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To the Editor:
In Issue 3 of
Professor Jared
Goldstein remarked (in “We the People?”)
that, from the perspective of Tea Partiers,
people who disagree with them are not just
wrong – they are un-American, and have to
be defeated to take back the country.”
On the first night of the Republican
National Convention, two speakers seemed
to prove Goldstein’s assessment right when
they proclaimed President Barack Obama
must be defeated so that “we” can take
our” country back. But this isn’t just a
Republican slogan. Liberal news outlets
like Common Dreams and Daily Kos used
it early and often during the Bush years;
Howard Dean even authored a book using
the catchphrase as part of its title.
In the end, the idea of “taking our
country back” is nothing more than empty
election-year rhetoric, recycled every four
years by the Left and the Right, by the
voters and by the candidates themselves.
And for all that, the country never seems
to experience serious reform; “hope and
change” too often transmutes into “more
of the same.”
In many ways, President Obama’s
foreign policy – especially in Iraq and
Afghanistan – is Bush on steroids. Nor
should we pretend that Mitt Romney offers
any real alternative. Our politicians, in
general, do not reflect Americans’ peaceful
and generous ways
Reflecting on this, I turned to the
very next page in
and found an observation that all of
us – whether Republican, Democrat or
independent – should keep in mind. In
Assessing Buckley,” Professor Carl Bogus
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The Magazine of Roger Williams University School of Law
wisely notes, “It’s important to bear in
mind that our fellow citizens are not evil,
even when their views differ from our own.”
So while the rhetoric we hear may tar
one candidate or the other as un-American,
neither side is as bad as the other side
accuses, and both deserve their share of
whatever invective is hurled at them.
Chad Nelson ’08
Providence, R.I.
Thank you for sharing the inspiring
story of Nancy Hogan ’04 (“A Sort of
Homecoming,” Issue 3). Our servicemen
and servicewomen abroad are facing a new
kind of war that brings unprecedented
challenges – “inside attacks” by supposed
allies, IEDs, and the severe traumatic stress
of prolonged duty under such pressure.
Thanks to recent medical advances,
injuries that would have been fatal even a
generation ago can now be survived. But
the survivors need continuing care and
support – medical, financial and social –
once they get home. It’s the very least we
can do in light of the terrible sacrifices they
have made for their country.
I was heartened to read of RWU
Law alumni rising to the cause, both as
advocates and on the front lines (“Alumni
in Uniform”), and standing up for fairness
and justice in the best sense of the word.
Maria Gerard
Durham, N.H.