The Magazine of Roger Williams University School of Law
When Angie Cardona ’15 declared to her
dad, Alberto Aponte Cardona ’04 – RWU
Law’s first alumnus to be appointed a
judge – that she wanted to become a
lawyer just like him, he knew there was
no changing her mind.
“I tried!” he says, laughing. “I told her,
‘Be a dentist! I represent a lot of dentists
and they make a hell of a lot of money!’
But seriously, I told her that being an
attorney is a very difficult profession. It’s
not as easy as people think. You don’t go
out there and start making a six-figure
salary right off the bat.”
Angie, however – who was raised
watching her father’s service-oriented
approach to the practice – says money
was never really a factor.
“My dad grew up in Central Falls,” she
explains. “He has always done pretty much
whatever it takes to help people in his city;
never to make money and get rich,” she
says. “Being Hispanic, I want to help my
community in just the same way.”
Aponte respects his daughter’s passion.
“Angie worked for me in the summer,
and she’d come in early and work until
late,” he said. “She’d work on all different
projects, and she’d look at me weird if I
ever told a client they had to pay me or
else I wouldn’t go to court – you know,
‘Why did you do that, Dad?’ To be honest,
I am glad and honored that she wants to
follow in my footsteps.”
With parents hailing from Puerto
Rico (her father) and Guatemala (her
mother), Angie feels especially drawn to
Immigration Law. Helping her father with
his pro bono cases, she heard immigrants
tell shocking tales of exploitation by
landlords and employers. “If there were
more attorneys who could help, things
would be much easier for these people,”
she says. “I’d like to be a part of that.”
Will she work for her dad’s firm?
Aponte says she’ll have to earn it first –
but he’s confident that his alma mater will
prepare his daughter well.
“Roger Williams has high standards and
an excellent faculty, and it demands a lot
from its students,” Aponte says. As Angie
toiled through her 1L year, she says having
a former judge and seasoned lawyer for a
father was both an invaluable resource –
and a source of pressure. Aponte laughs
conspiratorially and confides, “Dean
Logan has my cell phone number – so if
she ever goes to class unprepared, she will
hear about it from me!”
The pressure’s on!
In Her Father’s Footsteps
Alberto and Angie Cardona team up to help the needy
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