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  • Image of Saad Ahmad L'00 RWU Law alumni in front of the US Supreme Courtrt

    Immigration Lawyer Saad Ahmad L’00 Shows That Appellate Practice Isn’t Just for Large Firms

    Supreme Court recently heard asylum seeker’s deportation case, RWU Law Class of 2000

    Juris Doctor

    Immigration attorney Saad Ahmad is the rare attorney with extensive experience on both trial and appeal. On January 8, 2024, Ahmad reached a milestone, as the Supreme Court heard a case on appeal from a matter he had successfully argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

  • Image of RWU Law alumni Taino Palermo and Raymond Two Hawks Watson

    Elevating Conversations Around Indigenous Peoples’ Rights

    Taino J. Palermo and Raymond Two Hawks Watson, RWU Law Class of 2022

    Juris Doctor

    When they couldn’t find anyone with the right legal knowledge to help them and the local Indigenous tribes, Palermo (left) and Watson (right) decided they’d just go to law school themselves.

  • Image of Collin Bailey L'08, RWU Law alumnus

    Learning to Do Good While Doing Well

    Collin Bailey, RWU Law Class of 2008

    Juris Doctor

    Growing up, Collin Bailey knew he wanted to do good in the world, to be a changemaker and address the issues of poverty and inequality he saw all around him. But he also knew he wanted to create financial stability, for himself and for his family. As a first-generation lawyer, Bailey never lost his sense of purpose and a desire to make things better for others.

  • Image of Nick Battista L'08, RWU Law alumnus

    Utilizing Legal Expertise to Positively Impact Coastal Communities

    Nick Battista, RWU Law Class of 2008

    Juris Doctor

    Nick Battista is quick to connect the success he’s having now with all he learned at Roger Williams University School of Law—success that has helped him to have a significant impact on the vulnerable communities of Maine.

  • Kiron Ireland

    The Long Road to the Law

    Kiron Ireland, RWU Law Class of 2023

    Juris Doctor

    Kiron Ireland always knew he wanted to be a lawyer. But as a child growing up in the developing nation of Antigua, he knew that the country’s educational system could not help him achieve his future goals.

  • miguel garcia

    From the Classroom to the Courtroom

    Miguel Garcia, RWU Law Class of 2024

    Juris Doctor

    As it did for many, the COVID 19 pandemic led Miguel Garcia ’24 to reevaluate his life and career path. Garcia had spent the better part of the last decade teaching in his native southern...

  • d collins

    Rewards of the Road Less Traveled

    Dylan Collins, RWU Law Class of 2022

    Juris Doctor

    After five-plus years working for the Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), Mike Smitsky ’15 was eager to share the benefits of his experience with students from his alma mater. As t he world’s...

  • arya omshehe

    'Hard Work, Determination, and Dedication.'

    Arya Omshehe, RWU Law Class of 2023

    Juris Doctor

    Arya Omshehe, a third-year student at Roger Williams University School of Law, has been awarded first place in the 2022 James E. Beckley Securities Arbitration and Law Writing Competition . The honor was formally conferred...

  • hannah devoe 360

    The Line Between Talent and Desire

    Hannah Devoe, RWU Law Class of 2022

    Juris Doctor

    Hannah Devoe ’22 came to RWU Law as an aspiring criminal lawyer. That aspiration was quickly put aside after her first criminal law classes, which she did not enjoy. But rather than panic, Devoe looked...

  • dalton maldonado

    ‘To Empower and Amplify LGBTQ+ Voices’

    Dalton Maldonado, RWU Law Class of 2022

    Juris Doctor

    As president of the Alliance, RWU Law’s LGBTQ+ student organization, Dalton Maldonado ’22 had the distinction of creating a new holiday of sorts. “Friendsgiving”, as it’s known, is a Thanksgiving feast that provides a place...

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Course Types

We have classified RWU Law classes under the following headers. One of the following course types will be attached to each course which will allow students to narrow down their search while looking for classes.

Core Course

Students in the first and second year are required to take classes covering the following aspects of the law—contracts, torts, property, criminal law, civil procedure, and constitutional law, evidence, and professional responsibility.  Along with these aspects, the core curriculum will develop legal reasoning skills.


After finishing the core curriculum the remaining coursework toward the degree is completed through upper level elective courses.  Students can choose courses that peak their interests or courses that go along with the track they are following.


Seminars are classes where teachers and small groups of students focus on a specific topic and the students complete a substantial research paper.


Inhouse Clinics and Clinical Externships legal education is law school training in which students participate in client representation under the supervision of a practicing attorney or law professor.  RWU Law's Clinical Programs offer unique and effective learning opportunities and the opportunity for practical experience while still in law school.