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Halloween Obsessions and LP Review Sessions!

Happy Halloween

Imagine enjoying a nice, leisurely stroll through a haunted corn maze when suddenly Jason pops up with a chainsaw, causing you to take a tumble and hurt your ankle. If one of your first thoughts is whether a breach of duty occurred, then you are definitely thinking like a lawyer!

Stop by the Law Library, in-person or virtually, this Halloween season to read about some real-life spooky cases, including ones with chainsaw wielding horror characters! Browse some of the Law Library’s more eerie and magical titles, such as:

Without many of our normal Halloween festivities this year, if you need a little break from the law, remember that you can also browse the undergraduate library’s collection and check out a classic thriller novel or movie, maybe one by macabre master Stephen King. Law students have borrowing privileges for the undergraduate library’s materials, so enjoy!

LP1 students: In case you don’t get enough tricks and treats this Halloween season, don’t forget to sign up for your upcoming mandatory training sessions, where you’ll learn plenty of tricks (like how to research effectively) and treats (like getting to hang out on Zoom with your awesome law librarians)!

Please remember to Halloween responsibly!

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