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Diversity in the Judiciary

United States Supreme Court

Diversity is foundational to our work at Roger Williams University School of Law and to the work of the US justice system. One of the ways in which diversity impacts justice is in the diversity of the judiciary. On the topic of diversity in the judiciary, Justice Sonia Sotomayor once stated, “A different perspective can permit you to more fully understand the arguments that are before you and help you articulate your position in a way that everyone will understand.” In that spirit, we present to students a small collection of books on display this month to highlight resources about diversity in the judiciary. We have this display on the low shelves to the right as you walk into the library and online.

For more information on diversity in the judiciary or in the legal profession, check out the ABA’s Diversity and Inclusion Portal. Also, see this ABA Toolkit on Implicit Bias & Judges: How Innate Attitudes Shape Behavior, Even On the Bench.

On the topic of diversity and closer to home, Andy Workman, the RWU Interim President stated in a recent email: “It will take our continued collective engagement to prepare ourselves and our students for a reality and future that is global, diverse, multicultural and interdependent.” May this collection help prepare you for a future that is diverse and multicultural.

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