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RWU Law offers a joint JD and master’s degree in marine affairs with the University of Rhode Island. Only 3 law schools in the U.S. offer such a joint degree.

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Tabor, Amy R. The Changing Landscape of Employment Discrimination Law: 1988-1989 and Beyond, Oct. 90:13(39)

----------. Civil Rights in the ‘90s: The Supreme Court Overruled., Mar. 93:21(41)

----------. Rhode Island’s New Alimony Statute: The 1993 Amendments to R.I. Gen. Laws Sec. 15-5-16, Oct. 94:5(43)

Tammelleo, David. Are You Representing Your Firm as a Partnership When It’s Not?, Mar. 88:14(36)

Tanner, Harold B. Observations on the Practice of Law, Apr. 59:1(7)

Tarantino, John A. About Bill Sheehan (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 99:19(48)

----------. The Gift of Perspective (Speaking Out Column), Dec. 00:23(49)

----------. Lawyers and the News (Speaking Out Column), Jun. 00:15(48)

----------. Litigating with Legends, May 85:6(33)

----------. A Re-Examination of the Classification of Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug, Feb. 84:5(32)

----------. Reaching for the Oxygen Mask (Speaking Out Column), Jun./Jul. 01:9(49)

----------. The Reason for ‘Pro Bono’ Death Penalty Representation: One Lawyer’s View (Speaking Out Column), Feb. 99:15(47)

----------. Remembering Attorney and Friend John Bomster, Jul./Aug. 12:9(61)

----------. Should You Accept the Plaintiff’s Liquor Liability Case: Realism Versus Optimism, Jan. 88:5(36)

Tarantino, John A. and Lisa M. Iwon, Remembering Joseph M. Fernandez, Esq., Mar./Apr. 11:11(59)

Tarantino, John A. and Mark C. Hanewich. Where Have All the Learned Treatises Gone?, Oct. 84:6(33)

Tarantino, John A. and Michael A. Kelly. Radio Frequency Interference and the Breathalyzer: A Case Analysis, Jun. 83:6(31)

Tarzwell, Gayle and John R. Grasso. Estate Planning for Parents of Disabled Children: Personal Support Networks and Special Needs Trusts, Jan/Feb 09:37(57)

Task Force to Review the Bylaws of the Rhode Island Bar Association - Report and Recommendations, Sept./Oct. 07:29(56)

Tate, Alan R. The Medical Malpractice Crisis: A Defense Lawyer’s Perspective, Apr. 86:13(34)

Tate, Deborah. Symposium Follow-up (Speaking Out Column), Nov. 00:13(49)

Tatham, Laura. Computerized Information Retrieval in Italy, May 74:8(22)

Taubman, Elliot. Headscarves Redux: Supreme Court’s Unanimous Advice on Accommodations, Mar./Apr. 06:23(54)

----------. Headscarves, Skullcaps and Crosses: Does Banning Religious Symbols in Public Schools Deny Human Rights? May/Jun. 05:9(53)

----------. The Present and Future of Energy Tax Credits, May/Jun. 13:7(61)

----------. Reconciling Renewables Regulation in Rhode Island, Sept./Oct. 10:11(59)

Taylor, Keith E. Notes on Handling and Billing Clients, Jan. 79:19(27)

Teitz, Andrew M. How the Law Is Really Made: A Participant’s View of the Drafting of a New Zoning Enabling Act., Oct. 92:11(41)

Teitz, Jeffrey J. Remembering Joe Houlihan: A Eulogy, Jul/Aug 08:13(57)

Tennant, Paula A. The U.S. Board of Parole Takes to the Field, Dec. 73:15(22)

Teverow, Joshua. Consumer Protection Law in Rhode Island - An Untapped Resource, Feb. 81:5(29)

Thompson, John A. and Andrew C. Laviano. The Alcoholic Lawyer, Apr. 81:6(29)

----------. Complaints Against Lawyers - The Disciplinary Procedure, Nov. 80:18(29)

----------. Lawyer Advertising in Rhode Island: A Current View, Mar. 81:10(29)

----------. Minimizing Fee Disputes, Jan. 81:10(29)

----------. Pitfalls of Presenting Your Firm as a Partnership When It’s Not – DR 2-102, Feb. 81:11(29)

----------. Trust Fund Accountability, May 81:8(29)

----------. Why Clients Complain About Their Rhode Island Lawyers - and What We Can Do About It, Dec. 80:7(29)

Thompson, John Andrew. Ethical Notes, May 83:10(31)

----------. Legal Day-Labor, Feb. 91:13(39)

----------. Notes on Ethics, Mar. 83:22(31)

Thompson, John Andrew and Francis E. Mullen. Title Attorney - Whom Do You Represent?, Apr. 82:6(30)

Thompson, Roberta L. and Richard Updegrove, Jr. The Double-Edged Sword of Child Relocations: Successful Representation of the Parents., Jun. 97:11(45)

Thurston, Robert S. The Right of Control - Proving the Employee-Employer Relationship in a Workers’ Compensation Case, Dec. 99:9(48)

Thurston, Susan M. and Peter J. Brockman. Wrestling with the Rules: The Amendments to the Federal and Local Bankruptcy Rules, Dec. 97:11(46)

Tingle, James O’Malley. Outline of Federal Anti-Trust Law, Mar. 69:3(17)

----------. Outline of Federal Anti-Trust Law Part II, Apr. 69:4(17)

Tishler, Nicholas E. Alice’s Adventures in the United States Supreme Court: Sentence First - Judgment Afterwards (Speaking Out Column), May 88:38(36)

----------. Free Speech Rights of Government Employees: The Right to Express a Desire that the President be Assassinated, Mar. 88:5(36)

Titus, Herbert W. The Perils of Decriminalization, Jun. 74:4(22)

Tobin-Tyler, Elizabeth. Holistic and Collaborative Approaches to Practicing Law and Medicine, May/Jun 09:37(57)

Toro, Eugene F. Disciplinary Account (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 98:21(47)

Totten, R. Bart and Edward L. Maggiacomo. DEPCO Defenses - There Are Some!, Feb. 96:7(44)

Towers, Russell E. Business Benefits of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, Mar./Apr. 04:39(52)

----------. Inherited IRA with a Separate Trust for Grandchildren and an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust for Children, Sept./Oct. 12:23(61)

Transfer of Jurisdiction from the Superior to District Courts, Jan. 77:8(25)

Tredennick, John. Outsourcing for the Small Law Office, May/Jun. 07:9(55)

Tribute: Stephen R. Famiglietti, Esq., May/Jun. 14:13(62)


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