By Peter Margulies
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‘Betty Anne Waters’ Set for Fall 2010 Distribution

Variety reports that “Betty Anne Waters” – a major motion picture based on the life of RWU Law alumna Betty Anne Waters ’98, and starring Hilary Swank, Minnie Driver and other top actors – has been picked up by Fox Searchlight for Fall 2010 in North American and select international markets:

And while it’s way too premature for Oscar talk, influential Hollywood bloggers are already hinting at the film’s potential:

“Fox Searchlight has six total Oscar nods this year. With ‘Betty Anne Waters’ being an indie biopic about a strong-willed woman fighting for a just cause that stars Hilary Swank, I think it may actually win all of next year’s Oscars.”

For the full story, and an interview with the real-life Betty Anne Waters, see the Fall 2009 edition of Amicus magazine: