Page 15 - RWU Law / Issue#4 Fall 2012

The Magazine of Roger Williams University School of Law
Cementing her status as a tireless advocate for small business, RWU Law
adjunct professor Miriam Ross was named the U.S. Small Business Association’s
New England Women in Business Champion of the Year, a competitive
and prestigious honor.
I first found out that I’d won the Rhode Island award and then found out
that I’d won for New England, which was pretty cool – I’m very excited and
humbled,” says Ross, who spent 30 years as a corporate lawyer at companies like
Textron and GTECH before hanging out her own shingle. She then shifted her
focus to legal and advocacy work for women in business and what she sees as
the backbone of Rhode Island’s economy: small businesses.
Ross keeps a tight schedule, immersing herself in area small business groups.
I don’t think of it as being busy,” Ross says. “I love what I do.” She shared a few
tips for lawyers managing small businesses of their own:
Get engaged in civic, social or grassroots groups in your
area of law.
Everything in business gets back to
relationships,” Ross says.
Be flexible and willing to explore new approaches.
says it’s important to help clients “jump over, climb under and
get around” obstacles. “As long as it’s not illegal or immoral, I
say ‘let’s try it’ in an effort to help clients reach their goals.”
Don’t skimp when starting out.
Smaller businesses need the
same sophisticated legal advice as big companies – don’t pinch
pennies here, Ross urges.
Think about business, not just law.
There’s a lot of
discussion within the bar these days about what skills should be
taught in law school; but let’s not forget how to invoice and bill a
client – the business end of things,” Ross notes.
Do what you know and love best, and the rest tends to
fall in place.
Inside Tips for Business Success
The first commissioner of the UNHCR was
Nobel laureate Fridtjof Nansen –
who was also the first person to cross
Greenland on skis and the first to reach
the North Pole.
The UNHCR has won the Nobel Peace
Prize twice, in 1955 and in 1981. Every
staff member at the time of the prizes
received a plaque.
The UNHCR is funded almost entirely by
voluntary government contributions, the
top three donors being the U.S., the
European Commission and Japan.
The United Nations has its own post office
and its own postage stamp! Though mainly
for collectors, they can actually be used
to send mail from U.N. premises in NewYork,
Geneva and Vienna.
United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees