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    ResearchFest: Fill Your Research Toolbox!

    Wednesday, August 28 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Law Library – Bristol Campus Efficient, effective research is one of the most valuable skills you can develop for your professional career. Legal Practice

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    Here’s To New Beginnings!

    On behalf of the RWU Law Library staff , welcome (back) to RWU Law. To our 1L students, we are eager to get to know and support you as you begin your law school journey with wide eyes and curious

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    Emotional Intelligence (EI)

    Daniel Goleman, a New York Times science reporter, is largely credited with developing the concept of emotional intelligence. In 1990, he found the phrase in an academic journal article written by two

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    Jump Start Your Law School Studies

    Jump at the chance to jump ship on this summer and jump start your law school studies! Don’t jump the gun, jump down my throat, or jump through hoops! Don’t even jump to conclusions. Just jump for joy

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    A Mini-History of Court Robes

    Have you ever given a stray thought to the subject of judicial robes? In academia, academic robes have a long history . Have you wondered about when judges started wearing them? Have you wondered if

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    What is an Athenaeum?

    In this summer’s continuing series of posts about Rhode Island history, today’s post is about the athenaeums of Rhode Island. If you have never heard the term “athenaeum” before, it is really just an

  • Drawing of Elleanor Eldridge

    Elleanor Eldridge: A Woman Before Her Time

    Today’s blog post is about Elleanor Eldridge, a woman of color born in Warwick who owned property on Spring Street in Providence. In 1827. Wow! The life of Elleanor Eldridge is amazing. She was likely

  • Portrait of Gilbert Stuart

    Rhode Islander, Gilbert Stuart

    Gilbert Stuart is considered one of the most successful portraitists of the early years of America. Stuart created more than 1100 portraits including the first five U.S. Presidents, prominent public

  • Major Florence Murray of the Women's Army Corps

    Celebrating a Historical Summer!

    Happy summer everyone! During the summer we usually stray from legal research topics and pick a theme and stick to it for our summer posts. Last year we chose Rhode Island food (which was a fun and