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Each year, the Marine Affairs Institute takes RWU Law students on an educational cruise on Narragansett Bay. This trip helps first year students  better understand many of the marine and maritime issues affecting Rhode Island and New England.

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Intellectual Property Law Association (IPLA)

The Intellectual Property Law Association (IPLA) is designed for students interested in the fruits of mental labor commonly referred to as intellectual property.  Broadly, intellectual property mainly focuses on four areas: patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.  Students interested in specializing in intellectual property law are strongly encouraged to join but otherwise, the IPLA is open for all students, regardless of their particular career path.  The IPLA recognizes that the legislature and the courts have a difficult time keeping up with technological innovations; as such, intellectual property law is one of the only ever-expanding areas of legal expertise.  Additionally, we strive to inform the student body that because of this expansion, it will be very likely that you will encounter issues down the road relating to intellectual property law.  Our goal is increase our campus’s interest and passion for intellectual property law to match the field’s growth by offering open meetings, guest speaking events, and updates on career opportunities directly and indirectly related to intellectual property law.