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Ulbrich, Kristen W. and Dennis H. Esposito. Negotiated Rulemaking in Environmental Law, Apr. 98:5(46)

Uniform Law Commissioners Approve Five New Acts for State Legislative Consideration, Mar. 87:26(35)

Updegrove, Richard, Jr. and Roberta L. Thompson. The Double-Edged Sword of Child Relocations: Successful Representation of the Parents., Jun. 97:11(45)

Van Couyghen, Brian. Premises Liability: The Attractive Nuisance Doctrine, Nov./Dec.07:7(56)

Vandagriff, David. LEXIS-NEXIS Try It! Simple Test Shows How Computers React Come Year 2000, Feb. 99:23(47)

Vandenburgh, Adele. Build-to-Suit Exchanges Offer Special Tax Breaks, Apr. 99:17(47)

Vealey, Bruce E. and William L. Bernstein. Cameras in the Courtroom: An Interview with Presiding Justice Giannini, Feb. 82:5(30)

----------. Justice Mackenzie Retires, Jun. 83:9(31)

----------. Rhode Island Superior Court Adopts New Sentencing Guidelines, Mar. 82:6(30)

Vermont Study Committee Backs Bar Unification, Mar. 70:3(18)

Vermont Study Committee Backs Bar Unification (Cont’d from March Issue), Apr. 70:5(18)

Vetter, George. Anti-Trust: Visions and Revisions, Jan. 92:9(40)

----------. Vertical Restraints Post Kodak, Nov. 94:7(43)

----------. Words of the Law., Apr. 93:19(41)

Vetter, George and Christopher C. Roche. The First Amendment and the Artist - Part 1., Mar. 96:7(44)

----------. The First Amendment and the Artist - Part II., Apr. 96:9(44)

Violet, Arlene. The Mentally Retarded Citizen and the Law, Apr. 78:2(26)

----------. Preventing Deceptive Trade Practices Under the "Mini-FTC Act", Mar. 76:10(24)

Visconti, Girard R. Outlines of the Law Relating to State Purchases (R.I.G.L. 37-2-1, et seq.) (Effective Date: January 1, 1990), Nov. 90:21(39)

----------. Quiet Falls Over Public Bid Protest, Apr. 98:13(46)

Vitale, Robert L. The Expedited Funds Availability Act and Regulation CC, Oct. 89:9(38)

Volpe, Fred J. Rhode Island Advisory Opinions, Feb. 77:2(25)

Votolato, Arthur N. Dischargeability of Alimony - A Review of Challenges to the Bankruptcy Act Provisions, Nov. 79:5(28)


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