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For the Class of 2015 the average entering age was 25.  Students ages ranged from 20 to 53.

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Bed & Breakfast

Food for Fines 2014

Canned goods for fines

April 17th to May 2nd


Help others and save money by donating to the East Bay Food Pantry or the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.


Click here for full details on the program benefits and requirements.



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Food for Fines

April 17  to May 2, 2014

Contributions for fines will only be accepted when full-time staff are available.

Canned Goods [each can = $2 in waived fines]:

  •  Soups

  •  Stews and Chili

  •  Tuna

  •  Meat

  •  Nuts

  •  Fruits & Vegetables

 Boxed/Dry Goods [each listed item = $3 in waived fines]:

  •  Peanut Butter

  •  Granola/cereal Bars (box of 6ct or more)

  •  Oatmeal (box of 10ct instant packets or more/18oz can)

  •  Nutritious Breakfast Cereals

  •  Whole Wheat Pasta

  •  Brown Rice

  •  Cheese & Cracker Packages (box of 6ct or more)

Canned Goods




For a check made out to the “RHODE ISLAND COMMUNITY FOOD BANK” for a minimum of ½ of the total amount of fines owed, the balance of the fines will be waived.

Please watch for expiration dates. Food item’s use by or best if sold by date should not be over six months old. No glass jars please. All items should be unopened and within date code.


*Only items on this list will be accepted for reduction of fines.

**Fines cannot be removed or reduced for lost/billed items.

All food collected will be donated to East Bay Food Pantry.