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Home, Hoping for Snow

Spoon on white tablecloth

Happy holidays and winter break from us at the Legal Beagle! And most of all, congrats on finishing your finals! You did such an amazing job and worked incredibly hard. We hope you have plenty of R & R with family and friends over the next few weeks. The library will be open business hours next week, but will be closed from December 22nd until library staff return on January 2nd.

Some specifically (it’s honestly just two) are hoping for blizzards. Since blowing on dandelions is out of season and it is just too cold to stand outside wishing on stars, try the old snow day custom of putting a spoon under your pillow. Some other measures of desperation can include but are not limited to: inside-out pajamas and ice cubes down toilets. 

Regardless of your method, remember that during the semester you still have access to librarians and resources if you’re snowed in. Make sure you are accessing digital resources through the library website utilizing your single-sign-on. Librarians will be available through chat and

If you are staying in the New England area, we hope you enjoy a Winter Wonderland this season!

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