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Fall 2012
News from the Bristol
campus and beyond
By the Bay
beautiful sunrises and sunsets. That’s pretty
nice when you’re studying Administrative
Law.” In the winter, he’ll shrink wrap part
of the boat, fire up a space heater and an
electric blanket and tough it out.
Once he earns his J.D., Fialkoff –
who was a Fulbright scholar at Leeds
in England, studying the sustainability
of alternative modes of transportation –
plans to pursue a Ph.D. in marine affairs,
transport planning and business. He’s
currently drafting a note on harbor
maintenance taxes for the Law Review.
His ultimate goal is to teach Maritime
Law. But for now, Fialkoff says, he’s
content simply to be known as “the guy
who lives on a boat.”
Finding good off-campus housing is always
a challenge – but leave it to a Marine
Law student to look to the waterways for
inspiration. Having spent his 1L year at
Almeida Apartments, Marc Fialkoff ’14
was seeking a new place to live. His parents,
nearing retirement, were thinking of
getting a boat. Their solution? Buy a boat,
let Marc live on it through law school,
then his parents would take over.
They settled on a 63-foot 1986 Hatteras
yacht – featuring three beds, three baths
and a living salon – located in Michigan.
In August, Fialkoff, his parents, seller
Lance Olson, his brother Chris Olson, and
a friend, Myron Scherer, undertook an
eight-day cruise to Rhode Island. Along
the way, they were chased by a storm,
helped by fellow boaters, and even aided by
a good Samaritan who guided them into a
darkened marina with a flashlight – then
offered dinner
Enjoying “great weather for 95 percent
of the trip,” they cruised across the Great
Lakes, down the Erie Canal and the
Hudson River, through New York Harbor,
then up the Atlantic coast to Narragansett
Bay and Warren, R.I., where the craft
is now moored as a “live-aboard” (and
immobile, for insurance purposes).
You still know you’re on a boat,”
Fialkoff says. “You feel the rocking when
it’s choppy. You look out the cabin
windows and see lightning over the bay;
The New Faces of
the Law Review
RWU Law proudly welcomes its newest
class of 2L Law Review members.
Ship Ahoy!
How Marc Fialkoff ’14 brought his new home from Michigan to Rhode Island