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Roger Williams University School of Law’s Pro Bono Collaborative provides pro bono legal service using a three-way partnership model involving law firms and individual attorneys, law students, and community organizations.

This year, in addition to continuing our pro bono work in the community, we are launching an education and awareness campaign around racial justice issues with a focus on housing.

What is the Challenge?

(1) From February 1, 2023 until May 31, 2023, select one challenge from each of the categories below: read something, watch something, and do something. It's that easy! 

(2) Let us know you're up for the challenge: Join The Challenge

Challenge participants will be recognized on RWU Law’s website and through our social media channels. Law firms and community organizations will be provided with a “challenge logo” to put on their organization’s website.



Books and Reports:


  • Segregated By Design. This short film examines the forgotten history of how our federal, state and local governments unconstitutionally segregated every major metropolitan area in America through law and policy. Directed by Mark Lopez.
  • Providence Lost A short nonfiction film that follows a family undergoing an eviction in Rhode Island and their subsequent search for a new home. Directed by Oscar Dupuy d’Angeac.
  •  "Some Kind of Funny Porto Rican?": A Cape Verdean American Story (2006 55" PBS version).
  • 13th a full length Netflix documentary (2016).
  • Close Up: Where We Don't Live, Rhode Island Historical Society, Struggle for Fair Housing (1965). Edited footage from the WPRO (WPRI) documentary series "Close Up." This episode, entitled "Where We Don't Live" gave voice to Black Rhode Island residents who faced housing discrimination. 


RWU Law students volunteers at the Providence Eviction Help Desk
RWU Law students volunteers at the Providence Eviction Help Desk


  •  PBC Racial Justice Challenge: Housing Law kick-off zoom event "What Does Housing Have To Do With Race?" (Recording from event on February 15. 2023). A great introductory event for anyone interested in learning about housing discrimination.  
  • Attend RWU’s “Hidden Truths: Stories of Race and Place,” series presentation “Why Zip Code Matters” on March 7, 2023 at 7 pm. Recording here.
  • Take the RWU "Roger Pledge," a commitment inspired by the Birmingham Pledge to uphold our individual responsibilities and actions to treating all people with dignity and respect and to eliminating racial prejudice.
  • Join the Affordable Housing Walk in May.  Date TBA (most likely in April)
  • Visit the Eviction Help Desk. The help desk operates Monday through Friday between 9 am and noon, outside of Courtroom 3E of the Garrahy Judicial Complex; and/or volunteer one day at the Eviction Help Desk. The help desk operates Monday through Friday between 9 am and noon, outside of Courtroom 3E of the Garrahy Judicial Complex. Email Eliza Vorenberg to schedule a visit:

Challenge Participants 

Law firms & Organizations

Barton Gilman LLP

Committee for Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the RI Courts

Comprehensive Community Action Inc. (CCAP)

Hamel, Waxler, Allen & Collins

HousingWorks RI at RWU

Mandell, Boisclair & Mandell, Ltd.

Sinapi Law Associates, Ltd.

The RI Center for Justice


Dr. Stephanie Akunvabey     

Virginia Albert, Esq.

James J. Bagley        

Laurie Barron 

Madeline Becker

Candace Brown Casey

Zack Carlson

Maggie Chung

Brenda Clement

Abby Dos Santos

Nicole P. Dyszlewski

Cassandra Feeney

Seena Franklin          

Eva Gallant    


Justin Gallant, JE Group Properties

Sara Gilkenson

Richard Godfrey

Amy Goins

Jane Govednik           

Katie Gradowski

Jodi Haley

Amy Harrington

Suzy Harrington-Steppen

Diana Hassel

Chelsie Horne

Andy Horwitz

Julia Keefe

Zureen Khairuddin

Justin Kishbaugh


Niki Kuckes

Conor MacDonald

Spencer MacDonald

Ryan Mara

Lizette Martinez

John Meara

Bob McConnell

Sarah McConnell

Kat McCorkle

Jacqueline Mercado (CPRS)

Emily Migliaccio         

Olivia Milonas

Matthew O’Connor    

Erica S. Pistorino

Kathryn Rattigan  

Blair Victoria Robinson

Katie Robinson

Sharlene Rossi

Shira Ruskin

Leticia Salgado

Etie-Lee Schaub          

Elaine B. Stiles          

Barbra Supsky

Jennifer L. Sylvia, Esq.          

Monica Teixeira de Sousa     

Kathy Thompson

Peter Towne  

Eliza Vorenberg         

Erica Whaley 

Keilly Wickham

Jennifer Wood

Julia Wyman

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