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Saber, Fay Adrienne. The Right of an Elderly, Involuntarily Committed Patient to Refuse Long-Term Psychotropic Drug Treatment: An Analysis of Rhode Island Law, Dec. 76:4(25)

Salter, Elliot A. Patent Notes, Apr. 55:4(3)

----------. Patent Notes for the General Lawyer, Mar. 55:3(3)

Salter, Lester H. First Six-Months Support Allowance Deemed Qualified for Federal Estate Tax Marital Deduction, Jan. 62:4(10)

----------. Liaison with Internal Revenue Service, Oct. 73:15(22)

----------. Multidisciplinary Practice, Apr. 00:5(48)

----------. Pyrrhic Victory: Self-Employed Individuals Tax Retirement Act of 1962, Dec. 62:1(11)

----------. Required Distributions from Qualified Plans and Individual Retirement Plans, Nov. 87:6(36)

----------. Rhode Island Tax Copromises: The Procedure Could, and Should, Be More User Friendly (Speaking Out Column), May/Jun. 06:21(54)

----------. Status of R.I. Support Allowance?, Dec. 61:1(10)

----------. Tax Notes, May 58:1(6)

----------. Tax-Qualified Profit Sharing for Closely Held Corporations - Part I, Jan. 67:3(15)

----------. Tax-Qualified Profit Sharing for Closely Held Corporations - Part II, Feb. 67:6(15)

----------. Unstated Interest in Deferred Installment Contracts, Jan. 65:9(13)

Salter, Lester H. and James R. McGowan. Tax Notes, Jan. 60:4(8)

Salter, Lester H., et al. Significant Changes to the Internal Revenue Code Made by the 1964 Act, Jan. 65:3(13)

Salter, Lester M. Federal Tax Practice: The Audit Process and Conference Procedures in the Internal Revenue Service, Dec. 55:1(4)

----------. Federal Tax Practice: The Audit Process and Conference Procedures in the Internal Revenue Service, Jan. 56:6(4)

Sansing, John W. A New Approach to the Defense of Indigents: The Washington Criminal Justice Program, Feb. 72:4(20)

Santaniello, V. James. A Defective System, Feb. 65:6(13)

----------. School Law: A Legacy of the Twentieth Century, May 98:5(46)

----------. The Uniform Declaratory Judgment Act, May 62:4(10)

Santopietro, George L. and Steve Cascione. Weather Witnesses: Meteorologists as Experts., Nov. 96:9(45)

Sanzi, James S. Distinguishing Your Practice With Charitable Planning, Nov./Dec. 10:11(59)

----------. Preserving Tax Incentives for Charitable Giving, Nov./Dec. 11:13(60)

Satterfield, John C. Hints for Determining Fees and Billing Clients, Jun. 59:3(7)

Saunders, Debra A. and Richard S. Humphrey. The Thickening Briar Patch of Legal Malpractice, Apr. 98:9(46)

Savastano, A. A. The Medical Witness, Apr. 65:4(13)

Schatz, Daniel J. Consistency Doctrine, Dec. 93:5(42)

Schratz, James P. Winning an Attorney’s Fee Petition, Apr. 01:21(49)

Schreiber, Ira L. The Next Step: The Attack Upon the Cloak of Professionalism, May 94:25(42)

Scobey, Richard. The Big Problem of Small Claims: An Empirical Analysis of the Providence Small Claims Court, Mar. 80:3(28)

Scott, Turner C., et al. Problems in Apportionment of Military Pensions in State Divorce Actions, Jan. 92:5(40)

Seifer, Marc J. Disguise in Handwriting, Dec. 88:23(37)

Selya, Bruce M. Changing Times for Lawyers and Clients (Speaking Out Column), Jun./Jul. 89:39(37)

----------. In Memoriam: John H. Chafee (Speaking Out Column), Jan. 00:5(48)

----------. Remembering William H. Rehnquist, October 1, 1924 - September 3, 2005, Nov./Dec. 05:13(54)

----------. A Reminiscence: Hon. Francis J. Boyle, Jan./Feb. 07:37(55)

Semonoff, Ralph P. Problems in Relief From Over Assessment of Local Taxes, Apr. 63:7(11)

----------. Social Security for Lawyers, Oct. 54:7(3)

Serreze, Sheryl. Unauthorized Practice of the Law in Bankruptcy Cases - Regulating "Petition Preparers.", Jan. 96:27(44)

Shaw, David. Small Claims Court Judge Makes Big Wave, Oct. 70:4(19)

Shea, Frank. Railroad Relocation in Providence, Nov. 62:4(11)

Sheehan, Stephen P. No Federal Bar to Vicarious Liability of Aircraft Owners, May/Jun. 07:19(55)

Sheehan, William J. Cobra: Continuation of Health Care Benefits, Mar. 87:5(35)

----------. Who Is a Fiduciary? What Are His Responsibilities and Obligations Under ERISA?, Jan. 76:3(24)

Sherman, Deming E. Class Actions Under the Truth-in-Lending Act, Jan. 74:8(22)

----------. Removal of City Managers and Other Municipal Employees: The Right to a Quasi-Judicial Hearing, Nov. 72:4(21)

Sherman, Jane B. A Review of Revenue Sharing, Jan. 74:14(22)

Shine, Allan M. California Supreme Court Says: State’s Medical Expenses Not Recoverable From Recipient’s Relative, Apr. 64:1(12)

----------. Receiverships Survive Preemption Attack, Mar. 99:11(47)

----------. State Action - Its Problems and Its Possibilities, Apr. 62:4(10)

Sibears, Daniel M. and Willis H. Riccio. The Securities and Exchange Commission Subpoena: From Issuance to Enforcement, Jan. 85:5(33)

Simpson, B. Mitchell, III. Don’t curse ‘em, sue ’em!: Cell Phone Use While Driving as Evidence of Negligence, Mar/Apr 09:17(57)

----------. Sir Edward Coke: Defender of the Common Law, Nov/Dec 08:45(57)

----------. The Open Meetings Law: Friend and Foe., Oct. 96:7(45)

Sinapi, Richard A. Point: The Real Losers, Mar. 01:9(49)

----------. The Use of Interrogatories in Rhode Island After Eleazer v. Ted Reed Thermal, Dec. 90:7(39)

Sisco, Richard C. Small Business: Choosing the Form of Organization, May 80:5(28)

Skolnik, Richard A. Where There’s Smoking in the Workplace There’s Fire!, May 88:17(36)

Skwirz, Peter F.  Not to be Countenanced: Pre-Bail Revocation Hearing Detention in Rhode Island District Court, May/Jun. 14:7(62)

Slade, Ken Russell. Justice James M. Shannahan of Superior Court, Jun. 81:5(29)

----------. Legal Research at the University of Rhode Island Library at Kingston, Feb. 82:14(30)

Slattery, Charles F. A Few Thoughts for Real Estate Attorneys, Feb. 61:3(9)

Smedley, Robert W. Smart Money: How You Can Profit from the Dollar’s Fluctuations, Oct. 87:12(36)

----------. Smart Money: The Tax-Free Investment-Insurance Combination: Single-Premium Life Insurance, Nov. 87:26(36)

Smith, Brendan. Form of a Safe Harbor Secured Deferred Exchange Agreement for Real Estate Using a Qualified Intermediary, Apr. 91:9(39)

Smith, Cullen. It Does Make a Difference, Jan. 67:7(15)

Smith, Edward P. Do We Really Want a Big Annual Meeting?, Oct. 67:5(16)

----------. The Office of the Public Defender, Apr. 67:3(15)

----------. Prepaid Legal Services: A Report, Feb. 72:5(20)

----------. Preventive Law and the Organized Bar, Nov. 85:8(34)

----------. Problems and Pleasures of Lawyer Referral, Mar. 60:3(8)

----------. The Rhode Island Bar Association: A Short History, May 78:4(26)

----------. Washington’s Court - John Jay Presiding, Feb. 66:4(14)

----------. William A. Heathman, Esq. - Admitted May, 1898, Jun. 67:3(15)

Smith, Robert Ellis. Helping Students Understand the Legal System, Mar/Apr 09:11(57)

----------. The Impact of the Federal Anti-Terrorism Legislation Upon Government Surveillance and Ordinary Americans, Mar./Apr. 02:11(50)

----------. Sometimes, What is Public is Private, Jan./Feb. 11:27(59)

----------. Technology Transforms Privacy Laws, Feb. 98:7(46)

Smith, Wendy J. and Charles E. Millard. The Medical Malpractice Crisis, Apr. 86:9(34)

Smollins, John F. Jr. The Law of Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, Mar. 90:19(38)

----------. Living Will Becomes R.I. Law, Dec. 91:13(40)

The Sorry State of Divorce Law , Apr. 66:3(14)

Soss, Marc J. Deducting the Cost of life in a Retirement Community, Mar./Apr. 13:17(61)

----------. How Financial Decisions Can Adversely Impact Your Medicare Premiums & Social Security Tax, Mar./Apr. 12:19(60)

----------. New Opportunities for IRA-Related Charitable Giving, Sept/Oct 09:31(58)

Southgate, Adrienne G. Civil RICO: The Best Defense is a Good Offense, Dec. 86:13(35)

----------. Elder Care Challenges and Bar Association Assistance, Sept/Oct 08:33(57)

----------. Reflections on Hiring, Oct. 85:8(34)

Spacone, Andrew C. and Robert I. Stolzman. Implementing Practical Risk Management: A Guide for 501(c)(3) Nonprofits, Mar./Apr. 14:5(62)

Spainhour, W. Erwin. I Found Atticus Finch, May 98:17(46)

Spatt, David M. Moral Rights Survive the Sale and the Southern District., Apr. 96:19(44)

Spencer, Eric W. Safety Professional and the Lawyer, Dec. 71:6(20)

St. Angelo, Domenic. Judicial Decisions Foster Legislation, Oct. 60:3(9)

St. Pierre, Michael A. Casemaker: Making Technology Work for You, Sept./Oct. 02:5(51)

Stachura, M. Elizabeth Breslin. The Rhode Island Health Care Power of Attorney and the Living Will: A Comparative Overview, May 95:15(43)

Stanzler, Milton. A Case of Racial Justice: Quince and Ward v. State of Rhode Island, Mar./Apr. 06:11(54)

Stapleton, Alfred. Lawyers’ Income, Jan. 64:1(12)

State Insurance Division Adopts Fair Claims Settlement Regulation Regulation XXVIII, Nov. 80:15(29)

Stein, Marshall D. Recent Developments in the Federal Rules of Evidence, Apr. 80:9(28)

Stenander, Robert L. You Bet Your Life: Lawyers and Compulsive Gambling, May/Jun 09:33(57)

Stern, Honorable Brian and Matthias Rubekeil. Coming Home to Roost - Domestic Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Nov./Dec. 13:5(62)

Stern, Honorable Brian P. and Thomas Evans, Cyberbullying - An Age Old Problem, a New Generation, Mar./Apr. 11:21(59)

Stern, Duke Nordlinger. Avoiding Legal Malpractice Claims: Preventing Pitfalls in Litigation Practice, Jan. 85:12(33)

----------. Avoiding Legal Malpractice Claims the Continuing Risk from Faulty Docket Control, Jun. 83:14(31)

----------. Avoiding Malpractice Claims: How Effective is Your Docket Control System?, Jan. 87:17(35)

----------. Mitigating the Risk of a Malpractice Claim by Qualifying Your Client, Nov. 84:18(33)

----------. When Is a Door More Than a Door? When It Leads To a Malpractice Claim!, Oct. 84:22(33)

Stern, Duke Nordlinger and Joanne Martin. Legal Malpractice: Mitigating the Risk of Becoming a Defendant in a Malpractice Action by Your Former Client, Feb. 78:2(26)

Sternin. The ABC’s of Word Processing, Nov. 78:5(27)

Stivison, David V. Murder Will Out, Jan. 85:14(33)

Sullivan, Michael T. Re-tying the Gordian Knot: “Hindson v. Allstate” and its Progeny, Sept./Oct. 10:5(59)

Supreme Court Permits Incorporation, Apr. 70:1(18)

Supreme Court Permanent Advisory Committee on Women in the Courts. Gender Bias in the State Courts: How the Problem is Perceived Today by Attorneys and Judges, May 99:17(47)

Supreme Court Provisional Order No. 16 Pre-Briefing Conferences in Criminal Cases, Nov. 81:14(30)

Suvari, Madis. Religious Freedom, Jun./Jul. 98:17(46)

Svengalis, Kendall F. The Rhode Island State Law Library: Meeting Patron Needs in a Technological Age., Oct. 95:19 (44)

Sweeney, Michael F. and Lynne Barry Dolan. New SEC Executive Compensation Rules Affect Disclosure., May 93:7(41)

Sweeney, Michael J. Stress - An Occupational Hazard, Jun./Jul. 99:25(47)

Sypole, Stephen J. Modernizing Rhode Island's Premises Liability Laws, Jan./Feb. 13:9(61)


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