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RWU Law has 27 active student groups, including Maritime Law Society, Association for Public Interest Law and Multicultural Law Students Association, which allow students to get involved in a variety of extracurricular activities and hear from speakers on a multitude of topics.

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Fall River Outrage: Life, Murder, and Justice in Early Industrial New England. Kasserman, David R. Reviewed by Patrick T. Conley, May 99:5(47)

Federal Civil Practice. Sinclair, Kent, Jr. Reviewed by Bruce E. Vealey, Dec. 81:3(30)

Feinman, Jay M. Delay, Deny, Defend: Why Insurance Companies Don't Pay And What You Can Do About it. Reviewed by Michael R. Bottaro, Sept./Oct. 11:19(60)

Feldman, Noah. Divided By God: America’s Church-State Problem - And What We Should Do About It. Reviewed by Roland F. Chase, Nov./Dec. 06:25(55)

Felon for Peace: The Memoir of a Vietnam-Era Draft Resister. Elmer, Jerry. Reviewed by Honorable Stephen J. Fortunato. Sept./Oct. 05:21(54)

First in His Class. Maraniss, David. Reviewed by Jay S. Goodman, Nov. 95:19(44)

Flying Close to the Sun: My Life and Time As a Weatherman. Wilkerson, Cathy. Reviewed by Jerry Elmer, Jan/Feb 09:33(57)

Foonberg, Jay G. How to Get and Keep Good Clients. Reviewed by Ronald W. Del Sesto , Mar. 87:9(35)

Fortas: The Rise and Ruin of a Supreme Court Justice. Murphy, Bruce Allen. Reviewed by Jay S. Goodman, Apr. 89:15(37)

Francis, Robert E. Social Security Disability Claims - Practice and Procedure. Reviewed by Louis Baruch Rubinstein, Oct. 83:11(32)

Frumkes, Melvyn B. Mel Frumkes' Divorce Taxation Handbook: A Practical Guide for Lawyers and Judges. Reviewed by Deborah M. Tate, Nov. 96:19(45)

The Future of Liberalism. Wolfe, Alan. Reviewed by Anthony F. Cottone, May/Jun. 10:29(58)

Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime. Heilemann, John and Mark Halperin. Reviewed by Jay S. Goodman, Sept./Oct. 10:23(59)

Genberg, Ira. Reckless Homicide. Reviewed by George Furtado, Apr. 98:19(46)

Glascock, Beverly J. and Harold G. Wren. The Of Counsel Agreement - A Guide for Law Firm and Practitioner. Reviewed by David Correira, Jun./Jul. 92:40(40)

Going Rogue: An American Life. Palin, Sarah. Reviewed by Jay S. Goodman, Sept./Oct. 10:23(59)

Goldstone, Lawrence. The Activist: John Marshall, Marbury v. Madison, and the Myth of Judicial Review. Reviewed by Kimberly Ann Page, Sept/Oct 09:33(58)

Gordon, Robert and Ami Gordon. On the Witness Stand: How to Be a Great Witness When You’re Called to Court. Reviewed by George E. Furtado, Nov. 00:19(49)

Grisham, John. Bleachers. Reviewed by William J. Delaney, Sept./Oct. 06:25(55)

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