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  • United States Supreme Court

    Diversity in the Judiciary

    Diversity is foundational to our work at Roger Williams University School of Law and to the work of the US justice system. One of the ways in which diversity impacts justice is in the diversity of the

  • Supreme Court of the United States

    Hands-on Resources: The Law Clinic Series LawGuides

    A funny thing happened on the way to writing this post. When the Legal Beagle came calling for comments on this story, our Associate Law Librarian Lucinda Harrison-Cox saw an opportunity to look at

  • I am a woman on a mission to...

    Women in Law

    This October we are celebrating women in law. On October 4th, the Women's Law Society of Roger Williams University School of Law held its annual Women in Robes event . This year the event celebrates

  • Plankowner

    Remembering and Preserving Our RWU Law Roots

    The Law School along with the Law Library opened its doors 25 years ago this past August. One hundred and eighty-five brave souls began their study of the law in a new building still being organized.

  • Open book with highlighter

    Study Aids at the Library!

    Study Aids at the Library! As mid-terms are quickly approaching, many of you may be in search of study aids. Fear not! The Law Library has a plethora of study aids options. E-Study Aids The Law

  • Standing desk with laptop on it.

    Rock, Walk, or Stand for Better Studying (and Health)

    The bad news is that “ it’s commonly understood that sitting for prolonged periods comes with a host of negative health effects . ” H owever, the good news is that there are many alternatives to

  • Professionals shaking hands

    Professional Identity Formation: A Book Display

    Professional identity has been defined as “the way a lawyer understands his or her role relative to all of the stakeholders in the legal system, including clients, courts, opposing parties and counsel

  • Pair of glasses on a pad of paper

    Directed Research Help Available Now!

    If you are writing your directed research paper this semester, remember the library. The library has resources for the brainstorming (topic selection) and research phases (topic development) of the

  • ResearchFest

    ResearchFest: Because Knowledge IS Power!

    ResearchFest: Because Knowledge IS Power! Although students learn about Lexis and Westlaw in Legal Practice courses, a variety of specialized tools in those systems and other digital resources can

  • Welcome sign

    Welcome (Back)!

    The RWU Law Library staff e xtends a warm welcome to our incoming 1Ls and returning 2Ls and 3Ls. Our collection and services are here to complement and advance the scholarship, practice skills