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RWU Law offers a joint JD and master’s degree in marine affairs with the University of Rhode Island. Only 3 law schools in the U.S. offer such a joint degree.

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Yashar, Marjorie R. Charting a Course through Traffic Court, Oct. 97:11(46)

Yatman, Ellis L. Estates of Missing Persons in Rhode Island, Feb.63:1(11)

----------. Members Discuss Modified Missouri Plan: Argument for Modified Missouri Plan, Mar. 59:1(7)

York, Myrth. Rhode Island’s New Voluntary Mutual Consent Adoption Registry, One Legislator’s Personal Odyssey, Mar. 94:17(42)

Zangari, Carol and Corrine P. Grande. Will "Forced" Inspections Under R.I. Housing Maintenance and Occupancy Code Survive a Fourth Amendment Challenge?, Dec. 77:2(26)

Zeidman, Philip F. Financing Small Business: The Lawyer’s Role . . . , May 66:3(14)

----------. Financing Small Business - Part II, Jun. 66:6(14)

Zietz, Mortyn K. and Louis Baruch Rubinstein. Products Liability: An Overview Part I, Nov. 74:4(23)

----------. Products Liability: An Overview Part II, Dec. 74:3(23)

Zimmerman, Richard D. and Robert D. Fine. Buried in a Gravel-Filled Grave, the Per Se Antitrust Rule Bites the Dust, Apr. 92:5(40)

Zlotnick, David M. and Carly Beauvais Iafrate. Touch This! Over-Criminalization of Offensive Conduct, Jan./Feb. 02:5(50)

Zurier, Lauren Sandler and Joseph S. Larisa. Practitioners Beware: A Review and Analysis of Recent Changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Feb. 92:7(40)

Zurier, Lauren Sandler and Joseph S. Larisa, Jr. The Federal Courts Study Committee Implementation Act of 1990: Important New Provisions for the Federal Court Practitioner, Feb. 91:5(39)

Zurier, Melvin L. Facts About Uniform Laws and Model Acts in Rhode Island, Dec. 58:4(7)

Zurier, Samuel D. Making the Punishment Fit the Crime: Rhode Island’s Common Law of Punitive Damages, Jun./Jul. 98:11(46)

----------. Order in the Court: Deterring Frivolous Lawsuits in Rhode Island's Federal District Court., Apr. 97:7(45)

----------. Pruning the Tree: The Supreme Court Clips the Power of the Rhode Island Ethics Commission, Feb. 00:5(48)

----------. Rhode Island's Ethics Laws: Constitutional and Policy Issues., Jun./Jul. 96:9(44)

----------. Separation of Powers and Rhode Island’s Constitutional Right to a Public Education, May/Jun 09:7(57)

----------. Will a Rhode Island Common Law Court Enforce a Gambling Contract? How Much Do You Want to Bet? Sept./Oct. 06:21(55)


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