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Roger Williams University School of Law Alumni Association, President Brett Beaubien’s Message to Alumni

21 August 2023

Dear Friends:

brettI hope you all had a relaxing summer and found time to connect with friends and family. As we turn our attention to the fall, I wanted to bring news of a few updates since my last message.

First: we have seven new Directors on the Board! I am so excited to welcome the following alumni for a three-year term effective 01 July 2023 – 30 June 2026:

Doris Adesuyi '20
Christina Behm '18
Sarah Boucher '20
Regina Curran '10
Max Daley '15
Jamie Gau '16
Zachary Lyons '17

If you see one of our new Directors, please take a moment to congratulate them. They join Olabisi Davies '16, Peter Eraca '12, Kelsey Peck '19, Crystal Peralta '20, and John Dorsey, '10, for the upcoming year.

Second: the Board spent much time modernizing our Constitution and Bylaws this past winter. The Board adopted new versions in April. The purpose was to create a more efficient set of bylaws that allows the Directors to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging with the alumni, promoting and attending alumni events, and fundraising. The current Constitution and Bylaws are located online.

Third: an update about last year’s Golf Tournament. The Golf tournament once again helped fund the Law Alumni Association Scholarship successfully. The LAA Scholarship provides two first-year students who demonstrate both academic excellence and financial need with a $6,700 scholarship. This year the awards went to Kyle Skagerlind and Gina George. Those scholarships would not be possible without your ongoing support and participation in the Golf Tournament. I hope to see you at the annual Golf Tournament at Hazelton Country Club on 09 September 2023. Registration is open but closes soon, on 31 August 2023. You can register here.

The success of our school and the value of our degrees are also primarily measured by the number of alumni who contribute by giving back. Regardless of whether the amount is modest or significant, every gift matters, and every gift demonstrates our strong support. You can make an online gift here to the fund of your choice.

If we do not have your contact information, please update it here to ensure you receive an invitation.  

It is a privilege to work for you. I want to hear from you about what we are doing well and what we need to do better. We can only be successful with your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 

Very Respectfully, 

Brett V. Beaubien, Esq.
Class of 2016
President, Law Alumni Association.

If you are interested in information regarding the Law Alumni Association or in joining one of its committees, please contact the Office of Law Alumni Relations at (401) 254-4541 or e-mail

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Course Types

We have classified RWU Law classes under the following headers. One of the following course types will be attached to each course which will allow students to narrow down their search while looking for classes.

Core Course

Students in the first and second year are required to take classes covering the following aspects of the law—contracts, torts, property, criminal law, civil procedure, and constitutional law, evidence, and professional responsibility.  Along with these aspects, the core curriculum will develop legal reasoning skills.


After finishing the core curriculum the remaining coursework toward the degree is completed through upper level elective courses.  Students can choose courses that peak their interests or courses that go along with the track they are following.


Seminars are classes where teachers and small groups of students focus on a specific topic and the students complete a substantial research paper.


Inhouse Clinics and Clinical Externships legal education is law school training in which students participate in client representation under the supervision of a practicing attorney or law professor.  RWU Law's Clinical Programs offer unique and effective learning opportunities and the opportunity for practical experience while still in law school.