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74% of RWU Law 1L students come from outside of Rhode Island.  There are 22 states represented in the Class of 2017 alone.

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Rampino, Kenneth J. Attorney General Reno Refuses to Prosecute Attorneys who Engage in Medicaid Planning Unless Statute is Amended, Jun./Jul. 98:9(46)

----------. Transfer of Assets to Qualify for Medicaid May Result in Criminal Liability Under Kennedy-Kassebaum Act., May 97:9(45)

Ratcliffe, J. Richard. Representing Witnesses Before a Grand Jury - A Prosecutor’s Perspective, Apr. 95:19(43)

Rawson, Christopher M. A Survey and Update on the Doctrine of Assumption of the Risk in Rhode Island., Oct. 96:15(45)

Read, Arthur M., II. The Chess Game Of Parental Relocation . . . It’s Your Move Or Is It?, Jun. 94:7(42)

----------. A Look at Formula-Based Child Support . . . So Where’s the Formula?, Mar. 92:19(40)

----------. When the Custodial Parent Relocates: Weighing the Best Interests of the Child., Jun. 97:7(45)

Recent Amendments to the Rhode Island Corporation Act, Jun. 72:7(20)

Redding, James P. Last Chance to Minimize Corporate Taxes Under the General Utilities Doctrine, Dec. 88:19(37)

Redding, James P. and Robert A. Pitassi. Choosing a Form of Business Entity After the Tax Reform Act of 1986, Jun./Jul. 87:20(35)

Rego, John G. Patronage Dismissals - A Thing of the Past?, Dec. 76:19(25)

Reid, John H., III. Fiduciary Responsibility Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, Jan. 75:5(23)

Reilly, William F. Office of the Public Defender: A Report, Nov. 72:11(21)

Report - Rhode Island Bar Association Ad Hoc Committee On Multi-Disciplinary Practice, Jan. 01:19(49)

Resignation Procedures Promulgated by Supreme Court, Nov. 79:15(28)

Resmini, Ronald J. The Deathless Practice of Law, Jun. 00:31(48)

----------. Good Cause of Greed? How to Compensate an Attorney Who is Discharged Without Cause - by Quantum Meruit or Contingency Fee?, Mar. 91:5(39)

----------. Recovery for Loss of Consortium in Rhode Island., Feb. 96:13(44)

----------. Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims in Rhode Island, Mar. 89:5(37)

----------. Wrongful Death Under Rhode Island Law, Oct. 88:14(37)

Resmini, Ronald J. and Joseph Nugent, Jr. The Law of Medical Malpractice in Rhode Island, Jan. 90:7(38)

Retsinas, Nicolas P. and Robert F. Pickard. Lawyers Clearinghouse Helps Non-Profit Organizations Create Affordable Housing, Dec. 90:23(39)

Rhode Island Bar Foundation, Aug. 53:4(1)

Rhode Island District Court Adopts Robes, Jan. 60:3(8)

Rhode Island Law Center: A Source of Pride, a Symbol of Commitment, Oct. 84:5(33)

Rhode Island Legal/Educational Partnership-Promoting Legal Literacy in the Classroom, Apr. 90:11(38)

Rhyne, Charles S. Ten Ways Lawyers Can Help the Cause of Peace, Mar. 70:7(18)

Riccio, Willis H. Disciplinary Proceedings Before the NASD., Oct. 92:21(41)

----------. The Intrastate Exemption in the Securities Act of 1933 and the S.E.C.’s Proposed Rule 147, Oct. 73:4(22)

----------. Ponzi Schemes: A Man Called Charles, Jul/Aug 09:7(58)

----------. Securities Litigation and Computer-Generated Evidence, Feb. 98:17(46)

----------. The Ubiquitous Investment Contract, Sept./Oct. 07:15(56)

Riccio, Willis H. and Daniel M. Sibears. The Securities and Exchange Commission Subpoena: From Issuance to Enforcement, Jan. 85:5(33)

Riccio, Willis H. and Minette Loula. Insider Trading and Tippee Liability - An Update, Jan/Feb 09:23(57)

Rice, Bruce. Heavy Penalties Threaten Companies That Ignore New Nondiscrimination Rules for Employee Benefit Plans, Apr. 89:21(37)

Rice, Frances P. Military Lawyers: The Overlooked Law Firm Asset, Mar. 87:23(35)

Richards, Brian P. A 100-Year Tradition of Excellence The National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, May 91:25(39)

----------. Rhode Island Gets New Banking Laws., Jan. 96:19(44)

Ridlon, Ian C. and Gregory L. Benik. Death Penalty Defying Acts, Nov. 97:5(46)

Riedel, David T. The Uniform Probate Code: Some Comparisons With Existing Rhode Island Law, Mar. 73:7(21)

Rivkin, Allen. Motion Pictures, Television and Lawyers, Mar. 65:3(13)

Robbins, Richard L. Law Office Computerization: Getting Started, Nov. 88:11(37)

----------. Software for Most Law Office Applications Easier Than Ever to Find and Use, Mar. 89:27(37)

----------. Why Computerize? It’s a Necessity for any Law Office, Apr. 88:20(36)

Roberts, Dennis J., II. Private Right of Action Under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act of 1968, May 73:4(21)

Roberts, Thomas H. The Necessity for a Rhode Island Law School, Feb. 73:4(21)

----------. Pre-Trial in Rhode Island, Feb. 55:1(3)

Robins-Liben, Fran R. Political Activism at the Workplace: The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, Nov. 88:5(37)

Robinson, John R. Rhode Island Reports - 1828-1885, May 76:5(24)

Robson, John E. United States Department of Transportation, Mar. 68:4(16)

Roche, Christopher C. and George Vetter. The First Amendment and the Artist - Part 1., Mar. 96:7(44)

----------. The First Amendment and the Artist - Part II., Apr. 96:9(44)

Rodio, Orlando. Union Fines of Supervisor Members, Apr. 72:4(20)

----------. Union Hiring Halls, May 75:4(23)

Rogers, Kimberly L. The IRS Seeks Tax on Prejudgment Interests in Personal Injury Cases in R. I. , Jun./Jul. 95:5(43)

Rolando, Kevin N. Express Consent by Registration: A Personal Jurisdiction Reminder, Sept./Oct. 11:11(60)

Rose, Filmore E. Possibilities for Lawyer Referral Services in Handling Small Claims, May 73:5(21)

Rose, Leonard. International Law and the Pueblo, Dec. 68:4(17)

Rosenberg, DeAnne. Taking the Guesswork Out of Job Interviewing, Mar. 78:4(26)

Rosenquest, John B., III and John W. Folcarelli. The Man Under the Bed: The Issue of Grievant Representation by Private Counsel in Arbitration, May 89:5(37)

Rotella, Joseph A. and Sandra Blanding. School Prayer (Speaking Out Column)., Apr. 93:17(41)

Rothschild, Donald P. A Management Perspective on Difficult Discharge Issues in Arbitration, Oct. 91:17(40)

Rothstein, Lawrence E. An Examination of the Employment-At-Will Doctrine, Mar. 86:4(34)

----------. The Legal Context of Plant Closings: A Cross-Country Comparison, May 88:31(36)

Roy, Paul D. How to Improve Small Firm Economic Performance, Dec. 86:20(35)

Rubinstein, Louis B. Strikes in the Public Sector (Part II), Apr. 83:7(31)

Rubinstein, Louis Baruch. Federal Judiciary Oversight of Agencies - The Problem of Systematic Enforcement Inadequacies, Apr. 79:7(27)

----------. Free Press Vs. Fair Trial, Feb. 78:1(26)

----------. Reviews on Trial: Energy Production and Distribution - The Electric Utilities, Nov. 80:5(29)

----------. The Speedy Trial Act of 1974 and Separation of Powers Reviews on Trial, Mar. 79:3(27)

----------. Strikes in the Public Sector, Mar. 83:3(31)

----------. The Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, Labor Disputes, Employment Security Benefits, the Preemption Doctrine and State Interests, Jun. 76:2(24)

----------. Theories of Constitutional Change: Reviews on Trial, Jun. 78:6(26)

Rubinstein, Louis Baruch and Mortyn K. Zietz. Products Liability: An Overview Part I, Nov. 74:4(23)

----------. Products Liability: An Overview Part II, Dec. 74:3(23)

Ruddy, Richard John, Jr. Tax Insights, Mar. 80:10(28)

Ruscetta, Mia. The Tangled Web of Other Bad Acts, Jun./Jul. 01:11(49)

Ruskell, Alex. “From What Spirit and to What Do You Drive?” Mar/Apr 09:31(57)

Russo, W. Mark. Creative Receivership and Redevelopment: A Commentary, Nov./Dec. 11:31(60)

Russum, Kate. Rhode Island’s Point-Counterpoint: Morality and Free Speech, Oct. 97:7(46)

Ruttenberg, Bruce. Citizens for a Constitutional Convention, Jan. 63:6(11)

Ryan, Leonard E. Plane Crash Site Factor in Claims: 13 States Limit Indemnity Payable for Deaths, Feb. 63:3(11)


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