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Celebrating the Class of 2023’s Commencement

Graduates throwing hats at dusk

In just about one week, the faculty and staff of RWU Law will be celebrating the class of 2023 at Commencement, along with their family and friends.

But first, the Legal Beagle wants to acknowledge the resilience and can-do spirit of the class of 2023.  By the time you started law school, the pandemic was in full swing.  You found your own strength before arriving and decided to take on the notoriously difficult first year of law school with the additional challenges that the pandemic put in your way.  Your 1L year was served in various modalities: in person, remote, or hybrid.   You found ways to get to know each other and to connect with the faculty and staff. You forged beyond the difficulties to embrace new technologies and work with each other to organize and deliver amazing programs and events.  You not only survived, you thrived! As hard as these experiences may have been, they prepared you well for the “new normal” of work life that will continue in the years ahead.

Now back to Commencement.  Although the word “commencement” literally means beginning, Commencement and the months ahead will be a time of both endings and beginnings. Some endings include finishing law school, your academic education (maybe), and your days in Bristol (also maybe). The beginnings include starting your days as an RWU Law Alum, your membership in this great profession, studying for the Bar, a new job, life in a new town or city (maybe), and so much more. Whether you think of this time as a beginning or ending, know that the Law Library is here for you at this next season of your life and many to come.  We ARE your law library for life!

If you are studying for the Bar in Bristol, know that the library will be open 7 days a week this summer, with some exceptions for holidays.  Our summer library hours are posted on the website. and, YES, we have A/C in the summer!  As the Legal Beagle reported, you will have access to Lexis and Westlaw while you study for the Bar Exam and for some time into the future.  Visit our Post-Graduation Access page for details, including how to opt in for access. 

Although you will be busy this summer, take a minute before you get deep into your Bar studies to register for access to the Law Alumni Access to the HeinOnline Law Journal Library. We are pleased to offer alumni remote access to this premium source for law review articles in PDF format.  If you’ll be practicing in RI/MA/CT after the Bar Exam, be sure to also register for an Alumni Borrower Card.  This card not only provides you with borrowing privileges but also enables you to use our study rooms when you visit (subject to availability). 

Lastly, law alumni are always welcome to contact us via the Ask A Librarian service. Chat with us, email, call, or visit the law librarians and let us know how we can help, both during Bar study and beyond.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023! We hope that you enjoy the wonderful activities planned for you during Commencement Week.

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