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Did you know that there are audiobooks available to help with law school? Both the Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aids Library and West Academic Online Study Aids have audiobooks available to help you. The law library also has several audiobooks on CD.

Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aids Library
Here you can find the In Other Words Audio series. This series consists of twenty-two titles. Topics covered include 1L courses, UCC, international law, tax law, and many others. To access the audio-books available through this platform, go to then select the Audio tab to see what they have available.

West Academic Online Study Aids
The West Academic platform has several audio series available. This includes several audio versions of the popular Short & Happy Guide series, High Court Case Summaries, Law School Legends, Office Hours, and Sum and Substance Audio. Their collection includes 82 titles covering the most common law school topics. This platform also has an audio app available through the Apple app store and Google Play, which allows users to download and listen to audio books offline. To access audio books available through West Academic, go to and select Audio from the Content Type dropdown menu.

Law Library
The Law Library also has several audiobooks on CD which you can check out. To see if the Law Library has an audiobook on the topic you need, search the library catalog for that topic and then set the format filter for Audio. This will also give you listings for items available online.

Using audiobooks can help you learn while you multitask with less intense things such as cooking, working out, or doing laundry.

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