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  • Wilson Baseball

    Baseball & the Law

    In a 1996 article, Dean Michael J. Yelnosky wrote, “because baseball is central to our culture, it is a presumptively appropriate source of metaphorical references.” One could imagine that he would

  • Flags

    What is a US Territory?

    According to the US Department of the Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs, an insular area is a “jurisdiction that is neither a part of one of the several States nor a Federal district. This is the

  • Brittany Raposa

    Interview with Professor Raposa

    This week the Legal Beagle is doing some serious journalism by interviewing Professor Raposa. Below is a transcript of our conversation: 1. What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you? To

  • Keyboard

    BriefCatch: A New Legal Writing Aid

    Law students and lawyers spend countless hours drafting, writing, editing, and rewriting papers. But this does not necessarily mean that their work-product is the highest quality. In many cases

  • April 1930. A group of representatives from National Association Women Lawyers gathered to see President Hoover regarding sending United States Plenipotentiaries to the Hague to vote for a World Code of equality between men and women.

    American Legal History: Amplifying Forgotten Voices

    The first thought when many individuals hear the phrase "legal history" is undoubtedly of dusty volumes discussing matters that do not reflect our modern society. Perhaps that is because history is

  • Word Cloud

    Remember What You Learn!

    The Law Library provides many resources to students for use in studying. The question becomes how to use those resources most effectively. It is not just a matter of selecting the tool best suited to

  • Man walking down middle of snow covered city street

    Weather and the Law?

    This time of year there tends to be a lot of talk about weather. Students and faculty and librarians talk about how cold it is or how much snow we are having or how cold it is AND how much snow we are

  • I voted stickers

    What is the Electoral College?

    Welcome to a US Presidential Election Year! Between now and November 3rd we will hear some words and phrases repeated over and over like “Electoral College” and “grassroots campaign” and

  • Person reading a newspaper

    Current Events and Current Awareness

    As an attorney, an important skill or practice is staying abreast of legal and non-legal trends, news, and current events. It is critical to be aware of changes in the law, new ways in which laws are