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Najarian, Malcolm A. The Rights of Rhode Island’s Public Employee Unions to Obtain Records and Information Necessary to Perform Their Statutory Duties, May 89:11(37)

Nannarone, Leonard J., Jr. Move Over Joe Camel: Governmental Attempts to Ban Tobacco Advertising., Apr. 97:11(45)

Needham, Thomas H. Uniform Code of Military Justice Title 10, United States Code, Jun. 61:3(9)

Nelson, Chad E. Understanding Special Needs Trusts, Jan./Feb. 14: 31(62)

Nelson, Mary Lynne and Mary Ann Altman. Office Relocation - Planning Today for Tomorrow, Jan. 86:17(34)

Nesselbush, Donna M. Social Security Disability Law: The Facts and Some Recent Changes, Jul./Aug. 05:7(54)

New Faculty Appointed to Roger Williams University Law School, Apr. 93:29(41)

New Family Court Forms for Use Under Wage Assignment Law, Mar. 81:4(29)

New Hampshire Supreme Court Orders Unification of Bar, Jan. 69:1(17)

Newberry, Brian C. Court Decision Changes Class Action Landscape, Nov./Dec. 04:29(53)

----------. Duplicative Litigation, May/Jun. 04:9(52)

----------. Jurisdiction for Class Actions Problematic, Sept./Oct. 03:5(52)

Newcity, Lisa L. Has the Time Come for Paralegal Regulation in Rhode Island? Sept./Oct. 01:13(50)

Newcomb, Martha F. Outstanding Courthouses in America: The Frank Licht Judicial Complex, Dec. 98:9(47)

----------. Recent Rule Changes Streamline Appellate Process: Some Appeals to be Heard without Oral Argument, Jan. 98:21(46)

Newquist, Lane W. "I Earned It, So I Deserve to Collect", Feb. 76:5(24)

Nickerson, Christine L. and Marc B. Gursky. Have You Been Becked? A User’s Guide To Communications Workers v. Beck, Nov. 93:13(42)

Nixon, Dennis. The Impact of the Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976 on State Management Authority, Jun. 77:2(25)

----------. The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Fisheries Licensing in Rhode Island, May 01:11(49)

Nixon, Dennis W. Harborlines, Underwater Lots, and Coastal Development, Oct. 84:8(33)

Notaries Public: A History and Unofficial Guide, Nov. 94:13(43)

Nugent, Joseph, Jr. and Ronald J. Resmini. The Law of Medical Malpractice in Rhode Island, Jan. 90:7(38)

O’Brien, David M. The Supreme Court in Transition: From Warren to Burger to Rehnquist, Feb. 87:6(35)

O’Brien, Francis J. Four Black Lawyers, Apr. 74:13(22)

----------. Reminiscences of the New Courthouse, Apr. 57:1(5)

----------. Reminiscences of the New Courthouse, May 57:8(5)

----------. Reminiscences of the New Courthouse, Jun. 57:7(5)

----------. Reminiscences: Sheriffs I Have Known, Feb. 59:1(7)

----------. Sheriffs I Have Known Part II, Mar. 59:6(7)

O’Hara, William T. Dispute Resolution in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the People’s Republic of China, Feb. 85:4(33)

----------. Does Court Annexed Arbitration Have a Place in Rhode Island?, Feb. 88:5(36)

O'Neill, Stephen T. Estate Planning for Large Retirement Plan Balances: Traps for the Unwary., May 97:5(45)

O’Rourke, Thomas. Providence - "Mini-Port" on the Move, Jun. 70:3(18)

Offenberg, Cristina M. Art Gallery Consignment Contracts in Rhode Island., Apr. 96:13(44)

Ogden, Michael J. "As We Know and See the Facts . . .", Jun. 68:3(16)

Oliveira, David J. A Translation of Physician Medical Records for Use in Personal Injury Litigation, Nov. 84:4(33)

Orme, Walter R. A Look at Certain Areas of Criminal Procedure, Nov. 63:5(12)

An Overview of RIEAP - Employee Assistance Programs, Nov. 91:11(40)


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