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Each year the Rhode Island Supreme Court presides over the final round of our Esther Clark Moot Court Competition giving the finalists a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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Pabst, William R., Jr. What Do Six-Member Juries Really Save?, Apr. 76:3(24)

Pacia, Richard A. The Quality of Our Legal Ethics Education (Speaking Out Column), Apr. 01:11(49)

Pacia, Richard A. and Raymond A. Pacia. Roman Contributions to American Civil Jurisprudence, May 01:5(49)

Palumbo, Edwin P. Consumerism and the Rhode Island Consumers Council, Apr. 71:1(19)

Parry, Edward. The Importance of Equal Access (Speaking Out Column), Apr. 95:39(43)

Part II of Comparison of Court Unification Bills (S37-38), Mar. 69:1(17)

Pearlman, Joshua. Northwest Passage Revisited, Apr. 91:27(39)

----------. One Attorney’s Northwest Passage, Apr. 85:17(33)

Pearlman, Thomas W. Domestic Relations - Advice to Young Lawyers, Mar. 73:17(21)

----------. Fighting False Child Abuse Charges, Mar. 90:17(38)

----------. Recently Enacted Legislation Encourages the Breakdown of Marriage, Jun. 79:25(27)

----------. The Significance of Strict Products Liability Doctrine to the Lawyer, Jun. 73:15(21)

----------. Slip and Fall Cases - A Checklist for Preparation and Trial, Apr. 84:4(32)

----------. Socialized Medicine - No! Socialized Law - Yes?, Dec. 67:3(16)

Pearlman, Thomas W. and Richard C. Tallo. 20 Traps All Lawyers Should Avoid, Sept./Oct. 07:5(56)

Pendergast, John J., III. Employment At Will in Rhode Island, May 92:27(40)

----------. The New Plant Closing Bill - A "Warning" for Employers, Apr. 89:7(37)

----------. Rights of Privacy in Employment Relationships Under Rhode Island Law and Elsewhere, May 88:26(36)

Penza, Joseph F., Jr. Remembering My Mentor, Nov./Dec. 02:7(51)

Perrault, Denise. A Layman’s Look at Law: Jury Duty, Mar. 77:4(25)

Petrucci, Richard J. Home Ownership: What Happens When One Spouse Dies?, May 97:13(45)

Pettine, Raymond J. Free Press - Fair Trial, May 65:3(13)

----------. Pre-Trial Conferences, Dec. 66:1(15)

----------. 6 Man Juries in R.I. Federal District Court, Jun. 71:1(19)

Pezzullo, Michael S. Tolling the Statute of Limitations Under the Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act, Jan./Feb. 13:17(61)

Pfeiffer, Sophie Douglass. The $134 Question and Other Issues Raised But Not Resolved by the Dorr War of 1842, May 74:4(22)

----------. The $134 Question and Other Issues Raised But Not Resolved by the Dorr War of 1842 Part II, Jun. 74:6(22)

----------. Women Lawyers of Rhode Island, Oct. 75:4(24)

Piccirilli, Vincent J. Due Process in Disciplinary Cases, May 89:17(37)

Pickard, Robert F. and Nicolas P. Retsinas. Lawyers Clearinghouse Helps Non-Profit Organizations Create Affordable Housing, Dec. 90:23(39)

Piehler, Walter H. Medical-Legal Trial Preparation, Apr. 65:1(13)

Pierson, Lemmes, Crolius and Finley. Federal Tax Lien Indexes in the Tax Reform Act of 1976, Apr. 77:8(25)

Pine, Jeffrey B. Attorney General Pine Supports Death Penalty, Nov. 97:9(46)

----------. Turning Back the Tide of Youth Violence, Apr. 94:29(42)

Pineles, Honorable Dean B. Georgians On My Mind: International Courtroom Drama in Rhode Island, Jul./Aug. 10:9(59)

Pirraglia, Robert K. Courts Under Attack, Oct. 97:23(46)

Pitassi, Robert A. and James P. Redding. Choosing a Form of Business Entity After the Tax Reform Act of 1986, Jun./Jul. 87:20(35)

Pitts, Henry L. Current Developments in Prepaid Legal Services, Oct. 75:17(24)

Plourde, Paul and Janet C. McCall. Like-Kind Exchanges, Jan. 89:9(37)

Pollock, Bruce. Professional Billing II - Peak InfoSystems, Inc. , Oct. 90:25(39)

Pollock, Bruce G. Magic Menus™ by Custom Technologies - A Shareware Review, Apr. 91:25(39)

----------. More Computing for the Small Law Office - the Fax 96 Facsimile Card by FRECOM, Jan. 91:13(39)

----------. Part Time Computing for the Lawyer, Oct. 89:15(38)

----------. Word Processing for the Small Office or How to Enter the Computer Age with a Minimum Amount of Investment, and Maximum Returns, Jun./Jul. 85:30(33)

Potash, M. Steven. The Five Stages of Law Office Automation, Dec. 87:17(36)

Preloznik, Joseph F. Legal Services for the Poor: The Role of a Private Attorney in Providing Legal Services to the Poor, Feb 71:1(19)

Prepaid Legal Cost Insurance, Jan. 71:3(19)

Prepaid Legal Cost Insurance - Part II, Feb. 71:3(19)

The Priority of the United States in Bankruptcy and State Court Receiverships, Dec. 81:4(30)

Private Detectives Can Be Helpful, Jun. 79:8(27)

Procaccini, Honorable Daniel A. First (and Lasting) Impressions, Sept./Oct. 10:15(59)

----------. Judging Ringside, Sept/Oct 08:9(57)

Processing Time Frames for Juveniles, May 81:10(29)

Professor Sargent Opposes Keeton-O’Connell Plans, Feb. 68:4(16)

Profile: The Rhode Island Center for Children At-Risk, Mar. 94:29(42)

Quattrone, Patricia. Word Processing in the Small Law Office - Do Micros Measure Up?, Apr. 85:4(33)

Quinlan, Patrick J. Antitrust Comes Alive in Rhode Island, Jan. 81:6(29)

Quinn, Robert E. Military Justice, May 55:1(3)


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