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RWU Law is one of only 5 law schools in the country that specializes in marine affairs. Of these schools, RWU Law is only one of 2 that specialize in admiralty and maritime law.

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Juris Doctor/Master of Science in Cyber Security (JD/MSCS)

This joint degree draws on the strengths of both the law school and the Cyber Security Program of the Justice Studies Department and offers integrated and intensive training in both the technology and the law of information security.  Graduates of this program would have an effective means to enter and to advance in this increasingly critical line of work.

The joint degree program would allow a student to earn both the Master of Science in Cyber Security (MSCS) and Juris Doctor (JD) in an accelerated period of study. 

Students who enroll in the joint degree program must complete 18 of the credits for the master’s degree and 78 credits of the credits for the law degree.  The School of Law and the School of Justice Studies will each accept 12 transfer credits from the other. 

The effect of these credit transfers between the School of Law and the School of Justice Studies would be to reduce the overall time needed to complete both degrees from four and a half years to three and a half years, assuming full time study.