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  • George W. H. Bush and others at presidential turkey pardon

    Thanksgiving & the Law

    One of the library staff’s favorite holiday pastimes is finding the nexus between law and the holidays. While there are several ways that Thanksgiving is related to law, the one we are choosing to

  • Frosted cinnamon buns

    2020 and Student Wellness

    This year has been unlike any in your life, not just because you are in law school, but because you are in law school during a pandemic and a contentious presidential election year. It is very

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence & Law

    A Brookings Institution report, How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the World, states the following about artificial intelligence (AI): Although there is no uniformly agreed upon definition

  • Happy Halloween

    Halloween Obsessions and LP Review Sessions!

    Imagine enjoying a nice, leisurely stroll through a haunted corn maze when suddenly Jason pops up with a chainsaw, causing you to take a tumble and hurt your ankle. If one of your first thoughts is

  • Computer and tablet with books and book shelves on screen

    No-Cost and Low-Cost Legal Research

    Learning about legal research in law school will generally conjure up images of Lexis and Westlaw. Legal research training in law school will almost invariably focus on these industry standards. Most

  • Lucinda Harrison-Cox

    Meet the Law Library Staff! - Lucinda Harrison-Cox

    This year the Legal Beagle is featuring blog posts which introduce you (or re-introduce you) to our hard-working and amazing staff. This week meet Lucinda Harrison-Cox, the longest serving member of

  • VOTE It's your superpower

    Voting is fundamental!

    Whether voting is a right or a privilege is subject to debate. What is not open to debate is that voting is fundamental to democracy. Some of our most important legal documents in the United States

  • Is This a Christian Nation: Symposium advertisement

    Is This a Christian Nation: Symposium Book Display

    On September 25th, the RWU Law Review, supported by a grant from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is holding a one day symposium to allow scholars to discuss the Establishment Clause and whether