Summer 2013
To the Editor:
As President of the Law Alumni Association,
I encourage all RWU Law alumni to join in
the 20th Anniversary celebration of our law
school. Having attended and graduated from
RWU Law during its first two decades, we
have all played an indelible role in shaping
what the school has become. Now the time
has come to step forward and begin shaping
RWU Law’s future.
In the two decades since its founding,
RWU Law worked hard to successfully
integrate itself into the legal community.
This is in large part due to the quality of its
graduates. In addition, RWU Law has been
able to provide the bench, bar and public with
a unique and vital source of independent legal
opinion, analysis and expertise.
RWU Law has grown to become an established regional institution that is respected
for its faculty, programs and graduates. In addition to their work in the classroom and
scholarly journals, our faculty members regularly appear in local, regional and national
media to help shape public opinion well beyond the ivory tower. RWU Law alumni have
also had a tremendous impact in the community through their work, whether in private
practice, the corporate setting, public service or otherwise. RWU Law has made and
continues to make a positive difference in every community it touches.
During these challenging economic times, when many question the value of law
school, RWU Law stands at the forefront of efforts to offer students a high-quality,
hands-on and marketable legal education. RWU Law has consistently produced alumni
who are “practice-ready” lawyers, able to make a positive impact in the organizations and
communities they serve. The school also contributes to the local community through its
clinical programs by providing representation and legal advocacy for those who might
have gone unrepresented without the help of the law school.
There are many exciting events ahead. I encourage you to be a part of them. Be on
the lookout for upcoming events – and then get involved. Attend. Volunteer. Contribute
to the Annual Fund. Above all, be proud of our law school and help it move forward. Let’s
all show our ongoing support for RWU Law as it enters into its third decade and beyond.
Robert J. Humm ’08
President, Law Alumni Association
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