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RWU Law offers a joint JD and master’s degree in marine affairs with the University of Rhode Island. Only 3 law schools in the U.S. offer such a joint degree.

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Walsh, Catherine Boisvert and Ronald V. Gallo. For the Children, Mar. 94:25(42)

Watts, James O. The Lawyer’s Role in the "Power Structure", Feb. 64:1(12)

Wayne, Albin J. Qualifying the Questioned Document Examiner, Mar. 72:7(20)

Weather Records in Private Litigation, Oct. 85:15(34)

Wegner, Judith Romney. Analysis of State v. Fortes, May 75:6(23)

Weiner, Harris K. Eminent Domain and Economic Development: Rhode Island General Assembly Addresses Kelo vs. City of New London, Nov/Dec 08:13(57)

Weisberger, Honorable Joseph R. Bail in Criminal Cases: A Present Day Perspective, Mar. 65:1(13)

----------. A Bicentennial Spectacular, Feb. 88:14(36)

----------. The Courts and Canon 35 - Part 1, May 63:5(11)

----------. The Courts and Canon 35 - Part 2, Jun. 63:5(11)

----------. A Day in the English Court of Appeals, Nov. 85: 5 (34)

----------. The Defense of Insanity and the Public Perception, Oct. 83:7(32)

----------. The Founding of the Superior Court: A New Era in the Rhode Island Judicial System, May 86:5(34)

----------. Implications of The Brethren, Dec. 80:5(29)

----------. Roger Williams and Rhode Island’s Inferiority Complex, Sept./Oct. 05:11(54)

----------, The Selective Incorporation Process and Judicial Activism, Mar./Apr. 11:13(59)

----------. Tribute to Judge James C. Bulman (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 00:9(49)

----------. Two Centuries of Ordered Liberty, Jan. 87:6(35)

----------. World Peace Through Law: An Aspiration and a Beginning, Feb. 66:3(14)

Weisfeld, Janice M. A Working Guide to Appellate Practice: An Attorney’s Guide for Processing Appeals and Writs of Review in the Rhode Island Supreme Court, Oct. 79:4(28)

Welch, Joseph. The Fifth Amendment, Dec. 55:1(4)

Wellman, Richard V. The Uniform Probate Code: An Overview, Mar. 73:4(21)

West, Albert B. The Case FOR "No-Fault" , Jan. 72:4(20)

Westwood, Howard C. and E. Clinton Bamberger. The Nature and Purposes of Legal Services Programs, Jan. 66:5(14)

Whitehouse, Sheldon. The Impetuous Vortex, Apr. 95:7(43)

Whitehouse, Sheldon and Craig N. Moore. Guidance for Guidelines: Sentencing In the Federal Court., Mar. 97:11(45)

Whorf, Robert H. The Boundaries of Contempt: Must the Court’s Power Yield to Due Process?, May 98:9(46)

Willever, Kent A. and Richard W. Bagley. Federal Tort Claims Act: The Sovereign Bows to Your Client, Nov. 97:15(46)

Williams, Honorable Frank J. Killing Justice: The Judiciary Under Siege, Jul./Aug. 05:15(54)

----------. Natural Law Vanquishes Oppression in Amistad Case, Jan. 98:11(46)

Winters, Glenn R. Ideal Judicial Selection in a Practical World, Mar. 57:1(5)

Wishik, Jeffrey. Chronic Pain: Medical and Legal Aspects, Nov./Dec. 04:23(53)

Wollin, David A. Blood Banks Continue to Face Lawsuits For AIDS Transmission, Nov. 93:5(42)

----------. Modest Proposals for Rhode Island Superior Court Reform, Jan./Feb. 12:7(60)

Wollin, David A. and Joseph Avanzato. Health Care Fraud: Potential Pitfalls for Health Care Providers., Jan. 96:9(44)

Wollin, David A. and Geoffrey W. Millsom. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Depositions: But Your Client Could Not Afford to Research, May/Jun. 02:5(50)

Wollin, David A. and Kristen W. Ulbrich. The New Millennium of Products Liability, Mar. 99:5(47)

Worrell, Lee A. The Certainty of Death and Taxes, May 65:4(13)

Wright, Thomas E. Separate Fee Awards for Paralegals: Jenkins v. Missouri, Revisited, May 96:23(44)

----------. European and International Law: Myths & Reality, Nov./Dec. 05:19(54)

Wright, Thomas E. and Roland L. Chase. Glasnost Opens Up the Soviet Legal System, Jan. 90:17(38)

Wyatt, Donald W. The Rhode Island Bar and Federal Detainees (Speaking Out Column), Oct. 87:10(36)

----------. William Peck - Rhode Island’s First U.S. Marshall, May 86:16(34)

Wyman, Carolyn A. Kids in Court, May 77:4(25)


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