Never Too Late

Headshot of Stephanie Diorio

Stephanie Diorio, RWU Law Class of 2019

Juris DoctorStudent

As a career paralegal, Stephanie Diorio arrived at RWU Law armed with a solid grasp of the law.

Motivated by a thirst for learning, Stephanie completed her undergraduate degree one course at a time, squeezed in between work and parenting. It took nearly a decade to earn her degree – but when she finally succeeded, a law degree – and the empowerment it offers – seemed like the next logical step.

“Practicing law has been a dream of mine for many years,” Diorio says. “And one day, things just came into focus and I realized that this far-off dream of mine was as clear as it’s ever been, right in front of me just waiting for me to act.”

Nonetheless, shifting careers and attending school was a big step. Stephanie weighed the costs and benefits; she worried over her age – was it too late to embark on this endeavor? But once she discovered RWU Law, her doubts were cleared: she found a community that eased her transition and has remained an integral part of her path to success.

“Because of the interactions and experience I had here when I first started exploring, I just knew it was the right fit for me,” she says.  “Being accepted to law school brought me one step closer to fulfilling a dream that, for a long time, did not seem possible.”

Upon arriving in Bristol as a 1L, Stephanie was greeted by a diverse group of classmates, faculty and administrators who provided a welcoming environment, offering the support she needed to excel during her first year and beyond.

“RWU Law is a special place. I’ve developed friendships that will last well after graduation and I’ve taken advantage of interacting with a faculty that is so accessible.”

A recent summer internship with Judge Karen Lynch Bernard at Kent County Family Court entailed legal research and writing in a judicial setting that has proven invaluable in her studies. “I’m developing the knowledge and skills to become an advocate on behalf of future clients,” she says.

As she’s proven again and again, Stephanie Diorio has no fear of the long road.