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Dive in to Study Aids!

Study aids can be a wonderful resource

Dive in to Law Study Aids!

Study aids can be a wonderful resource to help you understand the concepts taught in class and apply them to practice questions. Using study aids throughout the semester, and not just in the weeks before an exam, can be especially helpful.

If you are interested in learning how to study smarter and effectively use study aids, join the Law Library and the Office of Academic Success on Friday, February 9 at 11:30am in room 262. We will be discussing how to make the best use of study aids and will show you how to quickly find resources available for you to use as students. If that isn't incentive enough, there will also be pizza!

In the meantime, you can get a head start on studying from home with the Law Library's E-Study Aids Collections.

The Law Library has two digital study aids collections available for you to use both on and off campus: the RWU Law Digital Library and West Academic Online Study Aids.

The RWU Law Digital Library provides access to a variety of titles from LexisNexis, including:

  • eBooks: Understanding Series, Questions & Answers, Law Students Guides, Legal Research Guides, Mastering Series, and Skills & Values Series.

West Academic Online Study Aids provides access to both eBook and audio study aid content including:

  • eBooks: Nutshells, Concise Hornbooks, Acing Series, Black Letter Series, Law Stories Series, Short & Happy Guides, Turning Point Series, and many more!
  • Audio: Sum & Substance and Law School Legends.

Want to know the coolest part? All study aids from the RWU Law Digital Library and West Academic Online Study Aids are available for unlimited simultaneous use!

These resources are available by selecting RWU Law Digital Library – LexisNexis or West Academic from the Law Library's list of digital resources.

Please contact a librarian for the code to access the RWU Law Digital Library. For off-campus access to the West Academic Online Study Aids and to save notes/highlights, register on campus using the "Create an Account" option at the top of the opening page.

If you are looking for study aids for a particular class, subject specific e-study aids (and much more) can also be found in the Law Library's Study Aids LawGuides! These guides are organized by class subject, including guides for all 1L classes and many of the 2L and 3L classes.

In these guides you will find links to the Law Library's popular print and eBook study aids; audio and visual resources (such as the Sum & Substance Audio series & LexisNexis Courtroom Cast); and online, print, and eBook resources you can use to test yourself on concepts from class.

Don't forget, if you have any questions or need assistance using the Law Library's study resources, please ask your friendly librarians! You can stop by the reference desk or email us at

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