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  • Cassette tape with tape pulled out.

    Music and Studying: Friends or Frenemies?

    This time of year at law school is associated with different verbs; studying, graduating, writing, interviewing, and outlining are a few of those words! The mood in the library changes a bit during

  • Spring flowers

    Spring Is Here!

    Papers, final exams, graduation, summer jobs, externships, and bar exams are just around the corner. While these may seem like reasons for stress or panic, take a pause and consider this. There are

  • Illustration of Skype job interview

    Looking for Work?

    Most law students agree, having a job when you are done with law school is preferable to not having a job. But how does one go about getting a job? One great resource is the RWU Office of Career

  • Nathan Pracht

    Meet the Staff: Nate Pracht

    This year the Legal Beagle is featuring blog posts which introduce you (or re-introduce you) to our hard-working and amazing staff. As we get near the end of our Meet the Staff posts, the Beagle is

  • Welcome to your library

    National Library Week!

    Each year, libraries across the United States celebrate National Library Week. This year, National Library week takes place April 4-10, 2021. This annual celebration highlights the valuable role

  • Richard Segel

    Meet the Staff: Richard Segel

    What is your title? Collection Services Assistant Can you explain to our readers what you do using non-librarian terms? I open the mail - the beginning of the pipeline for new materials. I check in

  • Earth is more valuable than money

    Environmental Justice: A Law Library Collection

    According to the EPA Office of Environmental Justice, the term "environmental justice" means "the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or

  • RWU Law Library Staff at the Rhode Island Food Bank

    Food Bank

    Food banks have secured and distributed billions of meals each year in the United States. Food insecurity and hunger are experienced by millions across the country. Food insecurity “describes a

  • Person typing on laptop computer

    Adobe Acrobat DC

    Adobe’s products are ubiquitous in the business and legal landscape. While most people will recognize Adobe Acrobat DC as the leading product for creating and editing pdf files, some may find it