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RWU Law students have come from almost every state, hundreds of undergraduate institutions, and nations as diverse as Canada, China, Guatemala, India, Ireland, Liberia, Russia, South Korea and Zimbabwe.

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The following policies help preserve the library environment for the common good and to make the library a clean, pleasant, quiet place, conducive to study and research. 

Individuals who disregard these policies show a lack of respect for their colleagues and a lack of appreciation of the library as a shared resource and will be asked to comply or leave the Library. Repeat offenses will be reported to the Dean's Office.

  • Beverages. Non-alcoholic beverages in library-approved non-disposable spill-resistant travel mugs or sports bottles are allowed in the library.

All other beverage containers, including most containers from coffee shops or fast food restaurants and beverages in disposable cans and bottles, are excluded and the patron will be asked to leave the Library to dispose of the container.

Beverages are not allowed near School of Law computers or microform equipment.

Please do not ask Circulation and Reference to store your beverages for you. We do not have appropriate facilities to provide that service.

  • Bicycles, Roller Blades, and Skateboards may not be brought into the Library.
  • Cell Phones must be turned off or set to provide an inaudible notification to the user. Cell phone calls may not be answered or initiated in most areas of the Library including: the circulation area, the study rooms and the computer classrooms.

Cell phone calls may be answered or initiated in the Law Student Lounge. Users should exercise care to respect the rights of others using the Student Lounge when answering or initiating calls.

  • Children under age 12 must be accompanied and supervised at all times by an adult.
  • Computer Use Policy. Standards for appropriate use of the School of Law's computers are set forth in the Roger Williams University "Appropriate Use Policy."
  • Food is not allowed in the Library at any time, except within the Law Student Lounge. To help maintain the lounge as a clean and pleasant area, please dispose of all waste material in the appropriate containers.

A cafeteria is also available on the lower level of the School of Law.

  • Lost and Found is maintained at the Law School Circulation Desk. Items found in the School of Law should be delivered to the Circulation Desk.  Items that are not claimed by the end of the semester will be donated or discarded as appropriate
  • Paging, Messages, and Signs. The Library cannot page patrons and does not take messages for patrons. Any messages or signs left in the Library are subject to removal. The Library will not accept personal items for "hold" or "pick up" for patrons or delivery services.
  • Personal Safety. When the fire alarm sounds, library users must immediately evacuate the building through the fire exits noted on the library map.
  • Pets and other animals, with the exception of legally recognized service animals, are not allowed in the Library.
  • Quiet Study. Patrons should respect the rights of others by keeping noise levels as low as possible in all areas of the Library.
  • Reshelving. Library patrons are asked to reshelve library books. 
  • Security System. The Law Library uses an electronic security system to prevent unauthorized removal of Library materials. Patrons in possession of improperly checked out materials will set off an alarm when attempting to exit.
  • Study Spaces. Patrons leaving the library to attend classes or for other extended periods of time may not reserve study spaces by leaving personal belongings in carrels or on tables. Belongings may be cleared by library staff to allow others to use the carrels and tables. 
  • Telephones located at the Circulation Desk, Reference Desk, and in Library offices are not for public use.
  • Tobacco Products. The use of all tobacco products is prohibited in all University buildings. The full University smoking policy is available at http://rwu.edu/sites/default/files/smokingpolicy.pdf.
  • Unauthorized Removal, Mutilation, Defacement, or Marking of library materials or equipment is prohibited and constitutes a violation of the Honor Code.