11(38)

Mitlak, Stefany L. Tax Planning for Real Estate Ownership by Qualified Pension Trusts and Other Tax Exempt Investors with Respect to Unrelated Business Income Tax After TAMRA, Feb. 90:7(38)

Molak, Ferdinand J., Jr. A "Safe Harbor" for "Adequate Disclosure", May 00:15(48)

Moore, Craig N. and Sheldon Whitehouse. Guidance for Guidelines: Sentencing In the Federal Court., Mar. 97:11(45)

Moore, John E. Revisions to Article Nine of the Uniform Commercial Code, May 80:13(28)

----------. Seeking Firmer Ground: Mortgages to Secure Future Advances and the Priorities Quagmire, Dec. 78:6(27)

Moore, Mortimer N. A Daubert Challenge to Accident Reconstruction, Jan./Feb. 02:11(50)

Moran, Andrew J. and Gerald P. Cobliegh. Union Security vs. Right to Work Clauses, State of Rhode Island, Apr. 74:6(22)

Morgan, Dennis and Louis Cioci. Court-Annexed Arbitration, The Practicing Attorney Asks: "What Is It, How Does It Work and How Do I Use It?", Jun./Jul. 89:27(37)

Morgan, Dennis E. Delay Reduction Program Enhanced By Computer Technology: The Case of Rhode Island Superior Court for the Counties of Providence and Bristol, Apr. 85:24(33)

Morra, Sandra. Court Interpreting: A Clarification of the Job Title., Nov. 92:33(41)

Morse, Mark B. The Rhode Island Rules of Civil Procedure Revisions, Jan./Feb. 07:21(55)

Moser, M. Peter. The Argument for Change, Apr. 00:13(48)

Motley, Ronald L. and John J. McConnell. The Insurance Industry’s Crisis in Profitability (Speaking Out Column), Jun./Jul. 87:40(35)

Muenchinger, Nancy E. French Law: Reforms in Real Property and Estate Law, Nov./Dec. 10:23(59)

Muksian, George M. Attorney Practice Guide: Criminal Defense Representation - Part I: Pretrial Phase, Nov/Dec 08:5(57)

----------. Attorney Practice Guide: Criminal Defense Representation Part II - The Trial Phase, Jan./Feb. 10:39(58)

----------. Attorney Practice Guide: Criminal Defense Representation Part III - The Post-Verdict Phase, Jan./Feb. 11:27(59)

----------. Race, Culture and the Supreme Court at Midcentury, Nov. 00:5(49)

Mulcahy, John T. Commentary: St. Thomas More and the Cranston West Prayer Banner Case, May/Jun. 12:27(60)

Mullen, Francis E. and John Andrew Thompson. Title Attorney - Whom Do You Represent? , Apr. 82:6(30)

Mullen, James J. Quite A Taxing Experience, Oct. 85:5(34)

Mullen, John G. More About Pre-Trial, May 56:1(4)

Mulligan, Edward John. Adam's Dream and the Search for the Truth, or Hypnotic Dream Telling, "Ay, There's the Rub.", Mar. 96:19(44)

----------. Daubert and the Battle Over Differential Diagnosis, Apr. 01:5(49)

----------. Glossing-Over the Approver or the King’s Evidence, Mar./Apr. 05:15(53)

----------. The Grand Jury and the Prosecutor - Or I’ve Got a Secret and It’s About You - Or I Was the Big Brother and the Grand Jury My Little Brother, Feb. 75:3(23)

----------. "The Potted Plant:" The Role of Opposing Counsel at a Deposition, May 00:9(48)

----------. Out of Sync and Sanctio, Sept./Oct. 02:7(51)

----------. Sharp Quillets and Fee Arrangements, Nov./Dec. 03:11(52)

----------. The Stars and Chambers Forever, Mar. 77:2(25)

----------. Witness Immunity and a Tattletale Treater, Dec. 00:15(49)

Murphy, Cornelius. Rhode Island Dram Shop Act, May 59:4(7)

Murphy, Cornelius F. The Close Corporation and the Minority Shareholder, Jan. 61:3(9)

Murphy, Cornelius F., Jr. Divorce Law Some Problems of Reform, Feb. 60:1(8)

Murphy, John A. and John M. Flackett. Prison Legal Services: The Rhode Island Experience, Jan. 73:4(21)

Murphy, Michael A. Patient Safety Organizations: Challenges and Rewards for Health Care Industry, Sept./Oct. 11:27(60)

Myers, Elizabeth Murdock and David T. Miele. Personal Property Leasing Under Article 2A of the UCC, Jun./Jul. 92:9(40)

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