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RWU Law students can apply to receive up to $3,500 in a public interest summer stipend.  Students chosen have used this funding to finance their summer work in New England, across the U.S. and beyond.

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Graduation Writing Requirement

In order to graduate, every student, under the direct supervision of a professor or director of an institute, must write an individually authored paper that reflects substantial legal research; presents a legal argument that is well-developed, organized, and supported; is at least 5500 words long; and is of sufficient quality to earn a grade of “C” or higher. With the approval of the supervising professor or director, students may also submit shorter papers totaling 5500 words, as long as each paper is at least 1500 words long and meets these requirements.

Students should work closely with the supervising professor or director in completing this paper or papers, submitting preliminary drafting stages, such as a thesis statement, an outline, and a first draft. At each stage, the supervising professor or director should provide thorough feedback on the student’s work.

The graduation writing requirement may be fulfilled by: (a) a directed research paper or papers under Section 705 of this Code, (b) a paper or papers submitted in a seminar or course in which the paper or papers in total count for at least one-half of the final course grade, or (c) a paper supervised by a professor or director submitted to acquire or maintain Law Review membership.

Examples of formats that would fulfill the graduation writing requirement are an academic-style paper, a legal brief, a research or bench memo, or a judicial opinion. 

Students must obtain written certification that they completed the graduation writing requirement from the supervising professor or director or, for papers supervised in an adjunct-taught seminar, from the Associate Dean. Students shall submit the Certification of Graduation Writing Requirement to the supervising professor or director at the same time they submit the final version of the paper or papers for which they seek to satisfy the requirement. Students are responsible for ensuring that a certification form signed by the supervising professor or director is delivered to the Office of Student Finance and Records well in advance of their graduation date. To assure uniformity in the treatment of the papers supervised by adjunct faculty in seminars, the Associate Dean will review the papers before they are certified as satisfying the requirement.