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RWU Law provides students a broad range of marine resource and maritime courses taught by full professors as well as expert practitioners.  The curriculum includes courses in admiralty, fisheries, piracy, ocean and coastal law, ocean policy, and climate change.

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Tabor, Amy R. The Changing Landscape of Employment Discrimination Law: 1988-1989 and Beyond, Oct. 90:13(39)

----------. Civil Rights in the ‘90s: The Supreme Court Overruled., Mar. 93:21(41)

----------. Rhode Island’s New Alimony Statute: The 1993 Amendments to R.I. Gen. Laws Sec. 15-5-16, Oct. 94:5(43)

Tammelleo, David. Are You Representing Your Firm as a Partnership When It’s Not?, Mar. 88:14(36)

Tanner, Harold B. Observations on the Practice of Law, Apr. 59:1(7)

Tarantino, John A. About Bill Sheehan (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 99:19(48)

----------. The Gift of Perspective (Speaking Out Column), Dec. 00:23(49)

----------. Lawyers and the News (Speaking Out Column), Jun. 00:15(48)

----------. Litigating with Legends, May 85:6(33)

----------. A Re-Examination of the Classification of Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug, Feb. 84:5(32)

----------. Reaching for the Oxygen Mask (Speaking Out Column), Jun./Jul. 01:9(49)

----------. The Reason for ‘Pro Bono’ Death Penalty Representation: One Lawyer’s View (Speaking Out Column), Feb. 99:15(47)

----------. Remembering Attorney and Friend John Bomster, Jul./Aug. 12:9(61)

----------. Should You Accept the Plaintiff’s Liquor Liability Case: Realism Versus Optimism, Jan. 88:5(36)

Tarantino, John A. and Lisa M. Iwon, Remembering Joseph M. Fernandez, Esq., Mar./Apr. 11:11(59)

Tarantino, John A. and Mark C. Hanewich. Where Have All the Learned Treatises Gone?, Oct. 84:6(33)

Tarantino, John A. and Michael A. Kelly. Radio Frequency Interference and the Breathalyzer: A Case Analysis, Jun. 83:6(31)

Tarzwell, Gayle and John R. Grasso. Estate Planning for Parents of Disabled Children: Personal Support Networks and Special Needs Trusts, Jan/Feb 09:37(57)

Task Force to Review the Bylaws of the Rhode Island Bar Association - Report and Recommendations, Sept./Oct. 07:29(56)

Tate, Alan R. The Medical Malpractice Crisis: A Defense Lawyer’s Perspective, Apr. 86:13(34)

Tate, Deborah. Symposium Follow-up (Speaking Out Column), Nov. 00:13(49)

Tatham, Laura. Computerized Information Retrieval in Italy, May 74:8(22)

Taubman, Elliot. Headscarves Redux: Supreme Court’s Unanimous Advice on Accommodations, Mar./Apr. 06:23(54)

----------. Headscarves, Skullcaps and Crosses: Does Banning Religious Symbols in Public Schools Deny Human Rights? May/Jun. 05:9(53)

----------. The Present and Future of Energy Tax Credits, May/Jun. 13:7(61)

----------. Reconciling Renewables Regulation in Rhode Island, Sept./Oct. 10:11(59)

Taylor, Keith E. Notes on Handling and Billing Clients, Jan. 79:19(27)

Teitz, Andrew M. How the Law Is Really Made: A Participant’s View of the Drafting of a New Zoning Enabling Act., Oct. 92:11(41)

Teitz, Jeffrey J. Remembering Joe Houlihan: A Eulogy, Jul/Aug 08:13(57)

Tennant, Paula A. The U.S. Board of Parole Takes to the Field, Dec. 73:15(22)

Teverow, Joshua. Consumer Protection Law in Rhode Island - An Untapped Resource, Feb. 81:5(29)

Thompson, John A. and Andrew C. Laviano. The Alcoholic Lawyer, Apr. 81:6(29)

----------. Complaints Against Lawyers - The Disciplinary Procedure, Nov. 80:18(29)

----------. Lawyer Advertising in Rhode Island: A Current View, Mar. 81:10(29)

----------. Minimizing Fee Disputes, Jan. 81:10(29)

----------. Pitfalls of Presenting Your Firm as a Partnership When It’s Not – DR 2-102, Feb. 81:11(29)

----------. Trust Fund Accountability, May 81:8(29)

----------. Why Clients Complain About Their Rhode Island Lawyers - and What We Can Do About It, Dec. 80:7(29)

Thompson, John Andrew. Ethical Notes, May 83:10(31)

----------. Legal Day-Labor, Feb. 91:13(39)

----------. Notes on Ethics, Mar. 83:22(31)

Thompson, John Andrew and Francis E. Mullen. Title Attorney - Whom Do You Represent?, Apr. 82:6(30)

Thompson, Roberta L. and Richard Updegrove, Jr. The Double-Edged Sword of Child Relocations: Successful Representation of the Parents., Jun. 97:11(45)

Thurston, Robert S. The Right of Control - Proving the Employee-Employer Relationship in a Workers’ Compensation Case, Dec. 99:9(48)

Thurston, Susan M. and Peter J. Brockman. Wrestling with the Rules: The Amendments to the Federal and Local Bankruptcy Rules, Dec. 97:11(46)

Tingle, James O’Malley. Outline of Federal Anti-Trust Law, Mar. 69:3(17)

----------. Outline of Federal Anti-Trust Law Part II, Apr. 69:4(17)

Tishler, Nicholas E. Alice’s Adventures in the United States Supreme Court: Sentence First - Judgment Afterwards (Speaking Out Column), May 88:38(36)

----------. Free Speech Rights of Government Employees: The Right to Express a Desire that the President be Assassinated, Mar. 88:5(36)

Titus, Herbert W. The Perils of Decriminalization, Jun. 74:4(22)

Tobin-Tyler, Elizabeth. Holistic and Collaborative Approaches to Practicing Law and Medicine, May/Jun 09:37(57)

Toro, Eugene F. Disciplinary Account (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 98:21(47)

Totten, R. Bart and Edward L. Maggiacomo. DEPCO Defenses - There Are Some!, Feb. 96:7(44)

Towers, Russell E. Business Benefits of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, Mar./Apr. 04:39(52)

----------. Inherited IRA with a Separate Trust for Grandchildren and an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust for Children, Sept./Oct. 12:23(61)

Transfer of Jurisdiction from the Superior to District Courts, Jan. 77:8(25)

Tredennick, John. Outsourcing for the Small Law Office, May/Jun. 07:9(55)

Tribute: Stephen R. Famiglietti, Esq., May/Jun. 14:13(62)


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