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Out of 29 total state clerkship opportunities in Rhode Island, RWU Law grads hold 18 of those positions for the 2012-2013 term. This includes 8 of 11 clerkships with the Rhode Island Supreme Court.

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The original work on this Index was the result of a joint project of the Rhode Island Bar Association and the Roger Williams University School of Law. The initial Index was designed as a printed document. In 1999, the project indexing the first forty-six volumes of the Rhode Island Bar Journal was completed.

Perhaps it should be viewed as a sign of the times that from the beginning, versions of the original Index were made available via the web. The initial web versions were in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and a very basic html format.

We now begin the next logical stage for the Index. In 2003, a concerted effort was begun by the Roger Williams University School of Law Library Public Services staff to convert the print version of the Index to a true web document. At the same time, work was begun to close the gap in indexing coverage. This document is the result. It is our goal to continue to maintain this index as new issues of the Rhode Island Bar Journal are published in the hope of providing a continuing service to members of the legal profession and legal scholars by providing improved access to the knowledge and information contained in the Rhode Island Bar Journal.

Some decisions affecting changes in the Index’s coverage have been made. We have begun to include tables referencing court administrative orders and the "Pro Bono Spotlight" column has been included in the subject indexing under the name of the individual profiled. These changes currently only reflect the index entries beginning with volume forty-seven, but it is our goal to extend these changes into prior volumes.

As with any work of this nature, suggestions for improvements are welcome. As long as the Rhode Island Bar Journal continues to be published, this work will be subject to revision.