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  • Drawing of Elleanor Eldridge

    Elleanor Eldridge: A Woman Before Her Time

    Today’s blog post is about Elleanor Eldridge, a woman of color born in Warwick who owned property on Spring Street in Providence. In 1827. Wow! The life of Elleanor Eldridge is amazing. She was likely

  • Portrait of Gilbert Stuart

    Rhode Islander, Gilbert Stuart

    Gilbert Stuart is considered one of the most successful portraitists of the early years of America. Stuart created more than 1100 portraits including the first five U.S. Presidents, prominent public

  • Major Florence Murray of the Women's Army Corps

    Celebrating a Historical Summer!

    Happy summer everyone! During the summer we usually stray from legal research topics and pick a theme and stick to it for our summer posts. Last year we chose Rhode Island food (which was a fun and

  • 2019

    Congrats, graduates!

    It is almost here! That day you have been waiting for since the first day of orientation: graduation day. 3Ls, you have come a long way and the Law Library extends a big Congratulations to you all!

  • glasses on book at a tropical beach

    Summer Access to Materials

    Need to do research this summer? Have no fear, Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw offer summer access to continuing students! Our LawGuide, Bloomberg/Lexis/Westlaw @ RWU Law: Summer Access , explains

  • Dog wrapped in blanket

    Tips for Finals

    Good news: The semester is almost over and summer is just around the corner! Bad news: That means it is exam time. The end of the semester is always filled with studying and outlining and stress. The

  • Writing in a notebook

    Literature (and Poetry) & Law

    Law and literature, according to Black’s Law Dictionary , is: 1. Traditionally, the study of how lawyers and legal institutions are depicted in literature; esp., the examination of law-related fiction

  • National Library Week

    National Library Week!

    Next week, April 7-13, is National Library Week ! National Library Week is the one week a year that we stop and appreciate all things library-related. Here at the RWU Law Library we will be taking

  • Income tax book, papers, and calculator

    Tax Law Research for Beginners

    One thing that divorce law, estate planning law, corporate law, and international law all have in common is taxes. Knowing how to start a tax law research project can be helpful in a number of law

  • Sign with the word mindfulness

    Law School and Mental Health

    If there is one universal fact we all know, it is this: law school is hard. To help address the everyday needs of the RWU Law community, the law school has a Student Wellness page on the law school