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Christina Perinelli ’12
Attorney, Rosoeki, Rosieki & Associates, Batavia, N.Y., and
Superstorm Sandy Legal Volunteer
Christina Perinelli ’12 was working as a law clerk at the Red Bank, N.J., office of Cohen,
Placitella & Roth, when Superstorm Sandy blasted the Garden State, pulverizing its
shores and leaving thousands of residents homeless. Putting her legal skills to work,
Christina became one of the countless volunteers who worked selflessly to help victims
pick up the pieces of their lives.
Massive losses:
“Our office was in an area where tens
of thousands of people had lost their homes, and we set up volunteer efforts to assist,”
explains Christopher Placitella, a partner with the firm (whose son Justin was an RWU
Law 3L when Sandy hit). “I asked Christina if she wanted to help, and she became part
of the process.”
Diligence and compassion:
Christina went to work with Union Beach,
N.J., borough administrator Jennifer Maier. “She became Jennifer’s right hand in dealing
with the various legal problems people were facing post-Sandy,” says Placitella. “From
problems with their insurance companies, to getting permits, to finding housing, to help
with financing; you name it. Christina worked with diligence and compassion; she was on
site day in and day out.”
Cutting red tape:
“There were so many people who needed a
lawyer but didn’t have the money,” Christina says. “For example, one elderly lady needed a
second loan to rebuild her house, but the bank wouldn’t approve it. It turned out she had
already paid off the first loan, but the term of that loan wasn’t over.” So Christina drafted a
change-of-circumstance letter, thus clearing the loan’s approval.
Legal writing galore:
was nice to give people options they wouldn’t have thought of on their own. I drafted so
many letters – I even wrote one requesting another town to donate police cars and SUVs,
as the local police had lost their entire fleet. All of that law school writing came in handy!”
Putting it to work:
From letters to legal advice, Christina says the Sandy experience gave
her a real taste of the power and scope of a law degree. “By helping out in Union Beach, I
was able to see the skills I obtained in law school come to fruition,” she says. “I realized
that we have this degree for a reason.”
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