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The weekly library blog contains news, research resources, and information about library events. To view archived copies of library newsletters and blogs from 1996 to present, visit Docs@RWU.

  • Is This a Christian Nation: Symposium advertisement

    Is This a Christian Nation: Symposium Book Display

    On September 25th, the RWU Law Review, supported by a grant from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is holding a one day symposium to allow scholars to discuss the Establishment Clause and whether

  • Mike Muehe

    Meet the Law Library Staff! - Mike Muehe

    This year the Legal Beagle is featuring blog posts which introduce you (or re-introduce you) to our hard-working and amazing staff. This week meet Mike Muehe, which rhymes with “me”. He is a 2016

  • Rhode Island State Flag

    Finding Rhode Island Legislative Information Online

    The Rhode Island legislature is officially the General Assembly. It consists of the Rhode Island House of Representatives and the Rhode Island Senate. The General Assembly website is a treasure trove

  • Write without Fear. Edit without mercy.

    Directed Research & Topic Selection

    As you all know, in order to graduate RWU Law you must complete the school’s writing requirement “under the direct supervision of a professor or director of an institute” during which you “must write

  • Artie Berns

    Meet the Law Library Staff! - Artie Berns

    This week we have a new feature in the blog. We are introducing the RWU Law Library staff (aka the humans behind the Legal Beagle). Let us introduce Artie Berns! Artie is brand new to our library. He

  • Dog wearing sunglasses while relaxing on a boat

    Summer Vacation

    Greetings from the Legal Beagle! This summer the Legal Beagle will be taking a much-deserved break. The blog will continue as usual when classes start back up in the Fall. In the meantime, you can

  •  Photograph of the number 2020 with star confetti on a wooden background

    Congratulations to the Extraordinary Class of 2020!

    While every class of students that passes through the doors of Roger Williams University School of Law has been remarkable in many ways, this class holds an unenviable place in RWU law history, the

  • Person sitting on the beach reading from a tablet.

    Summer Access to Materials

    Need to do research this summer? Do not worry, Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw offer summer access to continuing students! Soon to be graduates, do not despair-an email will go out to you next week

  • Stack of books with apple on top, colored pencils, and children's blocks with the letters A,B,C stacked up

    Quarantining Your Body (But Not Your Mind)

    The COVID-19 self-quarantining is getting old. Although procedures for social distancing are in place to keep us safe, they also keep us feeling a bit cooped up. We thought it might be nice to