Sexual Assault Prevention Training

Sexual Assault Prevention Training
Required for New Law Students (JD & MSL)


As part of our sexual assault prevention program for Roger Williams Law School, you are required to complete a two-part, online Sexual Assault Prevention training. This training will empower you to make well-informed decisions about issues that affect your years at Roger Williams Law School and will assist our efforts to create an environment safe from sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, sexual harassment, and stalking. Roger Williams University partners with EverFi, whose mission is to help students address critical life skills such as sexual assault prevention in higher education institutions across the country. Each year over 1.5 million students and employees complete these courses.

The online training (Part 1) will take approximately 45 minutes to complete, and must be completed by August 14, 2020. You will be able to tell that you are complete with Part 1 when your dashboard course status reads “Intersession”. You will receive a brief follow-up survey email invitation (Part 2) approximately 30-45 days later. This second part will take less than 10 minutes and must be completed by October 7, 2020.

Accessing the Training
You will receive an email directly to your RWU email account when each course is ready for you to complete.
Included in that email will be a unique link for you to access each course.

Login information: Your username and password will be identical to the one you use to access your university email.

Login problems? Contact RWU’s Information Technology at (401)254-6363 or

Other Important Information

  • You will need internet access and audio capabilities. The courses can be completed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Courses are best supported by the latest versions of Chrome (preferred), Firefox, and Safari.
  • You may take the course(s) in multiple sittings. Please take your time learning from engaging with these research-backed courses. Do not log out until you hit the next button or you will have to repeat the section.
  • The course will include surveys to help personalize your experience and measure students’ attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are confidential. The school will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see individual students’ answers.
  • Each course takes about 45 minutes-hour to complete so make sure you take them well before the start of the fall semester.
  • EverFi’s technical support is available 24/7 and can be accessed from the “Help” link within the course, or through chat or you can call 866-384-9062.
  • You may take the course in multiple sittings. Please take your time learning from engaging with these research-backed courses. Do not log out until you hit the Next button or you will have to repeat the section.
  • Students requesting reasonable accommodations should contact Lorraine Lalli, Assistant Dean of Students.
  • Some international students find that the online programs are not viewable in their home country due to network or hardware configurations or limitations. We understand that you may not be able to access these courses before arriving on campus. Once at RWU, you can use a campus computer lab to complete the courses.
  • Around 30-45 days after completing the course, you will receive an email inviting you to take Part 2 (brief follow up surveys) which must be completed by October 7, 2020.

Important Dates
July 22 – Course link will be sent to you via your RWU email
August 14 – Part 1 training must be completed
October 7 – Part 2 training must be completed

Contact Information
Lorraine Lalli
Assistant Dean of Students
Deputy Title IX Coordinator, School of Law
(401) 254-4593

Jennifer Stanley
RWU Title IX Coordinator
Associate Dean
(401) 254-3123

Close Course Type Descriptions

Course Types

We have classified RWU Law classes under the following headers. One of the following course types will be attached to each course which will allow students to narrow down their search while looking for classes.

Core Course

Students in the first and second year are required to take classes covering the following aspects of the law—contracts, torts, property, criminal law, civil procedure, and constitutional law, evidence, and professional responsibility.  Along with these aspects, the core curriculum will develop legal reasoning skills.


After finishing the core curriculum the remaining coursework toward the degree is completed through upper level elective courses.  Students can choose courses that peak their interests or courses that go along with the track they are following.


Seminars are classes where teachers and small groups of students focus on a specific topic and the students complete a substantial research paper.


Inhouse Clinics and Clinical Externships legal education is law school training in which students participate in client representation under the supervision of a practicing attorney or law professor.  RWU Law's Clinical Programs offer unique and effective learning opportunities and the opportunity for practical experience while still in law school.