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RWU Law offers a joint JD and master’s degree in marine affairs with the University of Rhode Island. Only 3 law schools in the U.S. offer such a joint degree.

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Health Insurance

Dear Law Students:

In our ongoing focus on ensuring that all students enrolled in the Roger Williams University School of Law have access to a strong array of healthcare options, we would like to provide you with some important information on how we offer and administer health insurance for law students. While health insurance for law school students is optional we strongly recommend that all students carry health insurance, whether through an existing plan, or this RWU plan.

Student Health Insurance (Optional)

Law students enrolled at RWU Law may purchase health insurance through RWU’s Student Health Insurance Plan. The University researched available products with the dual goal of making this coverage both comprehensive and affordable, and we are pleased to offer an accident and sickness insurance plan for $1,189 for 12 months of coverage. This cost is comparable to (and in many instances less than) the plans offered by most other schools. Details on the plan can be found here:

RWU Law students who wish to enroll in this plan may purchase this insurance directly through CHP at

On-Campus Health Services (Optional)

Regardless of a student’s enrollment in the RWU Student Health Insurance Plan or another plan, law students have the option of purchasing access to on-campus Health Services.  Detailed information on Health Services can be found at

Regardless of a student’s enrollment in the RWU Student Health Insurance Plan or another plan, law students have the option of signing up for the optional Roger Williams University Health Services for an annual fee of $360, which entitles the student to services available at the Health Service Clinic, located on campus in the Center for Student Development.  Health Services provides a variety of routine medical services including well-visits, vaccinations and laboratory services.  The Health Services Fee does not cover all costs associated with office visits and additional fees will be incurred for lab work, x-rays, prescriptions and referrals.  Therefore a current insurance card must be on file at Health Services to facilitate direct insurance billing or bills for these services will be directed to the responsible party. 

Student Health Service is open 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. 

After hours, emergency care is provided through Newport Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital or Bristol County Medical Center.

Students who do not enroll in University Health Service may not access the University Health Services Clinic but may use their private insurance to seek care at area walk-in clinics or private physician’s offices.

For more information, see the Roger Williams University Health Services Office online.

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