Fall Training Challenge 2020

Please join us in our Fall 2020 Diversity and Outreach Training Challenge!  When you sign up for this challenge please complete this form.

This page will be updated often, please be sure to check back for new opportunites.

Safe Zone Training

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Attend RWU Safe Zone Training with the appropriate Tier based on your experience (to learn about the three-tiered training at RWU, click here).

Safe Zone Tier 1 options

Safe Zone Tier 2 options

Safe Zone Tier 3 options

Live and Recorded Events

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Commit to one (or more) of the opportunities listed below. Aside from attendance, please commit to its work, curriculum, discussion, and understanding. The list below will continue to grow as we become more aware of opportunities available. For flexibility during a busy fall semester, many of the offerings are available as recordings.


Racial Equity Institute: Virtual Groundwater Presentation
Registration is free.
Monday, September 21st, 9:00am - 12:00pm
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Good Trouble: A National Conversation on Black Lives Matter and Tenants' Rights
Registration is free.
Friday October 2nd, 4:30pm – 8:00pm
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Race and the Law presented by Professor Deborah Archer, NYU School of Law Registration
Registration is free.
Thursday, October 8th, 12:45 PM
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Bystander Intervention to Stop Voter Harassment at the Polls
Registration is free.
Tuesday, October 20th, 4PM
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Evaluating "Left Out and Left Behind"
Panel discussion regarding the new report on women of color attorneys from ABA Commission on Women in the Profession
Event Code: B200211
Free      BASF Law Student
$40        BASF/ABA/BWLNC Members
$65        Nonmember
BWLNC/ ABA members contact cle@sfbar.org to receive your discount
Tuesday, October 27th, 2020, 12:00 pm – 1:45 pm
(Click here for Registration)

Inventing Latinos: A New Story of American Racism featuring Laura Gómez
Registration is free.
Monday, November 9th, 12:45 pm – 2:00 pm 
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The Law School as a White Space?
Registration is free.
Thursday, November 12th, 4:00pm – 5:30pm
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*Please note:  if any of the below links do not open directly, right click on the link and select open in new tab or window

RI SHRM Recordings:

- RI SHRM: Racial Trauma Healing with Milagros Phillips

- RI SHRM: White Fragility in the Workplace with Kiara Butler and Rachael Gavin

Teach-In for Racial Justice Recordings:

- Teach-In for Racial Justice - Becoming an Antiracist Lawyer
*right click and open in a new tab or window

- Teach-In for Racial Justice - Black Lawyers Matter
*right click and open in a new tab or window

- Teach-In for Racial Justice - Building an Antiracist Law School
*right click and open in a new tab or window

- Teach-In for Racial Justice - Implicit Bias in Bankruptcy Law & Practice
*right click and open in a new tab or window

- Teach-In for Racial Justice - Race and Contract Law
*right click and open in a new tab or window

- Teach-In for Racial Justice - Water Justice in Indian Country
*right click and open in a new tab or window

- Teach-In for Racial Justice - Race Matters
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SpeakOut Summer Institute Recordings:

- SpeakOut Summer Institute - Reimagining Higher Education

- SpeakOut Summer Institute - Educating for Wholeness

- SpeakOut Summer Institute - Disrupting Whiteness

- SpeakOut Summer Institute - Virtual Equity and Access

Close Course Type Descriptions

Course Types

We have classified RWU Law classes under the following headers. One of the following course types will be attached to each course which will allow students to narrow down their search while looking for classes.

Core Course

Students in the first and second year are required to take classes covering the following aspects of the law—contracts, torts, property, criminal law, civil procedure, and constitutional law, evidence, and professional responsibility.  Along with these aspects, the core curriculum will develop legal reasoning skills.


After finishing the core curriculum the remaining coursework toward the degree is completed through upper level elective courses.  Students can choose courses that peak their interests or courses that go along with the track they are following.


Seminars are classes where teachers and small groups of students focus on a specific topic and the students complete a substantial research paper.


Inhouse Clinics and Clinical Externships legal education is law school training in which students participate in client representation under the supervision of a practicing attorney or law professor.  RWU Law's Clinical Programs offer unique and effective learning opportunities and the opportunity for practical experience while still in law school.