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74% of RWU Law 1L students come from outside of Rhode Island.  There are 22 states represented in the Class of 2017 alone.

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Weiner, Tim. Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA. Reviewed by Anthony F. Cottone, Jan./Feb. 08:25(56)

Weisberger, Joseph R. Rhode Island Appellate Practice. Reviewed by Faith A. LaSalle, Jan. 86:16(34)

Werner, Raymond J. Real Estate Closings. Reviewed by William L. Bernstein, Apr. 82:5(30)

Westfall, Elizabeth and Suzanne Nossel. Presumed Equal: What America's Top Women Lawyers Really Think About Their Firms. Reviewed by Debra A. Chionchio, Mar. 98:19(46)

What It Takes: The Way to the White House. Cramer, Richard Ben. Reviewed by Jay S. Goodman, Dec. 92:33(41)

Wicker, Tom. One of Us: Richard Nixon and the American Dream. Reviewed by Jay S. Goodman, Oct. 91:31(40)

Wilkerson, Cathy. Flying Close to the Sun: My Life and Time As a Weatherman. Reviewed by Jerry Elmer, Jan/Feb 09:33(57)

Williams, Frank J. Judging Lincoln. Reviewed by Jay S. Goodman, Mar./Apr. 03:29(51)

Williams, John Taylor and E. Gabriel Perle. Publishing Law Handbook. Reviewed by Pamela B. Quigley, Apr. 96:29(44)

Winning an Appeal. Moskovitz, Myron. Reviewed by Robert S. Hazlett, May 84:10(32)

Wishman, Seymour. Confessions of a Criminal Lawyer. Reviewed by Charles M. Koutsogiane, May 82:4(30)

Wolfe, Alan. The Future of Liberalism. Reviewed by Anthony F. Cottone, May/Jun. 10:29(58)

Woodward, Bob. The Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House. Reviewed by Jay S. Goodman, Mar. 95:21(43)

WordPerfect in One Hour for Lawyers. Robinson, Gerald J. Reviewed by Mark A. Robertson, May 93:17(41)

Wren, Harold G. and Beverly J. Glascock. The Of Counsel Agreement - A Guide for Law Firm and Practitioner. Reviewed by David Correira, Jun./Jul.92:40(40)

Zoning the Oceans: The Next Big Step in Coastal Zone Management. Boehnert, John M. Reviewed by Michael Rubin, Nov./Dec. 13:17(62)

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